Five Entryway and Mudroom Essentials to Organize Your Family

It’s not unusual for a home to have two main points of entry, the front door and the adjoining door between the garage and the house. Your family’s activities and lifestyle will determine which entryway sees the most action and, ultimately, the most clutter. For example:

  • A family’s school-aged bus riders will probably enter through the front door.
  • A family where parents drop off and pick up the kids will probably use the garage entry.
  • Multiple cars requiring parking on the street could mean front door entry.
  • Guests and visitors will undoubtedly use the front door.
  • A family of adults will probably park in the garage and use that entryway almost exclusively.
  • If sports equipment like golf bags, hockey sticks, basketballs and tennis rackets are part of your family’s lifestyle, garage storage of the equipment and garage entry are probably most common.

Are your home’s points of entry messier than you would like? Tailored Living® can help you analyze your needs and design the most efficient use of your space as well as ensure a good first impression for visitors to your home. They’ll appreciate walking into a calm environment  instead of side-stepping clutter on the floor or spilling off a chair. Use these five tips to put a friendly face on your home with a stylish, organized entryway whether it’s a small foyer or a big mudroom.

Five essentials for your entryway

One:  Hooks

Having hanging space for hats, coats, backpacks, scarves, and more, will handle a big part of what clutters up any entryway. Most people start peeling off outer layers the minute they come in, so having available hooks will eliminate dropping jackets to the floor or sending hats, Frisbee-style, to the nearest couch.

Having designated hooks for each family member ensures enough hanging space, and each person will know exactly where their items are when they leave again. Especially in wet weather, you need enough hooks so coats don’t get layered; they need separate space to dry out properly for the next wearing.

Two:  Built-in cabinets

Whether the entryway is through the garage or the front door, the whole house will stay neater by having ready storage at point of entry for school books, purses, hats, laptops, lunch bags and sports equipment. Maximizing the space for hanging and storing will help organize everyone for a quick exit in the morning without forgetting anything.

Our wide range of styles, finishes, colors and decorative hardware allow you to design for functionality and fashion. Simple or elaborate, you’ll have a beautiful and welcoming entryway that complements your home’s décor. Combining enclosed cabinets, shelves, drawers and hooks gives unlimited design potential for exactly what your family needs to stay organized.

Three: Customized storage

To be truly effective, an entryway should be designed with all family members in mind. High hooks for the tall people and low hooks for the not so tall will capture valuable vertical space. Low hooks, cubbies and drawers that the kids can easily reach means that they’ll be able to manage their own possessions and not default to just leaving things on the floor by the door.

If sports equipment “lives” by the front door, enclosed cabinets can hide larger items like rackets, hockey sticks and bats, with drawers for helmets, mitts and balls. In the garage, garage storage cabinets and wall hanging systems like Slatwall can efficiently store any sports equipment, from sleds and surfboards to tennis balls and hockey pucks so nothing gets carried into the house.

And don’t forget the four-legged family members. A basket or drawer for leashes, sweaters, doggie treats and disposal bags will keep everything handy for walking the dog. “Mom, I can’t find the dog’s leash!” will no longer be an excuse to put off that necessary task.

Four: Storage benches

A bench can be incorporated into the entryway design to provide seating and a quick place to download packages, backpacks, purses or small children. This way you can remove your jacket with ease and hang it up. It’s also a great spot for “Wait for me on the bench” if getting everyone together is a problem on a busy morning. Adding a cushion can bring a pop of color to your entryway as well as comfort.

The bench itself can be for storage with a lid that opens, or it can be an integrated surface with storage space underneath for shoe cubbies or baskets. In wet weather, a rug in front of the bench to absorb drips is ideal for removing wet shoes or boots and switching to dry, indoor footwear. Water and mud won’t get tracked into the house and the entryway floor won’t get slippery.

Five: Clutter busters

Common collection points for keys, glasses, gloves, mail and other in-hand items are the dining table, kitchen counter, coffee table and end tables. Habitual dumping in these areas leads to major clutter and losing things. Lost car keys can make you late to work and a lost electric bill can leave you in the dark.

A narrow table or bookcase to hold keys, mail and packages is another way to control clutter at any entryway. With designated baskets or trays you can quickly stash small items like keys, cell phones and sunglasses where you’ll always be able to find them. A handy wastebasket for junk mail is a good idea, too, so you only handle it once.

With these five tips you can make any entryway a functional space, facilitating your family’s comings and goings and keeping clutter under control. Adding personal touches such as decorative light fixtures, colorful rugs, plants and favorite art will make it a pure joy to come home.

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