Four Tips To Organize The Family’s Closets For a Stress-Free Summer

Summertime is here and it’s time to shift into high gear.

  • The kids are home from school all day long
  • More daytime activities fill the family calendar
  • Quick, easy meals are the order of the day
  • Summer clothes need to come out of hiding

Bathing suits, sandals, tees, shorts, and sun hats are going to be the main wardrobe staples for the summer months. While that may mean more carefree living, you still need to organize and get a handle on wardrobes and closets to avoid summer chaos between work wardrobes and playtime garb. Here are four tips from Tailored Living® to help you get control of the family closets for stress-free summer and vacation fun!

Tip One: Purge out-of-season clothes from the closets

Removing winter clothes from the closets will free up space for summer necessities and eliminate closet congestion that can occur as wardrobes collide. Sundresses, tank tops, shorts and sandals competing for space with sweaters, boots, and coats make it impossible to keep closets neat.

  • Purge your closets of all winter and cold weather wear.
  • Discard anything that won’t see another season due to stains and excessive wear.
  • Donate to a favorite charity any items in good shape that either don’t fit or nobody wears.
  • Store off-season things in the garage, in under bed storage, or in the closet, but on higher shelves and at the back of the closet.
  • Make sure all items are clean and dry before placing in plastic storage bins or garment bags and use sachets or scented dryer sheets to preserve freshness.
  • Get rid of retired school uniforms and PE clothes. In fact, don’t let end-of-school clutter infiltrate bedrooms, closets, or entryways. Get rid of worn-out backpacks and unnecessary papers, projects, and school supplies now.

Tip Two: Do a wardrobe update

Styles and tastes change season to season, and growing kids can outgrow clothes faster than you can say, “Didn’t we just buy that?” Make sure everyone has a closet filled with clothes that fit comfortably and work together so, at a moment’s notice, they’ll be ready for anything summertime brings. Here are some suggestions for filling out the perfect summer wardrobe beyond the everyday shorts and tees.

For the kids:

  • One nice pair of jeans.
  • New bathing suit.
  • Non-embarrassing pajamas that can go to a friend’s sleepover.
  • Tennis shoes and dress shoes that fit; new socks.
  • A good light jacket that can be casual or dressy.
  • Party dress or pants and shirt for dress-up events.

For Dad:

  • Summer-weight dress suits for work (pack away the heavy wool).
  • Lightweight, breathable cotton shirts; Egyptian and Australian cotton for sharp business wear.
  • No-show socks and slip-on shoes like loafers.
  • Sandals and sneakers for casual wear.
  • Light-colored shirts, shorts, and pants reflect light and are cooler to wear.
  • An unconstructed jacket in light gray, tan or cream that can mean business or go casual.

For Mom:

  • White T-shirt and button-up white shirt to top any outfit.
  • Denim jacket, denim shorts, and lightweight jeans.
  • Heeled sandals, white sneakers, ballet flats, and slide sandals.
  • Midi skirt, maxi dress, T-shirt dress, and white pants for work, dressy or casual.
  • Stylish bathing suit coverup.
  • Casual tops, yoga pants, and cool, airy Palazzo pants.

Plan a shopping trip to fill in the holes so everyone will have a complete summer wardrobe. Don’t forget straw hats, summer tote bags, and sunglasses for a trip to the beach, picnic in the park, or a day around the family pool.

Tip Three: Custom closet storage systems keep summer favorites front and center

Since each person’s closet needs will vary, custom closet storage systems are the answer to organized closets for everyone. That’s where Tailored Living can help with getting an entire summer wardrobe in one closet, including accessories and shoes. With everything front and center, it’s much quicker to build out an outfit for the day, evening, or special event.

For busy dads, the less time they need to spend getting dressed, the better they like it. A custom closet design will take into consideration all needs for work and play, including suits or uniforms for work, favorite comfy jeans for the weekend, or athletic gear.

No more arguments with the kids about what not to wear when only summer choices are in the closet. Kids can dress themselves and always be appropriately dressed from head to toe. Even young children can stay organized with a closet designed especially for them, with everything within reach.

Juggling summer activities is not a problem with custom closet accessories that cater to everything in your closet. Shoes, jewelry, hats, and clothes have just the right space to keep them organized and accessible. A custom closet makes the ordinary tasks of wardrobe maintenance and getting dressed a true pleasure.

Tip Four: Keep wet and damp garments out of the closets

Wet towels, bathing suits, T-shirts, coverups, shoes, tote bags, and hats need to be clean and/or dried out before the next use to keep them in tip-top shape. Implementing extra drying racks and hooks will help everyone manage their summer finery and eliminate soggy, wet piles in bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms. One damp piece in the closet can cause mildew and a smelly space.


  • Never put anything away wet, and that includes tossing damp items into the dirty clothes hamper or placing in closets and drawers.
  • Immediately wash dirty and sandy items after a trip to the beach or park.
  • Wet towels, coverups, etc., should be hung to air dry if they don’t go directly into the wash.
  • A musty smell in clothes means trouble, so rewash with one cup of white vinegar added to the wash cycle and thoroughly dry before putting away.
  • Bathing suits should at least be rinsed out after every use, even is it’s a soak in clear water in the sink. Opinions about hand washing versus machine washing abound, but basically gentle care is key to keeping bathing suits in good shape. Machine wash swimsuits in mesh lingerie bags with mild laundry soap. Never use fabric softeners, wring out the suits, or put them in a dryer; for best results, lay flat to dry.
  • Give bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry room a foldout rack for summer use when wet clothes are a special problem.

Take time now to get your family’s closets ready and organized for summer. You’ll sail through the hottest months cool as a cucumber! Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. They’ll help you design closet storage systems that will keep everyone stress-free all year long.

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