Five Tips To Make Seasonal Storage Easy

Generally, seasonal storage brings to mind the challenges of wardrobe swaps of cold weather clothes for warm weather clothes. But seasonal storage needs can also extend to holiday decorations, sporting equipment, gardening tools, and even automotive care (snow tires, chains, emergency kits). This means that seasonal storage can be an ongoing, whole-home problem. But with planning and these five organizational tips from Tailored Living®, all your seasonal storage will be easier from the kitchen to the garage, and everywhere in between!


PHOTO CAPTION: Maximize your home’s overall storage capabilities with custom garage storage cabinets that create space for all your seasonal storage needs

Tip One: Make the seasonal swap as soon as the seasons' change

Don’t put off making the swap of seasonal items for weeks or months. If you do, there will be a lot more sorting and confusion to work through than if you are proactive at the beginning of the new season. For example, before summer clothes and winter clothes get all mixed up in the closet and dresser drawers, start packing away summer clothes as soon as it’s too cold to wear them. This goes for sports equipment too, when one sport ends for the year, clean and pack all that gear out of the way to make room for the new sport.


PHOTO CAPTION: Eliminate the seasonal confusion of snow sled, bike helmet, wheel, summer swim fins, lawn chair, and backpacking gear all clustered together

Tip Two: See-through containers let you see what’s inside

Regardless of what you are storing, clear plastic boxes or bins make it possible to see immediately what is stored where. No more getting frustrated with having to open numerous containers to find what you’re looking for. In a custom closet or in the garage, stackable, clear containers make it easier to keep track. Labels go the extra mile to define the contents even more and are especially important for any storage containers that are not clear.


PHOTO CAPTION: Be able to see what is stored and group like items together so nothing gets misplaced

Tip Three: Protect what you store

Take measures to protect everything that you store so it will be in good shape when you need it again in a few months. This applies to clothes, linens, dishes, sports equipment, gardening tools, decorations, camping gear, pool gear—absolutely anything that is going into long-term storage. This involves several considerations, including keeping it clean, keeping it dry, and keeping it away from destructive pests. Breakables should be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap, foam sheets, or packing paper.


PHOTO CAPTION: Preventive measures ensure the safety of everything you store so it will still be in good shape when you swap seasons again

  • Use plastic containers with lids instead of cardboard boxes. Cardboard absorbs moisture, breaks down over time, and is an incentive to rodents and insects.
  • If you use a storage shed, attic or basement for storage be sure the space is watertight.
  • For clothes, fabrics, and holiday linens, place scented dryer sheets or herbal sachets of lavender, rosemary, cloves, cedar, mint, or eucalyptus inside containers and cabinets to deter bugs and keep fabrics fresh.

Tip Four: Store seasonal items out of your “daily use” space

Seasonal items are generally accessed only once or twice a year so they should be stored in permanent, out-of-the-way space such as the tallest shelves in a closet, office storage cabinets, or garage. This leaves the more easily accessible storage space for things your family uses every day. This also eliminates things getting lost or broken as they are shuffled around the garage or house during the months in storage. When the seasons change, swap out the stored contents as they become the current season, and store away the season that just ended in the same storage containers, in the same space.


PHOTO CAPTION: Using the highest shelves for seasonal storage frees up the rest of the garage for day-to-day storage and accessibility needs

  • Use removable labels on storage bins so when seasonal swap-outs are done, you can relabel the contents … “Winter Clothes” becomes “Summer Clothes.”
  • Slatwall wall storage can organize sports equipment by season with specialty hooks and attachable baskets that can be reconfigured to keep the current sports equipment handy.
  • Overhead storage racks capture ceiling storage space and are ideal for seldom-used or bulky items like Christmas trees, yard decorations, and storage bins.

Tip Five: Reorganize closets that hold all your clothes

If your family closets are big enough to hold year-round wardrobes, you may not need to relocate seasonal clothes outside the bedrooms. However, you can still ensure that the closets present each person with the current season’s clothes front and center so getting dressed doesn’t involve digging through off-season items. Move off-season clothes to the top shelves in bins or to the back of the closet in garment bags and bring current season clothes forward. For kids, it may be helpful to put away in under-bed storage or overhead bins anything you don’t want them to have available, like shorts in the dead of winter because they will wear them!


PHOTO CAPTION: Separating the off-season apparel saves time and helps to keep closets more organized and clutter-free

  • Garment bags are an additional layer of protection for extended storage.
  • Wash or dry clean everything before storing in garment bags, bins, or drawers.
  • Accurately label containers so you can quickly find something if you need it, like scarves or winter pajamas.
  • Matching bins or baskets will keep the closets looking beautiful with neat and tidy storage.

Whole-home custom storage solutions can change your life

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