Gracious Holiday Entertaining is Easier with Some Practical Home Organization Solutions

As we move into the holidays, you’re probably thinking about entertaining and having guests in your home, you’re pulling out favorite recipes and taking mental inventory of all you need to do. How would you answer this question from a recent online survey?

Does the idea of someone showing up at your door unannounced send you into a cold sweat or are you ready for drop-in guests whenever they may pop up?  (

The responses ran the gamut from “hostess with the mostess” to “it’s no wonder you don’t have any friends.”

  • Yes, ring my door bell because I have a whole floor dedicated to guests: scheduled or not!
  • I have never had any issues with an unexpected visit. The more the merrier!
  • I love guests, but give me a heads-up so I can vacuum and take out the recycling. I love my husband but he's untidy.
  • I never visit anyone unannounced, and I can't stand unannounced visitors myself.
  • If someone comes to my door unannounced I quickly turn off the TV if it’s on and drop to the floor and wait for them to leave. (Bah humbug, indeed!)

Can you align yourself with any of those sentiments? (Hopefully not the last one.) Most of us would probably love to have an open-door policy, but feel defeated by the desire to present a more welcoming and attractive environment than we currently have. Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • My husband likes to do [home renovation] himself so it's going very slow. Maybe six months from now?
  • We have three teenagers. At any given moment it looks like something exploded in our open plan kitchen/living area.
  • Ugh! I wish my home was presentable enough for spontaneous entertaining!

So how can you get some control going into possibly the busiest and most fun time of the year?

Organization and Planning
Whether BFFs or relatives you see only once a year, you want your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and happy to be in your home. And when they are there, you want to enjoy the time with them, not be constantly fussing, rearranging rooms and cleaning when no one is looking. Knowing that you will certainly have holiday guests, you can make a schedule of tasks to be done in advance so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. A little organization and planning can go a long way to reducing stress!

  • Replace any burned out lights and de-clutter the porch and entryway
  • Unpack the holiday dishes and have them washed and ready
  • Do your holiday/seasonal decorating early and pack away the storage boxes
  • Stock your kitchen and pantry with items you’ll need; do plan-ahead menus
  • Have snacks and drinks to accommodate everyone’s tastes—coffee or tea, sweetener or sugar?
  • Figure out sleeping arrangements if the visit requires some shifting (i.e., air mattresses for the cousins, grandparents into the kids’ rooms or install a Murphy Bed in a spare room)
  • Be sure you have enough bed linens and towels to accommodate everyone
  • Freshen up the guest room so it’s ready to welcome any sleep-over guests
  • Candles, lights and greenery add a festive touch throughout the house
  • Take a Swiffer sweep of all the walls to remove dust or cobwebs
  • If you have pets, bathe them and clean their sleeping areas or cages
  • Clear your yard of any unnecessary items or dead plants
  • If weather permits, clean patio furniture so it’s ready for use, or cover it and store it away
  • Make sure the garage is not a hazard to life and limb

This looks like a lot, but by tackling these chores one at a time, and with help, it won’t be overwhelming. You might want to assign certain tasks to the kids so they can earn some extra money for their own gift giving needs. Or, create a “Honey-Do” list so no one is excluded from the preparations. Share the love!

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