Four Things You Need to Know About Murphy Wall Beds

Murphy Beds, also called hide-a-bed, pull-down bed or fold-away, have an interesting beginning. As did many people in the early 1900s, inventor William Lawrence Murphy lived in a one-room apartment that was bedroom, living room and kitchen. Convention dictated that no woman would enter a man’s bedroom, so to be able to entertain his lady love within the confines of propriety, he developed a bed that would disappear, converting his apartment into a respectable parlor for entertaining.

Although his was not the first fold-up bed, his innovative improvements and design enhancements earned various patents that set The Murphy Bed above the rest. It became the standard by which all others were judged, and the name became synonymous with any “disappearing” bed. Today, Murphy Beds are enjoying a resurgence of popularity.

  • More people opt to remodel rather then move when they need more space
  • The tiny-space-living trend is a natural for the Murphy Bed’s space-saving qualities
  • People can have the convenience of a guest room without having a separate guest room
  • Dual-purpose rooms let homeowners use their space more efficiently

If you’ve ever wondered if a Murphy Bed could have a place in your home but are laboring under misconceptions that they are old-fashioned, obtrusive, or difficult to manage, here are four things you need to know about the Murphy Beds that Tailored Living® offers.

One: Murphy Beds accommodate real mattresses

There’s no loss of comfort with a Murphy Bed because you sleep on a real mattress. You don’t have to use foam liners or skinny roll-up mattresses that barely cushion the frame. The Murphy Bed’s patented steel hardware can accommodate coil spring mattresses up to 12” thick, including firm orthopedic styles for ultimate sleeping comfort. Available in twin/single, full/double, queen and king sizes, a Murphy Bed can fit just about anywhere. All but the king size can become a side-tilt so even a narrow room can handle the bed when opened. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have services similar to Future Services ( to keep your lovely Murphy Bed free of pests.

Two: Murphy Beds are beautiful furniture

Murphy Beds are not meant to be invisible, the finely-crafted custom cabinetry is beautiful furniture to enhance your home. With six standard design styles from smooth surfaces to raised-panel detail for doors and drawer fronts, you can match your existing décor whether Traditional, Modern or stylized just for you. Murphy Beds can have any number of surrounding cabinets and storage configurations, depending on where they’re placed and what other purpose they will serve. Murphy Bed cabinets are only about 16” deep, so they actually take up very little floor space. In this picture, the cabinet is set into the wall, so its footprint is even smaller.

Murphy Beds can be stand-alone or part of a larger design, such as integrated into a home office or entertainment center in a multi-purpose room. Here, the Murphy Bed itself doesn’t have any attached cabinets or shelves, but it’s part of the overall home office design. When closed, it just looks like a matching cabinet to the rest of the office furniture. Design options include dozens of color and finish choices with shelves, cabinets, drawers, crown molding and custom hardware.

Three: A Murphy Bed can be your everyday bed

Even though Murphy Beds are designed to fold away, they don’t have to. A custom Murphy Bed with beautiful cabinetry and a comfy mattress can be the permanent bed for any bedroom. This is especially helpful if a room has been converted into a bedroom but may one day return to its original use as a home office or TV room. Families ebb and flow and changing out a room’s purpose is easy with a Murphy Bed. Kids returning to the nest, grandparents moving in, or new babies can demand some space shifting in a home. A Murphy Bed can make any room into a fully-functional bedroom for as long as it’s needed.

Four: Enjoy unlimited design potential with a custom Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed design can be customized with special features, including one that small-space dwellers love--the addition of a fold-out desk. Even studio apartments can boast a real bed and real desk with space for a sofa, utility kitchen and TV. The patented steel or aluminum bed frames with spring-loaded mechanism ensure smooth and easy operation, especially important if you open and close the bed every day. A dual Murphy Bed can provide adequate sleeping comfort for two roomies in a one-bedroom apartment or siblings in a shared bedroom. Whatever the space constraints, a Murphy Bed can eliminate the problem of not enough space for conventional beds.

A Murphy Bed is a great way to maximize the space in your home. You’ll be amazed at the convenience a Murphy Bed provides whether it’s sorting out dual-purpose rooms or the worry-free status of always having an extra bed for company. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our whole home organization specialists can also help with custom closet organization systems, laundry room and pantry storage, home offices, garage storage cabinets and custom garage flooring, and more.

For a light-hearted look at Murphy Beds, join Tailored Living Serving Northern Virginia on YouTube: Juliana & Todd Carter Bust the Myths on Murphy Beds.