Get More Work Done In A Custom Home Office Designed For You

The ultimate purpose of an office is to get work done and to get it done in the most efficient way possible. A custom home office space will enable you to accomplish the most work in the least amount of time by addressing important issues such as:

  • Sufficient space to work comfortably and effectively
  • Equipment placement to facilitate workflow, convenience and office aesthetic
  • Minimizing distractions by having what you need at your fingertips

custom-home-office.jpgCreating the feel of a real office will make it easier to settle down and stay focused when it’s time to work

If you’ve not yet found the ideal home office situation at your home, Tailored Living® can help you evaluate your space in light of your needs and create a custom home office that lets you live at peace with the house and the family while getting your work done.

Space, first and foremost

If you’ve ever tried working with a laptop on your lap, you know that’s not optimum for getting serious work done and moving from kitchen table to bedroom to patio is unproductive. Space, in all its forms, is what you need to really accomplish a good day’s work. Desktop workspace, storage space, breathing room and head space all contribute to efficiency. What you need for each will drive the design of your custom home office. For example:

  • Do you need to spread out papers like blueprints or ad copy?
  • Does your job require tools, manuals, and sample books close at hand?
  • What about computers, scanners, printers, shredders and phones?
  • Do you prefer a sitting desk, standing desk, or both?
  • Do you need privacy and a conference table for client meetings?

home-office-match-workstyle-decor.jpgA custom home office will perfectly fit your space and match your workstyle and your home’s décor

All these questions come into play when determining home office design, in conjunction with space availability in your home for a home office. Do you have the luxury of an entire room, the corner of a bedroom, a dual-purpose room, or a nook under the stairs? Your Tailored Living designer will work with you to ensure that space is maximized for everything you need with a custom home office design like no other. You’ll be amazed at what custom, tailor-made solutions can do for designing optimal office space, eliminating clutter, and creating an atmosphere conducive to focus and concentration.

Physical comfort improves any workday

Working in uncomfortable surroundings can make a day seem twice as long as it actually is. Long hours at a computer or in a punishing chair can negatively impact how you feel and how you work. Headaches and muscle aches can quickly drain energy that should be fueling your workday. When ergonomic considerations are part of your home office design, you’ll got more work done and still feel good at the end of the day. Custom home office design opens up beautiful possibilities:

  • Desktop height can be customized for 5’2” to 6’4” comfort.
  • Configure desktop space so you can alternate between sitting and a stand-up desk. 
  • Incorporate upper and lower cabinets so you can easily access storage.
  • Support your personal work style with cabinets, drawers, shelves, and accessories.
  • Undercabinet LED lights place light exactly where you need it.

His Lifestyle Home Office-1.jpgDesigned for ease and comfort, a custom home office can change your world

You can further enhance your workday comfort with these amenities:

  • The most comfortable desk chair you can find.
  • Fan or space heater to control the office temperature to your liking.
  • An armchair or two for visitors or as alternative seating when taking a break.
  • Music source for tunes that help you work or relax.

When your home office is not your own

If you share a home office, it’s just as important that each user has adequate space. Whether your home office has multiple users at the same time or only one person at a time using the office, custom office design is the answer for family harmony and everyone getting their tasks done. In addition to enough desktop space, each user needs storage space to organize their own things. This includes file cabinets, drawers, and equipment accessibility that creates the most efficient workflow.

home-office-workstations.jpgTwo complete workstations create personal space for both users to work efficiently and comfortably

  • Office accessories will eliminate clutter and allow each person to customize their storage to what suits them.
  • Chairs don’t have to match, but they do have to be comfortable.
  • Be respectful of close quarters regarding the volume of phone conversations or background music.
  • Embrace the differences that are the spice of life and don’t hide his Marvel action figures or her feathery dream catcher.

Take charge of your workday

Successfully working at home does take discipline and your surroundings can either help or hinder your ability to concentrate. The events of 2020 complicated life for work-at-home veterans as well as pushing others into working from home for the first time. This can be challenging with the family home all day, a lack of office routine, and the temptation to respond to every interruption that comes along like email alerts or a gorgeous sunny day. Take charge of your day with these ideas to help you better structure your time and create a work environment that lets you be both productive and available:

  • A “To-Do” list for each day will help focus on priority projects and you’ll soon realize that crossing off completed items is more stimulating than caffeine.
  • Set a schedule that accommodates other responsibilities that claim time in your day, such as homeschooling, childcare, etc.
  • Incorporate breaks in your day to answer personal email or check out the latest on Facebook rather than responding to every alert and breaking concentration.
  • Wear headphones to block distracting sounds and if you have a door, close it.
  • Take a lunch break to refuel and catch up on life—walk the dog, take a Pilates break, empty the dishwasher or snuggle your kids.

Don’t let your job or your nerves suffer because you’re still trying to find “what works” for working from home. A custom home office will help to restore calm to your day, leaving you with more time and energy for family and friends. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation. We adhere to prescribed social distancing and safety recommendations and will schedule an installation when the time is right for you.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.