Enhance Indoor/Outdoor Living to Enjoy Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time affords the luxury of one more hour of daylight every day to enjoy outdoor activities. With Spring’s warmer temperatures, it’s time to enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor living with ways to draw the family outside and take advantage of all your living space. The outdoors can become a direct extension of your home space, making your home feel larger and more expansive.

If you want to maximize your living space, including the outdoors, here are some tips from Tailored Living® to help you get the most out of all your real estate.

  • An inviting patio where family will want to spend time
  • Create points of interest in the backyard with a gazebo or pergola
  • Creatively use plants and flowers for visual enhancement and privacy
  • Convert garage space to an activity center

An inviting patio or deck

If you have a patio or deck right off a kitchen or family room, you’re already connected to the outdoors. You just need to make sure it’s inviting and functional for what your family likes to do once they step through the door. Quiet reading, playing games, relaxing, soaking up some sun, or smoking an after-dinner cigar are all possibilities for a user-friendly patio or deck. Take a good look at your patio and see what it needs to become comfortable space.

  • Clear away clutter and paint or re-stain any dingy surfaces such as railings, pillars or patio furniture to restore its original beauty.
  • PremierTrax flexible garage floor tiles are an easy upgrade for a damaged floor surface that will give lasting durability, beauty and comfort. Tiles provide a safe surface for children to play on and they stay cooler and cleaner than wood, stone or concrete.  You can coordinate with your indoor flooring color since tiles are available in 18 different colors, as well as woodgrain options for the look of hardwood.
  • Add patio furniture that will provide a comfortable atmosphere, with enough seating and table space for your needs, including the whole family plus guests.
  • Tailored Living can design custom cabinets and storage benches to match your indoor cabinetry to control outside clutter and provide additional outdoor seating. Continue your indoor color scheme to the outdoors with cushions in weather-resistant fabrics on patio chairs and lounges.
  • Create an efficient outdoor kitchen with built-in cabinets and countertops around an existing barbeque for countertop work space and storage space. An integrated small refrigerator can hold drinks and foodstuffs to reduce trips indoors when cooking.
  • Make the most of outdoor living with the right balance of sun and shade to keep your spaces cool and sun-protected all day long. Exterior screens, solar shades, adjustable patio umbrellas and indoor/outdoor-fabric drapes are all options.

Create gathering sites and outdoor “rooms”

With a big open yard or a large pool deck, people can tend to wander. But you can create intimate areas where people will want to gather, settle down and spend some time. Along with creating conversation areas by grouping umbrella tables and chairs together, gazebos or pergolas can become destination spots in your yard.

  • A secluded spot may be welcomed when there’s a party on the patio or the kids have friends over.
  • Outdoor “rooms” let more than one activity happen at the same time.
  • Have open-air structures or create privacy with screens or curtains.
  • Set up a game area around the pool for the non-swimmers.
  • An outdoor bar can keep drinks and conversation served up all night.

Enhance with plants

Whether you have small or very large outdoor spaces, plants and flowers will add beauty and functionality. Yes, plant functionality. Certain plants can repel mosquitos and other insects, helping to keep your outdoor activity areas pest free! Plants can also create privacy and define “rooms” as dividers or trellis gardens when walls or fences are not an option.

  • Plants that repel mosquitos include lavender, marigold, citronella grass, catnip, lemon balm, rosemary, basil, peppermint, garlic, pennyroyal and scented geraniums.
  • Colorful planters with live greenery and flowers can add pops of color to enliven spaces and add privacy.
  • For tips on using plants to create privacy check our Privacy with Plants. (TheGardenGlove.com)

The interactive garage

The family garage can become a family entertainment area with storage and organization solutions that get everything up off the floor. Custom garage storage cabinets, open shelves and wall-hung systems can capture valuable vertical storage space and free up the floor for more interesting uses. An easy-care, durable garage floor provides a safe and secure environment for entertainment and outdoor activities right in the garage.

  • Set up a home gym, hobby/crafts workbench, or indoor putting green.
  • Foosball, air hockey, pool and ping pong table games turn any garage into party central.
  • A Man Cave sports-dedicated TV can ensure sports enthusiasts never miss a game while the non-sports guests enjoy serenity in the house.
  • Extra seating and tables can accommodate overflow guests when hosting a large gathering.
  • In bad weather, the garage provides a change of scene for antsy, house-bound kids.
  • A fledgling band can practice for stardom without breaking the indoor sound barrier.
  • With the garage door open, you can sit and watch the world go by, enjoy a sunset, or keep track of the kids in the front yard.

Gracious outdoor living remains one of the hottest trends today. But there’s more to indoor/outdoor living than just opening up the doors and shooing everybody out. Ideally, your interior spaces flow to the exterior destinations with coordinating style and comfort, so the transformation is effortless. Tailored Living can help organize indoor and outdoor spaces for successful care-free living with innovative storage and organization solutions for your whole home. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Check out our new Tailored Living Design Guide and see what we can do for you!