Get Organized in 2015 with Storage Solutions and Color Inspiration from Tailored Living

Every year during New York Fashion Week, we get a look at what’s ahead for the New Year with fashion trends, colors and styles. Designers proudly reveal their closely-guarded fashion secrets--the fabulous to the fanciful. Everything you see may not be your cup of tea, but new designs and ideas are inspiring and you can begin to incorporate what you like into your own lifestyle and wardrobe for the New Year.

Since 1990, Fashion Week is also when Pantone, the leading authority on hues used in paint, fabrics and manufacturing, announces their Color of the Year for the upcoming year. Pantone’s color for 2015 is Marsala, a deep, rich burgundy that brings to mind sparkling wine and vineyard earth tones. Designers in all industries take cues from Fashion Week and coordinate with what is trending in color and fashion.

If you want to freshen up your home in 2015 and get more organized for successful living, a new color may be the catalyst you need to begin imagining your space in new ways. As you consider those areas of your home where you want to organize and maximize storage, incorporate color as an element of your design and see if that doesn’t inspire you to stop just dreaming and get into action. Remember, organization is a beautiful thing!

Custom Closet Design

Closets don’t have to be cluttered or boring. If they are relegated as a “catch-all” for bedrooms, hallways and entryways, they can easily become problem areas where things get lost instead of intelligently stored. If your closets have become unmanageable, it’s time to take charge and make them work for you. With Tailored Living’s® custom closet storage systems, every closet in your home can become beautiful, organized storage space. Decide what each closet should contain, and remove everything else.

  • An entryway closet that is for hanging coats and storing hats and other outerwear should not have random sports equipment piled inside.
  • The master bedroom closet should be designed to facilitate wardrobe maintenance and easy access so getting dressed is not a hunting expedition every morning.
  • Kids’ closets especially can become cluttered without an organized plan for clothes, school stuff, games and toys.

A Tailored Living organization specialist can help you design the perfect storage system for each closet. Using tiered hanging rods, cabinets, drawers, shelves and accessories like pull-out hampers and bins, tie racks and hooks, every closet can become tailored to meet the specific needs of its users.

Your home’s design style doesn’t have to stop at the closet door. Our range of styles, finishes and colors in our closet organizers will allow you personalize each space. Paint one or all of the closet walls a favorite color and select a storage system color to complement or contrast. Vinyl basket wraps add pops of color and decorative hardware can add trendy metallic accents (“Psychedelic Sparkle” is one of Fashion Week’s top 10 trends).

Home Office/Guest Room

Dual-purpose rooms can sometimes present a challenge, both in utility and design style. If a home office by day becomes a guest room or additional sleeping space on a regular basis, you want each use to be effective and comfortable. Pick a color scheme for the room and add cohesive design with an upholstered desk chair and complementary bed covering and pillows. Neutral tones and floral prints work well in a traditional space, while bright colors and bold patterns create a more contemporary look. Adding plants and framed art or décor pieces will keep the room beautifully dressed at all times.

A custom home office design from Tailored Living will provide ample workspace and storage for effective daily use, with stylish and functional cabinets and shelves that enable the work to be safely hidden from sight when the room is needed for other uses.

Installing a Murphy Bed is a perfect solution to transforming a home office or any dual-purpose room into an instant guest room. Until the bed is needed, the room’s use is not impacted and the coordinated cabinetry matches the room’s furnishings for its everyday use.

Garage Makeover

Bringing color into the garage may not have been a first thought, but wouldn’t whatever you do in your garage be more enjoyable with color? Garage storage cabinets come in a range of colors and finishes to beautifully organize and maximize storage so you’ll get far better use of your garage. Colorful garage flooring is the finishing touch to turn your garage into an extension of your living space, with distinctive style and utility.

  • Enclosed cabinets, open shelves, specialty wall and overhead storage systems can convert your garage space into organized storage for pantry items, seasonal wardrobes, sports equipment, games, tools, garden equipment, crafts and more.
  • Capturing vertical storage space frees up floor space and you’ll discover you can actually park your car in the garage.
  • Tailored Living offers PremierOne garage floor coatings in over 30 color options, as well as PremierTrax flexible tiles to create a garage floor you can brag about. Both floor styles are commercial-tough and can withstand the demands of a busy family.
  • If you have a laundry area in the garage, let color brighten the chore. Colorful washer and dryer or a bright rug makes your laundry space inviting, and custom cabinets will hold all your laundry supplies and provide countertop work space for folding and sorting.
  • A fitness area would be energized with colorful floor tiles and wall-mounted TV or audio equipment for music from companies such as Graham Slee HiFi for unprecedented audio quality to help you feel the burn.

Color is an important component of design and can excite the senses. Invite color into your organization and storage planning. Envision a beautiful space and your Tailored Living organization specialist can help you create exactly what you need throughout your home whether for closets, garage, home office, pantry, laundry room or other spaces. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to scroll through our photo gallery and to find an organization specialist near you. Ask how you can save $100s on your home organization project and make 2015 the year you finally get organized!