How to Get an Entryway Design Tailored for You

Seven Questions with Tailored Living’s Home Organization Specialist, Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes, Tailored Living business support representative and franchisee, took the time to speak with us about his approach to creating the best entryway for your home. Read on to get great tips from an industry professional with years of home organization experience!

What are the common problems you see with entryways?
SB: The biggest problem is the clutter, especially on the east coast where families are constantly kicking off shoes every time they come in the house, or hanging big bulky coats on a lone coat rack. It becomes a big ugly mess. That’s generally not what you want your guests to walk into. Sometimes moisture is a problem. In mudrooms for example, boots are often taken off that still have quite a bit of snow on them.

TL: What are some different types of entryway solutions?
SB: Redoing the coat closet is one solution. If the house has an existing coat closet, Tailored Living can go in and make it more functional. Usually, a coat closet has one long hanging rod and one shelf. That leaves a lot of unused room underneath and on top of the clothes. One solution is to make the hanging section proportionately sized for what’s being placed there. This leaves extra storage space various articles. Another idea is to build some type of bench or tall cabinetry in the entryway itself.

TL: What is your favorite entryway solution?
SB: The cabinetry option because it looks the best. You could really dress it up with some nice finishing stains that complement your existing home décor. It becomes a focal point, even if it’s by the backdoor. Entryway cabinetry can be a great addition to your home and can even increase its resale value.

TL: How does adding a nice entryway design add resale value to the home?
SB: I think organization, in general, adds a lot to a home’s resale value. We’ve learned from experience that having home organization systems installed is a big selling point since it adds functionality to the home and sets it apart from other options. The fact that our franchisees constantly helping new homeowners get organized speaks to the fact that home organization is valued and in demand.

TL: What is your approach when helping someone with their entryway?
SB: I take an inventory of what they need. I look at what system is currently in place and relevant questions. Do you take your shoes off before going upstairs? How many kids do you have? Do you need a spot for them to sit down and put on their shoes? Do you use coats regularly? What sets us apart from a lot of other cabinetry companies is that we go through an interview process with the client. We ask questions and take notes in order to come up with a tailored solution.

TL: What is the key to a good entryway design?
SB: A key to a good entryway design is creating a solution that reduces stress and saves you time. If you know where something is, then you don’t have to go searching for it which gives you more time to spend on the important things in life. Great design also reduces clutter which in turn, reduces stress and makes you feel more relaxed at home.

TL: How does the Tailored Living process work?
SB: It all begins with a free in-home consultation. We sit down with you, discuss your needs and then use our 3D rendering software to redesign your space. You can see the result first-hand on our computer screen making it easier for you to choose the best organization options. During this consultation, we’ll also show you our complete sample book to help you better decide on the best materials, colors and styles to match your tastes. We have a wide range of product offerings and almost everything we do is completely customized. Once you’ve made your selection, we place the order and professionally install it.

Tailored Living’s home organization solutions go beyond the entryway and mudroom. We offer storage and organization solutions for the laundry room, pantry, closet, garage and home office. To learn more about how you can get a customized home organization system installed, contact a Tailored Living to schedule a free in-home consultation.