Feel the Love Every Time You Go Into Your Closet

Are there certain things that make you smile every time you see or think about them? Little hearts appear before your eyes and you just can’t help but smile.

Of course, there’s always that special someone (sigh)…but how about:

  • Giggling babies
  • That first cup of coffee in the morning
  • The new Coach bag you snagged at an awesome sale
  • Your favorite jeans that fit like a glove
  • Going into your closet to get dressed

Lost you on that last one? Well, with Tailored Living®, you actually can have a closet that makes you smile. With a custom closet design, you’ll have the closet of your dreams and love everything about it—the way it looks, the convenience it affords, and the way you feel being able to always find what you need when you need it.

No more closet hide-and-seek

Searching a closet for something you know is in there, but can’t find, is a frustrating experience. Frustrating quickly escalates to annoying when you’re trying to get ready for work or a special event and time is ticking away as you search for that elusive earring. How wonderful to have all your jackets hung together, skirts grouped in one place, pants (wrinkle-free) on pull-out pant racks, jewelry consolidated and shoes neatly lined up so you can always find a complete pair.

A custom closet organization system will organize and display all your clothes, shoes and accessories so that getting dressed for any occasion is a delightful experience. No matter your style—jeans and boots or glam couture and stilettos—you’ll always have what you need at your fingertips. With so many customization options and personalized closet accessories, everything you own can be easily accessible and ready to wear.

  • Tiered rods maximize space by keeping same-length items together, or group by use such as work clothes, evening wear or casual
  • Drawer dividers keep items neatly stored
  • Velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect your precious accessories from damage and loss
  • Storage island / storage bench converts open space to valuable storage
  • Shoe racks / boot racks keep all your footwear organized and available
  • Valet rods are like an extra hand to build out an outfit or hold dry cleaning until it’s put away
  • A full-length mirror turns your closet into a full-service dressing room
  • Adjustable shelves and shelf dividers keep folded and stacked items from getting mussed
  • Specialty racks for ties, scarves, purses, belts and pants prevent tangles and creases
  • Designer hooks can turn any wall space into attractive, usable storage space
  • Laundry hampers eliminate clutter and make laundry day a breeze

This Valentine’s Day treat yourself or the one you love to a custom closet design and you’ll never dread entering a closet again. Whether it’s a master closet, child’s closet, shared closet or even a linen closet, the experts at Tailored Living can help you customize every space in your home with personally selected, specialty accessories that make every closet uniquely tailored to the user.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. Scroll through the online image galleries for all living spaces and see how beautiful organization can be. As whole home organization specialists, we can also help with garage storage cabinets, home office design, pantry and laundry room organization and more. Sign up for our free eNewsletter to keep up with current storage and home decorating trends as well as special offers from Tailored Living.