Enjoy A Clutter-Free Home With Custom Storage Solutions For Every Room

Clutter. Just the word generates intense feelings:

  • It makes me nervous.
  • Can’t find what I’m looking for.
  • I hate the mess.
  • It’s taking over the house!

It’s too simplistic to say there’s just not enough space because clutter can plague a two-story, spacious house as well as a 700-square-foot studio apartment. Clutter generally results from one or more of the following: too much stuff, not enough space, busy people, and inefficient storage. So, before you list the kids on eBay or back up the dump truck to clear out the house, see what Tailored Living® can do to help you design appropriate storage and organization solutions for the way you live in your space.

Eliminate closet clutter

In most homes, closets are a source of frustration and clutter. Large or small, walk-in or reach-in, every closet can benefit from a custom closet organization system designed with the users in mind. “Hangers” or “folders” can be accommodated with the right balance of shelves, hanging rods and drawers so clothes and accessories are stored and organized in the way that works best for them.

  • Pullout shelves keep everything visible so there’s no more, “Where is my _____?”
  • Customized drawers will safely store jewelry and other accessories
  • Pants racks protect creases and eliminate wrinkles keeping slacks ready to wear

Large, walk-in closets also benefit from custom closet systems to capture and utilize vertical space for organized storage. Tiered hanging rods multiply hanging space with accompanying cabinets, drawers, and shelves creating individual space for each person’s folded items and accessories.

  • Separate his-and-hers sections cut down on traffic congestion when both are in the closet
  • Floor-to-ceiling adjustable shoe racks can handle an impressive shoe collection
  • Integrated pullout clothes hamper eliminate dropping dirty clothes on the floor

Clean up family rooms and bedrooms

In years gone by, homes were designed with built-ins like corner cabinets and recessed shelves to provide convenient storage, eliminating the need for more furniture in a room. Today, most rooms come with doors, windows, and four walls. You provide any storage. Since not everyone is a visionary when it comes to maximizing living space or designing efficient storage, it’s easy to end up with very cluttered rooms where the family spends time. Cabinetry that is customized to fit your space can eliminate clutter and furniture overload with storage solutions to organize all the stuff of life.


Bedrooms other than the master bedroom are usually on the small side and can quickly become congested with too much furniture and not enough storage. Customizing storage solutions to each room configuration will eliminate that crowded feeling for a more orderly and comfortable room.

  • Wall of storage eliminates the need for bookcases or a chest of drawers
  • Shelves can accommodate folded clothes, books, toys, sports equipment, knick-knacks, and collectibles
  • Frees up space for a computer desk for students or an upgrade to a full-sized bed from a twin

Family room

There’s no magic formula for keeping a busy family room clean, but custom storage is the first step to making that happen. With a place for everything from electronics to toys, once things are returned to their appointed place, you have a neat and clean room.

  • No more jumbled cords or stacks of electronics and gaming equipment
  • Cabinets hold DVDs, games, puzzles, and books so family fun is close at hand but orderly
  • Cabinetry can be built in corners and around windows or a fireplace to convert wall space to beautiful storage

Control entryway excess

Entryways can quickly become depositories for whatever the family is carrying. Once through the door, the downloading begins: kick off shoes, drop backpacks and sports equipment, toss jackets toward the nearest chair or stuff into the hall closet. Eventually, it’s a mess that makes coming home chaotic. Eliminating that clutter hotspot is simple with a custom entryway that provides ample and organized storage for the whole family.

  • Storage benches and cabinets can neatly stow any gear, including shoes and sports equipment
  • Decorative hooks give each person space to hang their own things
  • Cubbies, drawers, and bins keep umbrellas, hats, briefcases and dog leashes ready for the next trip out

Display or hide your treasures

Not everyone has the same definition for clutter. For example, is the stack of books in the corner clutter or a book lover’s prized collection? A neatnik might view the morning’s coffee cup left on a side table as clutter, whereas someone else is perfectly happy as long as the stack of dirty dishes doesn’t expand beyond the kitchen sink. Whether you like cleared surfaces or visual access to all your favorite things, Tailored Living can help you design the ideal home storage solutions for every area of your home to control the clutter and restore order.

  • Cabinets can hide storage and create a clean, streamlined appearance in any room or hallway
  • Open shelves allow for display of decorative pieces, books, and quick access to often-used items
  • Choose from our wide range of styles, finishes, and colors to match your home’s décor

While viewpoints on what qualifies as clutter abound, most professional organizers agree that when clutter causes stress or interferes with everyday life, such as getting to work on time or finding the month’s bills, it’s out of control. Tailored Living’s whole home organization specialists can help you control the clutter with innovative storage and organization solutions that will bring order and calm to your home and family.

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