Four Ways a Murphy Bed Can Increase Your Living Space

Presidents’ Day always brings to mind the Father of our Country and that familiar quip, “George Washington Slept Here.” Apparently, as the first President of the United States in 1789, he traveled a lot to meet the citizenry and ended up spending so many nights in various inns and private residences that “George Washington Slept Here” became a real estate cliché. (

If the President (or any other important guest) came to your home, would you have room? Could you offer more than an air mattress or a couch? If you enjoy hosting family and friends for weekend visits yet you’re feeling the squeeze of a growing family, Tailored Living® can help you increase comfortable sleeping space in your home with a custom Murphy Bed. Here are four ways a Murphy Bed can increase sleeping space and help recapture underused space by turning it into highly functional living space.



Redesign a guest room for other uses

It’s not unusual to have a dedicated guest room, but what if you find you‘d rather use that room for something else like a home office or a home gym? With a Murphy Bed, you can still have guest room availability as well as a full-time home office or gym.

Determine the layout for what you need in the room, like desks and cabinets for a home office, or yoga mats, exercise equipment and storage for a home gym. Factor in a section of wall space for a Murphy Bed. They are available with or without surrounding cabinets in single, full, queen and king sizes, so you can use as much or as little space as you choose. The Murphy Bed cabinet is only 16” deep when closed so, until company comes, you’ll have free use of the room for other pursuits.


Double up sleeping space in a small bedroom

With two kids sharing a bedroom, the beds will take up most of the floor space.  Maximize the room with one conventional bed and one Murphy Bed that folds up and out of the way. The kids will have one bed for piling up all the stuffed animals, sitting on during the day for reading, playing games or lazing around, and the rest of the room is freed up. They will have plenty of space for doing homework, having friends over…all the things that make up a kid’s day. At night, when open play space isn’t needed, pull down the Murphy Bed and there’s sleeping for two.

This is also an option for additional sleeping space in any bedroom. Kids and teens love to have their friends for a sleepover and with a Murphy Bed, they don’t have to resort to sleeping bags or air mattresses on the floor.  A Murphy Bed will make yours the absolute favorite house for a sleepover.



Convert a home office into a guest room

If you have a home office already, that’s an ideal location for a Murphy Bed. You can incorporate a Murphy Bed into a custom home office design. A custom system of cabinets, desk tops and shelves creates a professional setting for work in styles and colors to match your home’s décor. The Murphy Bed is tucked behind beautiful cabinetry and out-of-sight until the bed is needed so your home office is fully functional for work the rest of the time.

When company comes, clear away the office clutter into drawers and cabinets, pull down the bed and you have a comfortable, attractive temporary guest room. This could also serve as alternative sleeping space for an ill family member who is “in quarantine” with a cold or flu (or in the dog house).

Playroom by day, guest room by night

Family rooms and play rooms are designed for lounging, TV viewing and play of all kinds. You’ll have cushy sofas, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, bookcases, cabinets, child-sized tables and chairs, bean bags and rugs for little ones to play safely on the floor. These busy rooms are heavily-trafficked and used daily, so they may not seem viable candidates for housing overnight guests.

But with a Murphy Bed, it works. The Murphy Bed can be incorporated into any wall system design, basically invisible as a section of coordinated cabinetry throughout the room. At the end of the day, put away the toys, games, DVDs, books and puzzles and create an atmosphere for a good night’s sleep by opening the bed, fluffing the pillows, smoothing the blankets and leaving your guests to enjoy the comfort of a real mattress instead of curling up on the couch.


A Murphy Bed is beautiful, functional furniture

Today’s Murphy Beds are not the beds of old comedy routines, folding up on people and trapping them in the wall. They are beautiful, functional furniture pieces designed for the way you live.

  • Patented technology and advanced steel hardware with spring-loaded mechanisms ensure smooth and easy opening and closing, giving years of worry-free operation.
  • Available in a variety of cabinet colors and finishes, your Murphy Bed can match your home’s style and décor, with design options of decorative moldings, glass-inset doors, integrated lighting and adjustable shelves.
  • Murphy Beds come in traditional bed sizes--twin/single, full/double, queen or king sizes—to fit any coil spring mattress up to 10” thick or with optional the extended legs up to 12”.

To learn more about the Murphy Bed solution for extra sleeping space, call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. Your Tailored Living designer can help you design in real time with our proprietary 3D design software, D’VinciTM, so you’ll be able to see exactly how the room will look, eliminating guesswork and confusion.