Have Additional Sleeping Space When You Need It with a Murphy Bed

Most of us live in all of our space. We use every room and nook and cranny to accommodate our full and busy lives. Now with the holiday season upon us, we may be feeling the squeeze as we bring additional people into our homes, such as your favorite aunt who always over packs, or Grandpa with his bad back who can’t sleep on the couch.

If you don’t have the luxury of a guest room, or you’re “space challenged,” you can still have an available, comfortable spare bed whenever you need it. A Tailored Living® Murphy Bed is the perfect solution. Sometimes called a wall bed, pull-down or hideaway wall bed, a Murphy Bed is like having a secret bedroom.

This elegant Murphy Bed transforms the room into comfortable sleeping quarters at night.

You may believe your space is “maxed out,” but your Tailored Living organizational specialist can help you find the optimum space in your home for a Murphy Bed. With cabinets available in a wide variety of styles, stains and finishes, you’ll be able to find one that easily blends with your existing décor. Some of the most popular places for Murphy Beds are:

  • In a home office – a traditional cabinet style that doesn’t take up livable floor space; there is also a desk bed style that won’t disturb your “work in progress.”
  • In a small room – a tiny bedroom or loft can still have play or living space during the day, the bed pulls down at night. Maybe there’s room for one bed but not two, so a Murphy Bed that folds up allows for space flexibility during the day and sleeping for two at night.
  • In a multi-use room – during the day the bed is tucked away and the normal room function is not impacted whether it’s a library, media room, play room, craft or sewing room, etc. At night, the space converts to sleeping quarters by pulling down the fully-made bed.

A Murphy Bed can even help you recapture space for yourself:  “By installing a Murphy Bed I was able to set up an exercise room and keep the bed for company.” –Customer Jeannell, Pratville, AL

Murphy Beds have patented, technologically advanced steel hardware and allow for any style of mattress up to 12 inches thick (even an orthopedic firm support for Grandpa). There’s no need to remake the bed each day, just fold it up with blankets and pillows inside and pull it down at night, ready for sleeping. Of course, a Murphy Bed is stylish enough to leave open all the time if you choose.

If an extra bed would make your life easier at the holidays or all year long, a Murphy Bed may be the answer. To find out, call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find an organization specialist near you. We can also help with whole home organization and storage challenges, custom closet designgarage cabinets, pantry design and more. Maximize your living space to maximize your life!