Garage Storage Solutions: Custom Overhead Storage, Garage Shelving and Gridwall Racks

The garage is a space with enormous potential that often turns into a cluttered mess. The difference between disorder and functionality is as simple as implementing one of Tailored Living’s many garage storage solutions.  The secret is in the details!  Follow these recommendations from Tailored Living’s professional organizers to revive the old garage into a new and improved space.

Overhead Garage Storage
The floor is often taken over by piles of toys and stacks of boxes or crates. The ceiling and the walls are useful locations to store your belongings and is often overlooked as a storage space. Tailored Living’s specialists will look at every usable space for your garage organization solutions. Overhead garage storage is very popular because it offers excellent storage for seasonal items such as sporting equipment, holiday decorations and camping gear.

Garage Shelving
Garage shelving lets you see what you have on hand at the moment. If you’re fairly organized, but need a place to put those clearly marked plastic bins, shelving is an excellent option to include in your garage organization system. Shelving units are another important way to make the most of the garage. Through cabinet installation equipment stays organized while keeping it hidden from others.  Cabinet doors even do double duty by keeping dust and bugs out.  Now that the golf clubs are put away and protected, it’s time to make room for the tools!  A workbench is a garage storage solution that is a nice to create a workshop.

Gridwall Racks
If you don’t want a lot of cabinetry taking up your garage space, gridwall racks provide a nice alternative for your garage organization.  Gridwall racks create a multi-purpose space to store and easily access difficult items, such as sporting equipment, large tools, and bikes. Accessories for gridwall racks like baskets and hooks are available to organize loose odds and ends. Gridwall racks are a scalable garage storage option that can be tailored to your needs.  Click here to see more pictures of gridwall rack systems.

Transform your garage by utilizing the color white to brighten up your garage or red to make a bold statement. Choose from a variety of designs like stainless steel cabinets for a contemporary look and feel in the garage. Get a free in-home consultation today for a sneak peek into your custom garage design.