Five Kids’ Closet Organization Ideas to Try Today

When was the last time you evaluated your kids’ closets? When they’re tiny, adorable babies their closets are organized and filled only with essentials because you are really the one who uses the closet. But, kids grow up and begin to take ownership of their rooms and closets, and that’s when the trouble starts! You'll walk in and find kids clothes everywhere!!

Children are not naturally organized; they need to be taught the beauty and importance of organization, AND they need the proper tools to be organized, including a closet organization system customized to their age and needs. Ideally, a kid’s closet will provide access at their level and ability, so they truly can begin to manage their space effectively.

A child’s closet can contain many things, and the infusion of back to school stuff colliding with the excesses of summer can be especially messy. Back to school is the perfect time to clear out the closet and establish a new order that will help to keep your child organized all year long. With Tailored Living®, closet organization is our passion, so here are five quick tips that will help you get your kid’s closet organized today.

Tip One: Remove the door

Walk-in closets usually have sliding doors that make closet access difficult. Not only are the doors heavy for little hands to manage (especially if they are mirrored), they obscure half the closet at any given time. Removing the doors opens up access and makes it easy for kids to see where everything is and encourage them to return clothes, shoes and toys to their proper places. If total openness is too much exposure, install a curtain rod and decorative curtain panels on rings that easily slide across the rod by merely pulling the curtain across.

Tip Two: Tiered hanging rods maximize space

Tiered rods will increase hanging space and keep clothes at kid-level so a child can pick out their own outfits and put away clean laundry. Use the highest rods to hold special occasion clothes or coats you don’t want them to muss. You can section off school clothes or uniforms from everyday clothes, and use color-coded hangers to brighten up the closet. In a shared closet, each child can have uniquely colored hangers to help with keeping their own things separate.

Tip Three: Pull-out baskets and drawers

Closet accessories like pull-out bins, drawers and baskets provide low level organized storage with easy access and visibility. Kids can see what is in each bin to help with proper sorting. You can add labels (or pictures for little ones) of what goes in each bin, such as socks, pajamas or Legos. Basket wraps come in a variety of colors to personalize a closet with a child’s favorite color. Drawers with dividers can organize small toys and, as kids get older, become storage for accessories like wallets, sunglasses, hair clips and headbands, jewelry, and technology. The all-important laundry basket, pull-out or free-standing, will eliminate clutter; it’s just as easy to drop dirty clothes in the hamper as on the floor.

Tip Four: Capture vertical storage with shelves

Sturdy floor-to-ceiling shelves will accommodate folded clothes, books, puzzles, toys and shoes. Low shelves will make it easy to retrieve and put away whatever is needed. Shelves can also hold storage boxes or bins to sort small items like socks, underwear, pajamas, hats and shoes. A shelf or two marked “shoes only” may be all you need to avoid the tiresome problem of not being able to find a matching pair when it’s time for school! Reserve the highest shelves for seasonal items, keepsakes, memorabilia and extra blankets and pillows, all those things the kids don’t necessarily need to reach on their own, leaving the low shelves available for their use.

Tip Five: Decorative hooks and valet rods

Hooks are a great way to keep often-used items ready to grab. Backpacks, jackets, hats and purses can all be within easy reach, right by the bedroom door. No more getting buried in piles on the floor, dumped on a desk or tossed into the closet. With plenty of easy-reach hooks, clutter will practically eliminate itself! Let the kids pick out decorative hooks that add to the room’s theme or décor and they’ll be more inclined to use them.

A retractable valet rod provides extra hanging space when you need it, like sorting through clothes to weed out the “no longer worn” and “no longer fits,” and it can hold the clean laundry that needs putting away. It’s handy for staging the next day’s outfit so getting ready in the morning goes faster. Valet rods stay out of sight until you need them--kind of like a super power!

Tailored Living: the closet organization experts

And how is your closet today? Kid’s closets are not the only ones that need storage and organizational help! The designers at Tailored Living can help organize all your closets, including walk-in closets, hall closets, linen closets and master bedroom closets. Our custom closet organization systems will maximize storage space and functionality for every closet in your home, in custom finishes and colors to match any décor.

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