Helpful Tips to Organize Your Home One Room at a Time

If you feel like you have to close the doors to bedrooms, the family room and laundry room when company comes, you probably need some organization and decluttering help. An unorganized and cluttered home can be very stress-full even without company coming, making every day seem like an overwhelming burden when you can never quite get the mess under control. But you can beat it, by taking one room at a time.

Win the war on clutter

Decluttering is the best way to have a more relaxing home. Clutter can impact physical and mental health by creating a feeling of suffocation or helplessness. Have you ever walked into a cluttered, messy room and just thrown up your hands and walked back out? Clutter won that round, but you can take control and have the calm, stress-free home that you desire. Going room by room will break down the seemingly impossible task of organizing the house into workable segments, and you’ll feel a liberating sense of accomplishment as each room is completed. Figure out a plan that will work for you and get started.

  • Begin with the room that bugs you the most, like the kitchen or family room
  • Do the quickest fixes (small spaces) first, like the guest bathroom or entryway
  • Save the bedrooms for last, after the communal home spaces are done
  • The garage will be the final frontier, dealing with all the house overflow

Chances are, it will take several days to get all your rooms done, but don’t get discouraged. A room a day will have most homes totally organized within a week or two. Here are some helpful tips from Tailored Living® for transforming every room of your home into a welcoming, calming space.

  • First, set up bins or boxes labeled “keep and relocate elsewhere,” “donate or sell” and “trash.” With “sort boxes” right at hand, you won’t be running around and getting distracted from the task at hand, which is that one room. Once the room is completed, deal with each box by putting away the things that go elsewhere, move the sell/donate items to the garage for later disbursement, and dump the trash box.
  • Remove everything that does not contribute to your vison for that room. Start with the floor and move out extra furniture, pole lamps, large plants, and anything that’s worked its way into the space that doesn’t belong there. (If you’ve always wanted the antique trunk in the garage as a coffee table, bring it in now.)
  • Consider all the surfaces of what’s left—countertops, coffee table, end tables, bookshelves—and clear away what no longer belongs in the space. This includes outdated curtains, throw pillows and pictures or shelves on the walls that don’t reflect your tastes today.
  • Finally, go into drawers, shelves and cabinets and sort the contents with the goal of keeping, donating/selling or tossing. This can be time-consuming, but it’s down to the nitty-gritty of truly getting organized and decluttering. Dust and wipe out drawers and cabinets before replacing the items that stay.
  • Lastly, do a clean sweep—vacuum, dust, polish wood furnishings, and clean the windows to make the transformation of this room complete. You’ll feel very proud and be tempted to close the door so no one can go in and mess it up again. But leave that door open to inspire you to tackle the next room, and the next!

Set standards to eliminate clutter in the future

Once you’ve gotten the house in order, you certainly want to keep it that way. Working with your family members, establish some rules that will make an uncluttered house the new normal.

  • Keep an ongoing donation box in the garage for everyone to contribute to, including books, toys, clothes—anything that is outgrown, unloved or unnecessary. When it’s full, take it to your favorite donation center and start a new one.
  • Have pretty trash cans or baskets strategically placed in rooms so people can stash the trash as it happens, such as in the entryway for immediate disposal of junk mail, in the TV room for snack wrappers, napkins and disposable cups, and in every bedroom and bathroom.
  • Set a timer for five minutes of decluttering after dinner for the whole family. No electronics and no TV until a quick sweep is made to put away everything that’s not where it belongs. (Don’t wait until bedtime, everyone will be too tired to cooperate.)
  • Set up an Electronics Charging Station that can accommodate iPods, iPads, phones—all your family’s electronic devices. A central charging station will eliminate cords and plugs all over the house and lost cords. If you can’t find one that supports all the devices you have, try a DIY charging station from that you can make from a desktop organizer.

Implement organization where there is none

As you evaluate your spaces working room by room, you may find that you need more appropriate storage and organization solutions for your home. Without sufficient storage, chaos ensues. Tailored Living can help with custom storage solutions for every room in your home, including the garage, to win the war on clutter.

  • Custom closet storage systems can organize all your closets, including bedroom, linen, utility and hall closets, tailored to your family’s specific needs.
  • Family rooms can benefit from entertainment centers that restore order by storing electronics, books, games, toys and throws.
  • Bedrooms can be transformed with window seats and cabinets to maximize space and eliminate clutter.
  • Organize the pantry and laundry room.
  • Your garage can become your greatest storage asset.

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