Have Your Own Secret Room With These Hidden Walk-In Pantry Design Ideas

Hidden walk-in pantry designs have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Not only is a walk-in pantry the perfect space to store food and cookware, but a hidden pantry design enables a homeowner to utilize their space in ways they have never imagined.

The first step in creating a hidden walk-in pantry begins with the entryway. Rather than having a 36” wide pantry door in your kitchen, you can disguise a secret storage room with a hidden walk-in pantry door that looks like your cabinets. The face frame on the cabinets can cover the hinges so when it’s closed you can’t tell it’s a door! Once you have the hidden pantry entrance completed, the next step is deciding what to use the hidden room for. Here are some ideas the organization specialists at Tailored Living have put together for you:

Tasting Room

A tasting room is the perfect pantry design idea for those who need a moment to escape from life’s chaos. You can attain this design idea by installing a small table height island with a bench or two in the center of the pantry room. Make sure to equip the island with a space saving wine rack that can be placed underneath its counter top- this way your favorite bottle of red can be accessible. Finish off your pantry design by decorating it with beautiful Venetian landscapes that can transport you to a faraway land.

Dual-Purpose Laundry Room

One way to really maximize your space’s efficiency is by turning your pantry into a dual-purpose laundry room. This pantry design idea is great for those who want to keep their storage spaces hidden from their guest’s views. Not only can you use your walk-in pantry’s space as an area to store additional food, cookware, and recyclables, but you can also carve out some room for a washer/dryer. Additionally, this dual-purpose space will muffle the loud sounds of the washing machines, will work as an additional storage space for extra linens, and best of all- the hidden pantry will keep your guests focused on the more beautiful parts of your home.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler pantry is a great pantry design option for those who regularly entertain guests. By turning your walk-in pantry essentially into a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, countertop, oven, and sink- you are able to add an additional room for servers to prepare and store food during a dinner party.

With the help of the organization specialists at Tailored Living, you can determine what type of pantry design would work best with your space and your lifestyle. Contact your local Tailored Living home organization specialists today to turn your pantry design ideas into a reality!