Gain Control of Your Garage with Custom Garage Storage Cabinets

Are there areas of your home that seem to have a life of their own? You know, those areas where you just can’t seem to keep up with the clutter. No matter how much you straighten up, it seems that every time you walk by, it’s messy again.

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Entryway or hall closet
  • Family room or play room
  • Garage

No, it’s not Gremlins. Some of the problem can be accounted for by the busy-ness of family life, but without efficient storage and organization solutions, clutter and chaos will continue to plague you. If your garage is out of control, you can quickly gain control with custom garage storage cabinets from Tailored Living®.

Find storage space you didn’t know you had

Most garages have an amazing amount of underused space. Wall space is far greater than the floor space, yet “floor storage” is the norm. Stacked boxes eat up floor space and create a safety hazard, along with tools, bikes, and garden rakes and shovels clustered in corners that can topple over. Garage cabinets capture all that valuable wall space from floor to ceiling, getting everything up off the floor, organized, and out of sight behind closed doors. The extra-special bonus for you is that you can find things when you need them! Imagine the time and frustration you’ll save not having to hunt for things you know are out there somewhere.

  • Touch-up paint for the baseboards? In the cabinet with all the paint supplies.
  • Specialty light bulbs for the dining room chandelier? In the supplies and cleaning garage pantry.
  • Car wax and tire cleaner? In the auto care bin.
  • Electric screwdriver? In the workbench drawer.

Garage cabinets to fit your life

Every household is different, and our custom garage cabinets are designed specifically for what you need to store.  By using vertical wall space for storage, functional space is exponentially increased. High-level cabinets are perfect for seldom-used items like holiday decorations or camping gear, leaving easily-accessible space for those items that get daily use. With maximized storage and accessibility, either a small or large garage can become a life-changer for your family.

  • Additional storage in the garage can free up closet congestion in the house by moving seasonal clothing and extra bedding to safe storage in the garage.
  • Family members can have individual storage areas for their own memorabilia and keepsakes (like 15 bowling trophies) that don’t fit in the house.
  • Sports enthusiasts can have organized storage for every season, every game, every piece of equipment.
  • Hobbyists can keep projects and supplies ready for when there’s time to indulge.

  • Upper and lower cabinets and drawers around countertops use every inch of storage space.
  • Drawer dividers can organize everything from nails and screws to power tools and paint brushes.
  • Add locks to doors or drawers when safety is an issue, providing security for tools or to keep toxic products like paint thinner, radiator coolant and fertilizer out of reach.
  • Upgrade to soft-close hinges to prevent squashed fingers in doors and drawers.
  • Beautiful cabinet doors give a uniform look to your garage and hide all the clutter.
  • Install lighting for comfort and safety over work areas or inside cabinets with LED track, LED Puck or Ribbon LED lights.

If you use your garage as storage for many tools of your trade, you may want to consider looking into builders insurance, offering a wide variety of insurance policies regarding your tools and equipment.

Small garage storage is big on style

Tailored Living’s custom garage cabinets for small spaces have the same high-quality construction as for larger garage projects. Small doesn’t mean less.

  • Custom garage cabinets are designed to perfectly fit the space you have, including PremierAccess™ siding doors for enclosed cabinets in narrow spaces.
  • One-inch-thick adjustable shelves inside the cabinets conform to what you have, you don’t have to conform to standard shelf heights.
  • Securely wall-mounted cabinets have the option of attachable legs for added strength.
  • In a one-car garage, a full wall of storage still lets you have space to park the car.
  • Open wall storage is ideal for sports equipment and large tools like rakes, shovels and hoses, keeping storage close to the wall.

Advantages of custom garage cabinets

One of the biggest advantages of custom garage cabinets is that they are tailored to your space. No challenge is insurmountable! Cabinets can be designed to fit around laundry appliances, water heaters, electrical panels, doorways and windows, as well as accommodating sloped ceilings or uneven floors. You’ll get a clean, uniform look throughout your garage without having to piece together ready-made storage elements.

Fully-enclosed cabinets can be integrated with countertops, drawers, open garage shelves, wall-hanging storage systems and overhead racks, including automated lift systems for platforms, bikes, and more, to accomplish all the storage you need. Tailored Living’s wide range of styles, finishes and colors let you coordinate your garage cabinets with your home’s existing décor, or you can create a whole new look for the garage.

  • Traditional wood garage cabinets come in six standard laminate finishes: Maple, Windswept Bronze, Windswept Pewter, Cocoa, White and Silver Frost.
  • Powder-coated garage cabinet doors have a high-tech, moisture and chip-resistant treatment adding durability to the beautiful finish in standard colors Tech Red and Slate.
  • Thermofoil is a high-pressure laminate finish that produces a durable, silky-smooth finish in three standard colors, High Gloss Black, High Gloss Red and Carbon Fiber (for a textured look). 
  • Arch Pull cabinet and drawer handles come standard in Polished Chrome, Matte Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze. Hardware special-order options are also available.
  • Countertops are available in Stainless Steel, Butcher Block or high-pressure Black laminate.

The perfect foundation for your garage cabinets is an industry-tough custom garage floor to protect and beautify your garage. Tailored Living offers multiple color and style choices that coordinate with your cabinets, including commercial-grade PremierOne® floor coating systems and PremierTrax interlocking flexible floor tiles for an indestructible floor.

Never dread going into the garage again! Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home consultation to help gain control of your garage from the ground up. Our whole home organization specialists can help in other areas too, with innovative, clutter-busting storage solutions for custom closet organizers, entryways, entertainment centers, home office design and more.