Home Office Interior Design Tips to Create a Space You Love to Work In

Working from home is one of those “it’s a blessing and it’s a curse” things.

  • The blessing: no commute, control of your time, dog at your feet, you can work in your jammies
  • The curse: distractions, need to be highly disciplined, big screen TV/swimming pool beckons, can get lonesome

 If you do work from home, you know the importance of having a space that is conducive to getting lots of work done, and that’s more than just a surface for your laptop and a chair. An effective and efficient home office will be a space you enjoy spending time in, integrating comfort, ambiance and convenience.

Tailored Living® designers are experts at creating home offices in small and large spaces, taking into consideration the specific needs of the users to create a unique space. Here are some interior design tips to help make your home office an ideal work space for you whether it’s an entire room, the corner of a bedroom, a converted closet or nestled into a kitchen or hallway alcove.

Designed for efficiency

What is one person’s ideal home office can be another’s nightmare. If you share a home office, you’ll want to take into consideration the preferences of all users. Even if you’re a neatnik mid-century modernist coupled with a messy traditionalist, thoughtful planning can result in a space where you both will actually enjoy spending time. Keeping your office clean is vital. If you work at home you'll need to take care of cleaning but if you work in an office, you could hire a company like green facilities to take care of the cleaning. You'd be surprised how much of an affect cleanliness can have on employees!!

  • Custom cabinets provide enclosed storage to hide clutter and bulky technology.
  • Separate work stations with surrounding cabinets and shelves can accommodate work styles, whether you’re a filer or a piler. Drawers for files or bins for piles can keep you organized.
  • Buy a high-speed scanner and go as paperless as possible.
  • A room divider will hide clutter or minimize distractions if one part of the office is an eyesore.
  • If you have a window; angle your desk so you can see out while you work. Install pretty, stylish window coverings to control light and privacy.
  • If you must integrate with the rest of the house, create as much separation as you need to be able to focus on work. A “Do Not Disturb” sign can alert the family when you really don’t want to be interrupted.
  • For more separation, a backyard shed can be converted to a stylish home office. It’s a short walk to work, with a definite end to the work day by turning off the light and walking out the door.
  • If your home office doubles as a guest or TV room, incorporate storage options that make transitioning from work seamless and easy. Enclosed cabinets to hide work paraphernalia and a built-in Murphy Bed instantly turn the office into a guest room.

Create comfortable surroundings

In any home office design, ergonomic considerations are part of the equation. There’s no point in having a beautiful work space that is not conducive to comfort or to getting work done. Long hours in a chair or at a computer can have a definite impact on physical well-being.

  • Get the comfiest chair you can find. If it doesn’t match your décor, recover or refinish it. If you aren't sure which chair to get then check out this Steelcase Leap review to see if it's the right chair for you.
  • Have plenty of light, but not glaring on your computer screen or shining in your eyes. Combine natural light, overhead light and decorative desk lamps. Looking for lighting ideas? Check out steellightingco.com for some classical style inspiration.
  • Alternate between sitting and a stand-up desk. By changing your positon and stance, you reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel or shoulder pain from repetitive motions.
  • It may be neater to hide the printer in a cabinet or keep pens and highlighters in a drawer, but whatever you need to do your job, keep it within easy reach.
  • Temperature can impact productivity. Too hot, you get lethargic; too cold, it’s hard to focus. Set the thermostat for comfort, use a fan to move the air around, or open a window for fresh air.

Let your personality shine through

The design experts at Tailored Living can help you maximize your home office space for storage and organizational efficiency with custom cabinets, shelving, desktops and drawers in colors and styles to match your home’s décor. Crown moldings and decorative hardware make a beautiful presentation, but you get to add the final personal touches to truly make it your own.

  • Luxurious area rugs add pops of color and will pamper your bare feet.
  • Have a comfortable arm chair or two for drop- in visitors or a change of perspective.
  • Use fun versions of not-so-elegant items, such as wastebaskets in extraordinary designs, crystal dishes or vases to hold paper clips or pens and your best mug for coffee or tea.
  • Place inspiring artwork on walls, shelves or tables, like your golf ball collection, antique clock or that Captain America poster.
  • Add scented candles, potpourri, fresh flowers or green plants.
  • Display your favorite book and they’ll be ready for a quick read when you take a break.

Don’t settle for a home office that makes your job even harder by spending time in an uninspiring space. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation to find a designer near you who can help turn your home office into work nirvana! We are also experts with custom closets, pantry and laundry room designs, garage storage cabinets, garage flooring and more.

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