His and Hers Holiday Gifts to Make the Season Bright

You’ve probably heard it said that Christmas is for the kids. Well, if the truth be told, there’s a little kid in each of us hoping for a special holiday gift that will have us grinning ear to ear. Some people want an extra-special gift so much that they go out and buy it for themselves, not trusting anyone else to get it right. That is just too sad to think about! If you're stuck and wanting something personal to you both, that you will use possibly every night, you could buy a custom photo blanket, adding a sweet and special touch to your bed.

Imagine the fun of being the giver of that perfect gift. Setting aside a pony for the moment, since it really is not a very practical gift no matter how many millions of ponies are wished for, here are some right-at-home gift ideas for him and for her that will keep on giving all year long.

Customize his closet

Left to their own devices, most men would not think to design a custom closet for themselves to make their life easier. They leave shirts on wire hangers, jumble shoes on the floor and toss casual wear to the top shelf where it’s forgotten on laundry day and, therefore, not ready to wear next time they want it. You can give him the gift of organization and efficiency by evaluating his lifestyle with a Tailored Living® designer and giving him a custom closet storage system with personalized accessories to maximize space and organize all his stuff.

  • Tiered rods will multiply hanging space by grouping long and short items
  • Shoe racks will separate and display dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes
  • Tie and belt racks will keep his accessories easy to find
  • Shelves with shelf dividers will keep sweaters, jeans and shirts neatly stacked and folded
  • Quality wood hangers so suit coats and shirts hold their shape, and pull-out pant ranks to keep trousers neatly creased
  • A divided laundry hamper will keep laundry and dry cleaning separate
  • Custom hooks will hold jackets, backpacks or gym bags
  • Add a cedar lining in his closet to protect and refresh all his clothes

Include a multi-device charging station for his electronics, add a drawer or two for smaller items like socks, handkerchiefs, jewelry, watches and wallets, and he’s good to go for whatever activities fill his days.

Glamourize her closet

Along with the beauty and function of a custom closet organization system, accessories and upgrade options can add a little extra glamour to her closet.

  • Glass-inset doors to display purses and hats
  • Cabinets with velvet-lined jewelry drawers will protect her accessories
  • Divided drawers will keep lingerie, scarves and other small items neatly stored
  • Padded hangers and scented sachets will keep her wardrobe fresh
  • Integrated lighting will illuminate shelves and corners
  • A spiral shoe rack can hold lots of shoes in full view
  • A full-length mirror turns her closet into a dressing room
  • A valet rod is like an extra hand, and it’s perfect for staging an outfit
  • Add a colorful plush rug and a storage ottoman for seating

Even in a shared closet you can implement special touches just for him or just for her. The gift of custom closet space will make getting dressed and maintaining a wardrobe a daily pleasure.

The gift of garage space

Does this sound like your garage? He claims an area, she claims territory, the kids dump their stuff—all of which can make the garage space essentially ineffective. Between the demands of parking a car or two, a workbench, toolbox, laundry facilities, sports equipment and gardening tools, it’s no wonder the garage is a hopeless mess. This year give the gift of garage space…maximized, organized and clearly defined.

For him:

  • Upper and lower garage storage cabinets with a work countertop and Gridwall Racks to keep tools close at hand for hobbies or handyman responsibilities
  • Wall storage with specialty hooks for bikes, golf bags and sporting equipment so everything is available but out of the way
  • Premier Trax flexible garage floor tiles in his favorite team colors to define his own space or mark car stalls
  • Create a Man Cave where he can chill or entertain his friends, complete with TV, electronics, seating and a refrigerator for snacks

For her:

  • A gardening center with wall storage for larger items like shovels and rakes, with garage cabinets and a potting shed countertop with hand tools, potting soil, pots and gloves
  • A crafts/hobby/wrapping center with work space and storage cabinets for necessities
  • A home gym with her favorite Elliptical Trainer or Pilates equipment
  • A tricked-out laundry area with slide-out hampers, storage for laundry supplies and space for hanging and drying racks

Maybe he’s the avid gardener and she plays golf or tennis, but you get the idea of letting each person have individual space in the garage for their needs. Tall garage storage cabinets, custom garage flooring, overhead storage racks, wall hanging systems like Gridwall Racks and Slatwall Panels will contain the clutter and make your garage an oasis of organized storage and functional space. It becomes an easy-care space that invites spending time for work or play. Check out the Tailored Living custom his-and-hers garage for celebrities Rev Run and Justine Simmons by clicking here.

Unique gifts of other spaces

Family life is continually evolving, but sometimes our homes don’t keep up. We get so used to the way things are, the idea of change may not come up, even if it’s a change for the better. For instance:

  • Do you have a seldom-used guest room that could convert to a home office instead of using a corner of the dining room to try to get your work done? Give the gift of a home office to him or her with custom desk, shelves and office storage. Incorporate a Murphy Bed into the design so you’ll still have guest room availability when you need it.
  • If your family has outgrown available kitchen storage, converting a hall or linen closet into a custom pantry could make life easier around shopping, storing foodstuffs and preparing meals. With custom shelving, spice and wine racks, pull-out bins and drawers, you can design the space around your family’s specific needs.
  • A custom entry way or mudroom may be the best gift you could give Mom. Everyone could come and go in a more organized manner, maintaining their own possessions and eliminating her need to either pick up after everyone or be the constant reminder to put things away.

Sometimes the best gifts don’t come in colorfully wrapped boxes. Making life a little bit easier may be the greatest gift you can give this holiday season. And when it’s home custom storage solutions, it just gets better and better as the beautifully organized days go by.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find the Tailored Living designer near you. Don’t delay, because now through December 31 is our Home for the Holidays sale event and you can receive a FREE upgrade as our gift to you. We can help you plan and design the perfect gift to make life better for that special someone. Put a really big bow on it, and you’ll be the reason they’re grinning ear to ear!