Garage Organization Ideas to Get Ready for Summertime Fun

Summertime can be the cause of immediate overcrowding. A home that seems big enough during the rest of the year can become cramped when everyone is home, day after day, treading on each other’s space and nerves.

  • Middle schoolers won’t share the TV room with the teenagers so dad confiscated the remote
  • Guitar practice in a shared bedroom is causing loud complaints
  • Preschoolers demand to see CARS for the 10th time in a week (yes, preschoolers can demand…)
  • Your oldest son has sworn off marriage since his sister and her friends won’t stop giggling
  • Mom wants just five minutes of silence so she can plan dinner

Shipping everyone off to camp for a week is one way for some relief but, soon, they will be back. So if it’s starting to feel like the walls are closing in, maybe you need to rethink the space in your home and find ways to better use the space you have.

Make garage organization work for you

With a Tailored Living® custom garage organization system, your garage can become a destination location to rival the neighborhood Fun Zone. It’s true! With proper design, your garage can host a game room, home gym, Man Cave, entertainment/media center or a hobby and crafts area. Turning your garage into functional living space and moving activities into the garage will make the whole house feel bigger! PHOTO CAPTION: Who knew all that space was there? Garage storage cabinets free up floor space so you can get creative

  • Set up game tables in the garage so the shrieks of victory and groans of defeat won’t be heard
  • Tables, chairs and craft supplies can keep kids busy for hours with their favorite hobbies
  • Exercise equipment to burn off excess energy and strengthen bodies is a healthy alternative
  • Wide screen TV and sofas or bean bag chairs create a great spot for movies and video games
  • A refrigerator for snacks and drinks will keep kids and friends hydrated and happy
  • Potting bench and garden center invites spending time to relax and be creative

Whatever your family likes to do can be done in grand style with a custom garage, including garage storage cabinets, countertops, shelves, specialty wall-hanging systems like Gridwall Racks or Slatwall panels and an industrial-strength custom garage floor to protect and beautify the space.

A custom garage means summertime fun

To have a safe environment for summertime fun is very important, whether it’s for your kids, entertaining friends or your own enjoyment.  Since a garage habitually harbors things that can be dangerous—tools, paint, chemicals, fertilizers, antifreeze, cleaning supplies and more, making the garage safe is a first step.

Custom garage cabinets capture vertical space to maximize every inch of available storage. Putting garage clutter into cabinets offers safety from the standpoint of a clear floor, removing tripping hazards, as well as securing harmful items behind closed doors. Adjustable shelves allow you to configure your cabinets to store large and small items to best advantage, keeping your garage organized. Incorporating work countertops, LED lighting and drawers provides even more customization and, along with the range of cabinet styles and color finishes, your design potential is practically limitless.

Wall hanging systems allow you to keep everything your family needs for summer fun front-and-center for quick access. If playing sports is a favorite pastime, bikes, skateboards, balls, bats, helmets and gloves can be organized and safely stored so they’re ready for play. Accessories like specialty hooks, baskets and shelves will hold big equipment and small accessories in an organized fashion, making it easy to grab what you need, and then to put everything away.

Custom garage flooring sets the perfect stage for summer fun, ensuring a clean and safe place to play.

  • PremierOne®, the toughest hybrid polymer garage floor coating available, comes in five styles: Decorative Chip, Solids, Stone, Elements and Stratus that dry twice as hard as other epoxy finishes and present a smooth, non-porous surface that resists dirt, bacteria and liquids.
  • Premier Trax interlocking, flexible floor tiles create a floor that is practically indestructible, with a unique, open-weave design that spills pass right through to be conveniently hosed away.

Take the time now to get your garage organized so, when summer arrives, you’ll be ready with newly found space! Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. They’ll help you determine the best garage organization ideas to make the most of your space, showing samples and design guides to excite inspiration. A final 3D rendering of your new garage with our exclusive D’Vinci design software lets you see how everything will look, eliminating guesswork.

The Spring Sale event is going on now, so be sure to ask about local special offers and see how much you can save, not only on garage organization, but also custom closets, home office design, laundry rooms, entryways and more.