Garage Ideas to Take Control of Clutter

Clutter means different things to different people. For some, clutter may just be a “lived-in” look, for others (like hoarders and teenagers) there is no such thing as clutter, and then there’s the minimalist who needs clear surfaces and one stray dish qualifies as clutter.

Clutter is also disorder, chaos and untidiness, and garages are often the worst offenders in the home when it comes to clutter, untidiness and chaos. Unless the use is planned space, garages can attract any and everything that fits in and around the car. But having a clutter-free garage is not a pipe-dream or wishful thinking.

If you're ready to sort out the clutter in your life, then finding dumpsters near to you is an excellent place to start. Be ruthless and throw away anything in your garage that is broken beyond repair or that you cannot give away to charity.

Tailored Living® has dozens of custom garage storage ideas to help you take control of the clutter in your garage and create functional living space for you and your family.

Enclosed garage storage cabinets to hide clutter

Not only will garage storage cabinets find usable space you never knew you had, organizing contents behind closed doors keeps a garage clean and uncluttered. The beauty of garage cabinets is that they can capture all vertical space for storage, including fitting around doors, windows, water heaters, washers and dryers and any other architectural challenges like angled ceilings and funky corners. From individual cabinets over a workbench to an entire floor-to-ceiling wall, garage storage cabinets will help to keep clutter under control.

Overhead racks capture unused space

Garages tend to have lots of “head room.” Just look up…see all that empty space? Overhead racks can make use of that space by organizing storage that doesn’t require daily access, like bulky camping equipment, seasonal decorations, and larger sports gear like surf boards, skis and snow boards. Getting seldom-used items into seldom-accessed space frees up the floor and more accessible storage for daily use. All-steel construction makes our overhead storage racks strong enough to hold whatever you have to store.

Adjustable wall rack storage

Tailored Living offers two wall rack storage systems that allow you to organize and safely store your possessions. Each system is customizable to fit any wall space, with accessories like hooks, attachable shelves and baskets for small items like hammers, racket balls and golf shoes, as well as specialty hangers for large items like shovels, bikes, hockey sticks and weed wackers.

  • Gridwall racks offer versatile storage with a grid system of sturdy, all steel-construction with accessories like baskets, shelves and hooks that securely attach to organize all kinds of things. Eliminate tripping hazards by keeping brooms, rakes, shovels and hoses secured on the wall and not stacked on the floor.
  • Slatwall PVC panels come in various colors to coordinate with garage cabinets or color-code areas for gardening tools, sporting equipment, or dad’s “Do. Not. Touch. These. Tools.” Slatwall can cover a whole wall or just organize the space over a workbench or laundry area.
  • Kid-level hooks and baskets make it easy for little ones to keep track of their own sports gear or hobby supplies, and they develop the habit of putting things away for themselves, an important strategy in the war on clutter!

Open or enclosed garage shelving

Shelves are a great garage organization idea to organize a large amount of storage. Custom garage cabinets with adjustable shelves allow you to configure the space any way you want in order to accommodate large and small items. Place larger, heavier items on lower shelves s for safety and ease, with lighter items up high. Close the doors, and no more clutter!

Open shelves allow for visible storage, so you can see, at a glance, where everything is. To keep shelves from looking piled and cluttered, organize the contents with bins or shelf dividers to keep like items together, such as craft or hobby supplies, auto care products, gardening amendments and laundry essentials. Clear plastic bins keep contents on display yet protected. Give each family member their own shelf to reduce random dumping of items in the garage.

Reinvent your garage for the way you live

Maybe you want more from your garage than just storage and housing the car.

  • Craft or activity corner for the kids – move the noise of youth out of the house
  • In-garage pantry – free up in-home space by transferring non-perishables to the garage
  • Game tables – pool table, air hockey or Foosball get people face to face and talking
  • Media center or man cave to expand entertainment options

The professional designers at Tailored Living can help you clear away garage clutter and maximize your space for the way you live. Garage cabinets come in many colors, in durable laminate finishes, powder-coated wood, real wood stains and our new Metal Cabinet Series. With a custom garage floor in one of our exclusive PremierOne® garage floor coatings or PremierTrax interlocking tiles, your garage becomes valuable, extended living space.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. With color and finish samples and our D’Vinci™ 3D design software, you’ll be able to see just how beautiful your new garage can be!