Fresh Home Design Trends Make Style a Form of Self-Care

For years, the home design trends have focused on creating plush, cozy spaces. But after spending so much time tucked into their nests, people are ready for something new. More recently, homeowners are craving design that is beautiful, clean and makes their lives easier.

The latest decor trends showcase a simple, uncluttered look. Instead of filling rooms with accessories, homeowners are sweeping away the excess and breathing in the serenity of minimalist home decor.

This move toward simplicity isn't just about embracing a different home decor trend. People are focusing on design that not only looks elegant, but also makes a home more functional and a peaceful place to be. They're ready to create spaces that serve them, instead of the other way around. Here are a few ways you can try this fresh take on home decor and turn the style into self-care.TL-12-2-PP.jpg

Clear away the clutter

In the past, home decor trends leaned toward casual, embellished spaces. Think of a basket of cuddly throws, a nest of pillows on the sofa, a stack of books on a side table, and walls hung with a gallery of pictures. Now people are ready to give themselves more space and light.

This is the perfect time to edit your collection of accessories. Put away things you don't use and pare down the number of pillows and throws. The collection of decorative items on shelves and coffee tables can be reduced or even eliminated.

Don't worry about making your home look bare or empty. When you select just a few beautiful things to display, it makes them stand out. Artwork has more impact when it's surrounded by blank space. Truly special pieces can be appreciated without getting overwhelmed by other things.

For items that you use, like throw blankets, try to find storage spaces that keep them handy but out of the way. A room with clear surfaces is visually soothing.

Simplify your life with storage

If you're a fan of the video-sharing site TikTok, then you're probably seen the popular restocking videos. People show the process as they fill labeled boxes with pantry items, arrange them on shelves, and stack cans. They pour powdered laundry detergent into pretty glass jars and stack clear boxes full of healthy snacks in the fridge. These videos are mesmerizing and oddly satisfying.

Storing everyday items in an attractive and easy-to-access way isn't just a soothing process to watch. It can also make your home a calmer place.

Effective storage makes it easier to find what you're looking for and to see if you're running low on something. Every time you open a cupboard or pantry door, the orderly arrangement will give you a wash of calm.

In your quest for a serene space, closets are often a potential pitfall. When people clear away excess items from their rooms, these things tend to get shoved out of sight, into a closet. This has an immediate positive effect on the home; surfaces are less cluttered and the space feels larger and airy.

Unless the closet is set up to effectively store that influx of stuff, the newfound serenity could come at a price. All the clutter you removed is waiting for you behind closed doors. For a truly calm and clutter-free home, you'll want to tackle your closets as well.

It helps to remember that closets aren't hiding places, but just another part of your home. They can be beautiful too, with a little attention and careful design.

Make utilitarian spaces beautiful and functional

Working from home can be a delight of productivity. On the other hand, it can also be endlessly frustrating, especially if you share the space with other family members. It's hard to keep your mind on business when you're stepping over toys.

People have learned the benefits of a home office, and that's been followed by a quick uptick in appreciation for good office design. You can't shove a desk in the corner of the kids' playroom and expect to be able to concentrate on your work. A functional office is carefully designed, even when that office is just down the hall from your bedroom.

For a home office to work well, these are some important elements it should have:

  • A spacious desk area
  • Efficient storage that's easy to access
  • An attractive background for Zoom meetings that isn't distracting
  • Effective lighting to reduce eye strain

A well-planned home office frees you up to focus on what you're doing.TL-12-2-S (2).jpgAnother overlooked space is the garage. Traditionally, garages are used as dumping grounds for items like sports equipment and gardening tools. People tend to accept the messy state of this area because it stores bulky, sometimes dirty things. Tools, bikes, bats, and balls are all stashed in the garage because you wouldn't want to toss them on your living room furniture.

When you place these things into appropriately sized cabinets or hang them neatly on hooks, the feel of the space changes. You can also cover the floor with flexible, interlocking tiles that are available in a range of colors and designed for use in the garage. With the floor brightened up and the clutter removed, the whole area feels lighter and cleaner.

People often focus on making their front entryway a welcoming space for guests. But the first part of our home you see when you come back after a long day is probably your garage. Creating a bright, tidy space sets the serene mood for the rest of your home.

The experts at Tailored Living would love to help you update your home to give you an open, uncluttered look. The right storage design will not only make your home more organized, but it will also create an atmosphere of calm. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us help you make your home a breath of fresh air.