Get Your Kids’ Closets Ready for Back to School

 What does back to school look like at your house?

Summer is still sizzling, but back to school is just over the horizon and now is the time to start thinking about what needs to be done to have your kids ready for the big day. Traditions swirl around the first day of school and some families have fun traditions to help everyone ease back into the school year.

  • Document how the kids have grown over the summer by keeping a journal or video log of height, weight and a photo at the start of each school year.
  • Plan a special dinner feast the night before or a full-on pancake breakfast the morning of. (Yes, you’ll have to get up pretty early for this one, but it’s worth it!)
  • Fill each backpack with new school supplies that you shopped for together.
  • Pull together the perfect outfit for the first day of school.
  • After school, go out for ice cream (or Starbucks) and talk about the day: classes, teachers, homework, new and old friends and what they liked the most.

At Tailored Living®, we especially like the tradition of de-cluttering the closet, installing a custom closet storage system and starting the new school year with a stress-free, organized closet.

Maximize storage space in every closet

You’d be amazed at what can make its way into a closet when no one is looking, which explains why closets can become so messy.

  • That expensive jacket your son lost in the fifth grade? In the back, on the floor.
  • All those socks that have no mates? Closet … floor.
  • Your favorite wool scarf borrowed without permission by your daughter? Stuffed into the corner and forgotten.

Keep on top of closet clutter by eliminating piles on the floor and you’ll find missing or misplaced items before they become outgrown. Even small, reach-in closets can be customized to handle lots of storage, including clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Periodic closet clearing and age-appropriate storage will ensure that each child can successfully manage all the stuff of school and life, including a wardrobe that goes from home to school and play to dress-up. This young girl’s closet uses every inch of space for functional storage and organization, making it easy to get ready for school on time every morning.

How to evaluate your child’s wardrobe

A first step to closet organization is sorting and purging. The 80/20 Rule applies to closets, too, and most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. That means there are an awful lot of clothes not being worn that are taking up precious closet space. Every parent knows the pain of buying the “cutest thing ever” for your child and them hating it. It hangs in the closet month after month; maybe you can force them to wear it a time or two, but basically it goes unworn. A wise parent will accept the fact that children of any age can have strong opinions about what they wear, and you’d do well to work with your kids on building a wardrobe they want and that you like as well. (This will save time, money and aggravation.)

  • Take time to go through their entire wardrobe with them, helping them pare down any excess (no one really needs two dozen pair of jeans)
  • Inspect each piece of clothes for damage and wear-ability; make repairs or discard the hopeless
  • Replace outgrown items like a favorite jacket and add some new stylish clothes
  • Sort through underwear, pajamas and socks, the infamous “drawer over-stuffers”
  • Be sure all shoes, boots and sandals still look good and fit comfortably and buy replacements as needed
  • Downsize to what will actually fit in the closet and dresser drawers to eliminate clutter
  • Keep only the clothes your child likes and will actually wear
  • Help them create a wardrobe for every eventuality—school, play, parties and fancy dress, so they’re prepared for any activity that comes along

Age-appropriate closet customization

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” kid’s closet system. From toddler to teen, closet needs will change as your child grows. At any age, the basics of a closet storage system are the same—capturing vertical space, designing to suit the wardrobe needs and making everything accessible. Customization and closet accessories will make each closet unique to the user. For example:

  • Tiered hanging rods can organize long and short items, scaled for short or tall kids to reach
  • Adjustable shelves with dividers can keep folded clothes neat and tidy and easy to manage
  • Drawers can be customized with dividers to hold small items like socks, underwear and pajamas
  • Pull-out bins or laundry hampers can keep clothes off the floor
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves and shoe racks can accommodate shoes, hats, boots, purses and other items
  • Decorative hooks at the child’s level create easy storage for jackets, hats and backpacks
  • Retractable valet rods pull out for additional hanging space when needed

Regardless the age of your child, Tailored Living can design a closet organization system that will enable them to efficiently manage their clothes, accessories and whatever else may need to be in the closet, like books, toys and games. That’s the beauty of a custom closet storage system; every feature meets a need so the entire closet becomes highly functional and can evolve as your child grows and closet demands change.

There’s still time to get all your family’s closets organized before the flurry of back to school. With custom closet systems, mornings will be more stress-free when everyone can find exactly what they need to get ready for the day, including uniforms, gym clothes, matching shoes and favorite shirts.

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