Garage Organization Tips To Get Your Family Ready For Summer

What are your family’s favorite summertime activities? With school out, limited travel for vacation, and working from home as the new normal, filling the days of summer with varied and fun activities to keep everyone happy may prove to be a bit more challenging than usual. If the house is feeling maxed out on space with everyone wanting to do their own thing, your garage could be a viable option to create a dedicated “fun zone.” With a few garage organization tips from Tailored Living®, your garage can become the land of creativity once you free up some functional space!

Garage StorageImagine what you could do with all this recovered space to fuel summer activities like games, a home gym, hobby/craft area, or an extra TV and media room

Tip One: Garage cabinets hide the clutter

A cluttered garage is not very inviting, even if there is some available space to move around in. Who wants to shoot pool with a garden rake threatening to attack? Custom garage storage cabinets will let you calm the chaos and organize and store everything you have, and do it beautifully behind closed doors. Cabinets create a clean, uniform look, making your garage as stylish and functional as the rest of your home. Utilizing vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets greatly multiplies the amount of storage available in the garage versus just stacking boxes and bins around the perimeter. Even neat stacks can only go so high and converting walls into storage and freeing up the floor space makes very good sense.

Cabinet Storage and Adjustable Shelves Inside the cabinets, adjustable shelves let you configure storage for exactly what you need, and you can easily change it up whenever needs change

  • Custom cabinets can be built around doorways, windows, water heaters, laundry appliances, electrical panels and under sloped ceilings to capture storage space you didn’t know you had.
  • Cabinet styles and finishes to suit every taste and every budget let you have exactly the look you want in your garage, with custom decorative hardware for a little bling.
  • Incorporate work countertops, drawers, and open shelving to achieve the perfect storage for your family’s needs.

Tip Two: Very versatile Slatwall

Slatwall panels in colorful PVC or aluminum can create amazing storage options for large or small garages. The versatility of Slatwall with specialty hooks, shelves, and baskets let you store everything from small hand tools to cumbersome sports equipment like bikes and golf bags. Whether in sections or as a full wall, Slatwall can be customized for whatever you need to store, integrated with a garage cabinet design or installed by itself where cabinets won’t fit.

Slatwall Panels Garage Storage A little or a lot, Slatwall panels create easy accessibility for things you use every day

  • Slatwall can safely store large garden tools, sports equipment, and more, keeping everyone ready for their favorite summer pastime.
  • Keep hand tools organized and accessible by installing Slatwall panels over work spaces.
  • Removable hooks and specialty racks can be reconfigured as storage requirements change.
  • Match Slatwall color to garage cabinets, your car, team colors, or go for some contrast to liven up the garage.

Tip Three: Make the storage fit the users

Between garage cabinets and Slatwall panels you can certainly organize everything in your garage, but you need to think about who will be working or playing in the garage as you define storage areas. A strategic plan will make your storage efforts more efficient. If kids will be helping themselves to sports equipment, craft supplies, and games, assign the things they’ll use to lower cabinet shelves, drawers, and Slatwall storage. Where adult supervision is required for an activity, use higher storage so little hands won’t end up where they don’t belong.

Slatwall Storage Garage EquipmentKeeping kids’ stuff where they can easily reach will help them develop the habit of putting things away when they’re done with them

  • Help your kids sort through their things and get rid of what they no longer play with, so they only have to manage what they actually use.
  • Like items stored together will make it easier to find any item when needed. 
  • Make sure everything has a designated place to eliminate “careless storage.”
  • Use baskets and bins for small items like balls, mitts, gloves, and hats so they don’t find their way to the floor or under cabinets.

Tip Four: Install a custom garage floor

A bare concrete floor will tend to hold moisture, dirt, and spills, contributing to an unhealthy and unsightly garage. A durable, low-maintenance garage floor from Tailored Living will create a clean and safe environment for your family. With either our PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings or PremierTrax® interlocking tiles, nothing sticks to the surface so no matter the activity level, spills wipe right up, and the fun can continue without a pause.

PremierOne and PremierTrax Garage FlooringThe last garage floor you’ll ever need, our PremierOne and PremierTrax floors last year after year and season after season

  • A wide range of colors in both garage flooring tiles and epoxy floor coatings let you get creative with your floor design.
  • Tough enough for your largest vehicles, these floors can stand up to any activities in your garage and will not chip, crack or peel.
  • The easy-to-clean surfaces help keep unwanted dirt from being tracked into your home.

Tip Five: Cool off a hot garage

When temperatures soar, garages tend to heat up to the point where spending time inside is uncomfortable. If you do plan to use your garage for actual living space, you’ll need to address temperature issues for both hot and cold seasons. Not only will the garage be livable, but a regulated temperature for a connected garage will lower your home’s energy needs as well. Here are some tips for controlling extreme temperatures in your summer garage.

  • Insulate garage walls, ceiling, and the garage door to help regulate temperature, hot or cold.
  • Open outside facing doors and windows for natural cross-ventilation, increasing air circulation.
  • Portable fans are an affordable option, including pedestal fans, box fans or high-powered shop fans to set up near open doors and windows, pointed outward to draw out hot garage air.
  • A window air conditioning unit or a portable floor unit will ensure comfort if you spend a lot of your time in your garage. (Check out 10 Best Garage Air Conditioning Units.)
  • Attic vents for heat to escape, a ceiling fan, and a dehumidifier are other options to help cool off a hot garage.

Creating activity centers in your garage will make summer more fun for everyone. And following these five tips for garage organization will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about your family’s safety when they spend time in the garage. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation and see how amazing your garage can be! Face to face or in a virtual consultation we can evaluate your needs, get accurate measurements, and design your garage storage with our 3D design software so you can see how exactly how your garage will look. Then, we’ll schedule the installation when the time is right for you. Your wellbeing and convenience are top priorities, along with delivering the best product at the best price to enhance your home.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.