Get Ready For Summer Sleepovers With Space-Saving Murphy Beds

Part of summertime fun is sleepovers—out-of-town guests who vacation with you, the kids have friends spend the night (one at a time or a whole slumber party), and family and friends drop by and end up staying. If you come up short for comfortable and convenient sleeping space, a Murphy Bed or two will give you beautiful options for overnight guests without overcrowding your rooms.

The versatile and unobtrusive Murphy Bed

Never as intrusive as a roll-away bed or bulky air mattress that everyone trips over, a custom Murphy Bed from Tailored Living® is real furniture in your home. Housed in beautiful custom cabinetry, the bed can be incorporated into an entire wall design with cabinets, drawers and shelves, or be a stand-alone design with or without surrounding cabinets. Design options let you have exactly what you need:

  • Beds come in twin/single, full/double, queen and king sizes.
  • Available as vertical or side-tilt (not in king size) orientation.
  • Cabinets are about 16” deep when closed, taking up approximately the same space as a bookcase.
  • Will fit any coil spring mattress up to 10” thick with the regular height legs or up to 12” thick with the extended legs. (No skimping on comfort!)
  • The patented steel or aluminum bed frames with spring-loaded mechanism give smooth and easy operation, so opening and closing is not a chore.
  • Cabinets come in a variety of design styles and finishes from white to dark Chocolate Apple, with sleek modern lines or traditional adornments, so you can coordinate with your home’s décor.

Any room can become a guest room with a custom Murphy Bed

Since Murphy Beds reside in cabinets, any room can be a secret guest room with the addition of a Murphy Bed. The family room, home office, playroom, basement, in-home gym, or craft and sewing room can be immediately transformed from its daytime use to sleeping comfort:

  • Surrounding cabinets provide storage and display space for the room’s everyday use.
  • The Murphy Bed is part of the design, behind beautiful custom panels but always ready when needed.
  • The bed folds up during the day, returning the room to its usual purpose.
  • Blankets and pillows fold up into the cabinet along with the bed, so you don’t have to continually make and unmake the bed like with couches or air mattresses switching from daytime to nighttime use.

Tips for an awesome summer sleepover

Sleepovers or slumber parties are a rite of passage for kids; they’re growing up and expanding their social horizons beyond family. It’s important that when they take this first step of entertaining friends that it be a memorable experience—in a good way. Younger kids will require more hands-on assistance from mom and dad, but some rules apply for a successful party regardless of the age group. Here are three tips from Tailored Living to help with planning a sleepover no one will want to miss!

Define the party and its space

Rather than having the party take over the entire house, confine the activities to one or two areas so the rest of the family can do their own thing. How much space you’ll need will depend on the number and age of the guests.

  • A family room that connects to the outside patio is ideal for a big sleepover crowd or for older kids who will pretty much take care of themselves.
  • For just one or two friends, a child’s bedroom can be the main destination for sleeping bags and giggle fests.
  • A garage game room or basement TV room can host a slumber party with games, eating, movies and sleeping.
  • Tents and sleeping bags can take the party outside. Make sure yard and patio are clean and safe with adequate seating, lighting, and eating areas, with bug repellent and Calamine lotion too.

Plan some age-appropriate activities

Since you don’t want the party to become everyone staring at screens of some sort, plan activities that get kids moving, burning energy and interacting with each other. Young kids will probably fall asleep at some point, but older kids might just plan on staying up all night, so be prepared.

  • A swimming pool is its own fun, just be sure to have constant adult supervision. Have beach balls, noodles and float rings along with games like diving sticks and water basketball.
  • Banish boredom with colorful construction paper, child-safe scissors, glue, popsicle sticks, and stickers for young kids. Use washable pens or paint and templates of animals, flowers, dinosaurs, cars and superheroes.
  • Tweens and teens enjoy crafts like personalizing a pillowcase or T-shirt with fabric paints and stencils or making beaded jewelry.
  • Teenage girls might prefer a spa night with facials, manicures and pedicures.
  • Have relay games and competitive sports with prizes for the winners.
  • Show movies, theatre-style, by lining up chairs, or just let them curl up on couches or in sleeping bags. Serve movie popcorn, candies, ice-cold drinks, and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Keep the food coming

All ages will be up for all-night nibbling, so have plenty of healthy offerings along with sweets. Finger foods like cheese chunks, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, and meatballs are favorites, as well as chips, popcorn, trail mix, and crackers.

  • If dinner is part of the party, individual pizzas, a taco or burrito bar, or baked potatoes with all the toppings will let each be their own chef.
  • Burgers, chicken fingers and hot dogs are classic crowd-pleasers.
  • Make dessert an event with food crafts like decorating cupcakes or cookies, building ice cream sundaes, or making S’mores.
  • A themed sleepover can have creative foods to support the theme like sports, beach party, or Star Wars.
  • Keep everyone hydrated: water bottles, fruit juices, regular and diet sodas, lemonade and tea.

Make summer more fun by being prepared for sleepovers and overnight guests. Murphy Beds can provide the extra sleeping space you need so you’ll always feel prepared for expected, or unexpected, company. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the designer nearest you. We can help you determine the best place in your home for a Murphy Bed (or two) to maximize space and functionality. As whole home organization specialists, we can help with innovative storage solutions throughout your home, including closet organization systems, pantry and laundry room design, home office efficiency, and garage storage and custom garage flooring.