How to Accommodate More Guests without Sacrificing Space with a Murphy Bed

The holiday season is quickly approaching and at this time of year, most often relatives will visit from all over. It is a time of jovial events, delicious food, great company, and long nights. This year when the relatives come to stay at your house, put them up in style with the comfort and ease of a Murphy bed.

If you have never heard of a Murphy bed before, they are quite easy to explain. It is a normal sized bed, usually a full, and it can fold up into a cabinet against the wall when it is not in use. Naturally a bed that folds out of the way can be placed in a number of different rooms or situations to create a sleeping space without taking up all of the area that a normal bed, or even a futon, would cover. Murphy beds were created to save space in small areas, which makes them perfect for installing into your home office or spare room. Tailored Living home organization experts can help you redesign your home office to naturally incorporate a Murphy bed. The entire room can be built using the colors and wood selections of your choosing and to your specifications. The actual wall bed will be masterfully incorporated into the office cabinetry and will look like a seamless cabinet when folded away.

A Murphy bed is the perfect addition to add to your home before relatives start coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With an extra bed in your home you can accommodate more family members on the holidays, you can invite more friends during the year to come stay comfortably at your house instead of a hotel, and your children and their friends will have the perfect room for sleepovers and slumber parties! If you live in a smaller space such as a loft, or you have a spare room in a larger house, you should consider implementing the use of a Murphy wall bed. Tailored Living home organization specialists can come to your home and help you assess your current situation and work with you to find organizational solutions like Murphy beds to fit all of your storage and organization needs