Garage Organization with Garage Cabinets and More

Tired of the clutter that threatens to consume the precious space you have left in your garage? Maybe it’s time to call in the organization specialists at Tailored Living. Tailored Living home organization specialists can help you reclaim your garage from the litany of items that are stealing away the space you once had. Using three specific organizational systems and the knowledge that comes with years of experience, these home organization specialists can remake your garage to give you that breathing space you’ve always wanted. Three major storage solutions that your Tailored Living home organization specialist will employ are wall cabinets, gridwalls, and overhead storage.

Garage Cabinets
These storage units are perfect for items that you want to store safely behind doors and at the same time, easily access. Garage cabinets from Tailored Living can be customized to your exact specifications. They can also be raised off of the floor to provide more aesthetic value. The cabinetry can be customized to fit whatever items you are looking to hold. If you are going to be using certain items on a daily basis, Tailored Living can install wall cabinets in areas that are easy to access.

Gridwalls that span one or multiple walls of your garage are a huge asset when it comes to garage storage and organization. They can hold everything from tools to sporting gear and everything else in between. Gridwalls feature a variety of hooks that can be attached to hold gardening equipment, bicycles, and even your surfboard.

Overhead Storage
Overhead storage units are ideal for items that need to be stored but will not be in use very often. These items could include your holiday decorations, sports gear, summer toys, and winter clothing. Overhead storage units can be combined with storage bins to make organizing your belongings easier.

Tailored Living home organization specialists can come for a free in home consultation and show you what your garage could look like with the addition of new garage cabinets, gridwalls, and overhead storage units. Using their proprietary 3D software, they will create a before and after rendering of your garage as part of the free consultation.