Get Your Entry Way or Mudroom Ready for Winter

A little organization can make a big impact. If your entry way or mudroom has gotten piled up with summer and back-to-school paraphernalia, clearing out “the old season” and organizing for the upcoming winter months with custom storage solutions will ensure functionality, convenience and safety for your family. You’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature dishes out--snow, rain, icy sidewalks or blustery storms—by keeping coats, hats, gloves and scarves close at hand when the temperature starts dropping.

Tailored Living’s® entry way and mudroom storage solutions can help you create order out of chaos by creating customized functional spaces that meet the unique needs of your family and lifestyle. Whether your entry way is small foyer or a big mudroom including laundry facilities, planned and organized storage will create highly useful space.

Functionality to fit the family

Every family is different, so what is helpful in one entry way or mudroom may not be useful in another. Consider the specific needs of your family when designing storage and organization solutions for your entry ways.

  • Does your family enjoy winter sports, necessitating equipment and gear carried in and out regularly? Tall cabinets with doors can store hockey sticks and ski poles out of sight, along with bins or baskets for smaller items.
  • How much space is needed to accommodate all the boots and outerwear that your family will use during the winter months?
  • Would individual cubbies or drawers help family members keep track of their personal items like keys, gloves, scarves, phones, iPods, etc., that need to be handy for coming and going?
  • Do students need space to drop off books and projects so they won’t lose track of them?
  • If you have dogs, what will you need for them when they go outside for a walk and come back in with muddy paws? Having leashes, sweaters, treats, disposal bags and drying towels in a special pet bin will literally make the process much cleaner!


Tailored Living designers can help you design a custom storage solution for your entry way or mudroom that is ideal for your family. With cabinets, shelves, drawers, bins and hooks, you’ll have unlimited design potential to organize whatever goes in and out your doorways. And with our wide range of styles, finishes, colors and decorative hardware, you can maximize your space for functionality and fashion, complementing your décor and making your entry way welcoming and beautiful.

Convenience is a wonderful thing

In our fast-paced world, convenience is a priceless commodity. Most of us arrange our living space to make daily tasks easier, keeping everyday items close at hand and storing those things that only have occasional use. In terms of convenience, an organized entry way can help you and your family to have stress-free comings and goings by eliminating annoying, last-minute crises.

Here are some real-life entry way and mudroom conveniences our designers have incorporated into custom systems:

  • Trays or drawers for often-misplaced items like keys, sunglasses and pens will keep them easy to find
  • A wall mirror for a quick, final check before breezing out the door
  • A tucked-away hairbrush for the kid who forgot to brush his hair (again), to keep him from running back up to his room
  • Sturdy hooks at kid-level for school backpacks
  • Racks or mats for wet shoes and boots so they dry quickly and are ready for the next wearing
  • A supply of packaged snacks or protein bars for breakfast-on-the-run
  • A message board to post important messages or reminders
  • A container for mail to be sorted later
  • Side table, small bookcase or open shelves to deposit packages, bags or purses
  • Additional lighting for a warming, brightening ambiance
  • Individual cubbies for each family member, including pets

As space permits, your entry way should contain whatever will help get everyone out the door with what they need for their day. Custom storage solutions will keep your space organized, making coming home a more pleasant experience for the whole family.

The safety factor

A cluttered entry way or mudroom not only makes it difficult to find anything, it can prove hazardous to your health! Tripping over boots or umbrellas as you enter isn’t a very welcoming “welcome home.”  Take steps to eliminate problems before they occur.

  • Wet feet and wet floors are a dangerous combination. Having weather-resistant rugs at doorways (inside and out) will absorb moisture and provide traction to prevent falls. Using a runner the length of the hallway or up the stairs is added protection against slipping.
  • Dripping coats and hats need a place to dry out. Decorative wall hooks can keep wet items separated, with rugs or mats below to catch the drips.
  • Umbrellas can rest in umbrella stands or baskets that let them dry, safely contained.
  • Benches or chairs provide a secure place to remove wet shoes or boots to avoid tracking in mud or water, and are great for putting on dry footwear before entering the main house.
  • A bench or table lets you unload packages or groceries so you can remove your coat in comfort.
  • Since it gets dark earlier, windows that let in daylight are now dark, so you may need additional lighting. A chandelier, wall sconces, or accent lamps will banish any shadowy corners.
  • Have a flashlight with fresh batteries available in case the power goes out so you don’t have to find your way into a dark house.

If you’re feeling inspired to tackle your entry way or mudroom, now is the perfect time with the holidays right around the corner! Organize and refresh your entry way before the festivities bring family and friends through your doorway. You’ll be proud to invite them in with an orderly, stylish entry way that caters to their comfort and convenience. For more design tips see Utilizing Unusual Space: the Entryway.

Tailored Living can also help transform your entire home with unique storage solutions for custom closets, home office designs, laundry rooms, garage storage and more. Tailored Living assures:

  • Unlimited customization
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Free 3D Design
  • Professional measuring and installation

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