Garage Shelving Ideas to Help You Get Organized Fast

Garages, as we know them, have only been around since the early 1900s when automobiles were invented.  Prior to that, horse and buggy owners made sure that stables for the horses and carriages were far from the house due to the, um, “exhaust” of the one-horse-powered vehicles.

But the love affair between man and automobile brought the machines closer, finally to the attached garages of today that allow direct access between car and home. Over time, car ownership went from one to multiple cars--resulting in larger and larger garages. By 1925, having a garage was becoming a necessity for homebuyers and, now, not having a garage is almost unheard of.

Organize your overworked garage

Today’s garages have evolved from a shelter for a prized automobile to expanded living space that may or may not even allow the car into the garage. Garages serve as man caves, media and entertainment centers, hobby and craft areas and home gyms, as well as providing general storage space. If your garage has become so messy, disorganized and crammed full of stuff that it has ousted the car and you can’t find what you need when you need it, maybe it’s time to rethink your use of that valuable real estate…the garage.

Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® has been renovating and organizing distressed garages to become functional storage and living space for over 10 years. Garage storage cabinets, including shelving, accessory racks and garage wall hanging systems can completely transform your garage to help you get organized fast! Creating custom garage shelving plans with one of our designers will maximize your space and make your garage work for you.

Open garage shelving ideas for small spaces

If your garage is small or enclosed cabinets are not your thing, open shelving can totally transform your garage by getting everything up off the floor and organized. Tailored Living’s shelving systems are adjustable, using heavy-duty, one-inch shelves that can accommodate both large and small items.

  • Capturing all vertical wall space with custom shelves provides maximum storage space
  • Using bins to organize and hold smaller items ensures that the garage will stay neat and tidy
  • Without doors that need space to open, there is plenty of room to park the car
  • Place seldom-used items on the highest shelves

Combine enclosed cabinets and open shelving

Since garages store lots of different items, including tools and toxic chemicals like antifreeze, gasoline, fertilizers and cleaning products, having the option of locking cabinets is important for family safety.  With Tailored Living, you have the option of locking cabinet doors and drawers so tools and hazardous products can be securely stored. Combining enclosed cabinets and open shelves allows for every storage eventuality.

  • Open shelves make it easy for the kids to stow their sports, school or hobby gear
  • Clearly marked or see-through plastic bins make it easy to find stored items like holiday decorations
  • Keeping tools locked up protects them and ensures they’ll be ready for your next project
  • Gardening, cleaning and car care supplies are safely out of reach of children and pets

Using shelves to define spaces

A major component to garage organization is defining spaces: keeping sporting equipment together, laundry essentials near the washer and dryer, gardening implements in one area, and so on. Shelves can help define space use whether inside cabinets or as open shelving.

  • Cabinet space is maximized with adjustable shelves that can be configured for small things like balls and mitts as well as large golf clubs
  • Create a pantry in the garage for keeping favorite foods and beverages stocked and handy
  • Laundry day is easier by keeping all essentials close at hand, safely stored on high shelves
  • Garage shelving provides efficient storage over workbenches or countertops

Garage shelves are just one option for organizing your garage fast. Using shelves in conjunction with garage storage cabinets, over-heard storage racks, countertops and wall hanging systems like Slatwall panels and Gridwall Racks will give you an amazingly space-maximized garage. Add a custom garage floor in one of our industrial-strength PremierOne® garage floor coatings or the durable Premier Trax floor tiles, and you’ll have the ultimate garage of your dreams!

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.  Tailored Living’s professional designers can custom design your space, working around appliances, water heaters, slanted ceilings, doorways and windows to find storage space you never knew you had!