How to Get Your Home Organized and Ready for Summer

What did you promise yourself to get done before next summer, n.k.a, (now known as THIS summer?

Well, its summer again and that big task is still looming. Before you start down the mental dead-end road of next summer, you might want to consider bringing in the big guns... your local Tailored Living® home storage and organization designer. One phone call will bring a professional designer right to your home for a FREE design consultation. They can help you clearly define the storage and organization challenges that you face, and then present real solutions to make summertime and all year long more enjoyable for you and your family.

Maximize closets for summer with custom closet design

Summer is the perfect time to evaluate your family's closets. Cold weather garb needs to go, and sorting and tossing school stuff and other accumulations is probably long overdue. Plus, the kids are a year older and it may be time to re-evaluate their closet needs. For example, your new teen may be ready for a more adult closet with drawers and specialty accessories for belts, ties or scarves. Letting kids participate in their own closet reorganization may motivate them to keep it neat.

  • With each child, set a day to go through the entire wardrobe and toss or donate what no longer fits, is worn out or never gets worn. This includes shoes, accessories and school uniforms.
  • Transfer seasonal wear to the highest closet shelves or move it out to garage storage.
  • Bring all summer clothes and accessories into the closet, close at hand.
  • Organize shoes, purses, hats and accessories on shelves or in pull-out bins.
  • Special school mementos and papers can be boxed up or placed in notebooks for safe keeping.
  • Multiple hanging rods accommodate long and short clothing, maximizing closet space.
  • Shelves or cubbies neatly hold shoes and/or folded items.
  • Specialty hooks can hold backpacks, jackets, purses and pajamas.
  • Incorporating a laundry hamper into the design will control dirty clothes and be a big help on laundry day.

These steps basically apply to any closet in the house, from master bedroom to hall closet or linen closet. Take inventory of all contents and only keep what you need and use to eliminate closet clutter for good! Custom closet design will enable you to utilize all the space in every closet for maximum function.

With all these old clothes and items you've managed to remove now building up, hiring a man with a van from a company like Shiply might be a good idea. You can get them to either deliver clothes or items that you've sold or are giving to charity, giving you more time to focus on your design and shopping, as opposed to wasting time delivering items and dropping them at charity shops.

Summer brings new challenges for the pantry

With the kids home all day, snacking is on the rise and stocking everyone's favorite munchies, sodas, waters and energy drinks will eliminate the classic whine there's nothing to eeeeat July 21st, right in the middle of summer, is National Junk Food Day. According to Neilsen's 2014 Global Survey of Snacking, America's top favorite snack foods are: 1) chips, 2) chocolate, 3) cheese. Fresh fruit makes the Top 10 at number five, and veggies come in at number eight.

With an organized pantry, you can make sure there's plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on hand for healthy snacking, as well as space for kitchen staples and other necessities. Designing pantry storage solutions with accessibility in mind will allow family members to serve themselves (and their friends) so mom doesn't have to interact every time someone wants a snack.

  • Pull-out bins and baskets make it easy for kids to reach what they need and you can readily see when your snacks supplies are running low.
  • Shelf dividers help with organizing heavier items like drinks and keep your pantry neat and tidy.
  • Keep lunch items together so kids can easily fix lunch on their own.
  • Pull-put bins for recyclables make it easy for everyone to properly stash their trash.

A Tailored Living designer can help you have an efficient, hard-working pantry with a custom system of cabinets, shelves, specialty racks and pull-outs to accommodate everything you need to store, from fancy platters to tortilla chips to your favorite Ninja Blender for those summer afternoon fruit smoothies.

The summer garage for all year long

Turning a garage into usable living space is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Garages have the potential for lots of additional storage and living space, but they do need to be carefully planned to be truly effective. Garage storage cabinets, wall-hung storage systems like Gridwall Racks or Slatwall, overhead storage racks and garage flooring will turn any garage into a beautiful extension of your home and capture valuable, unused space. If your garage is currently in a state then you'll want to clear it up and maybe even renovate it a bit but adding plaster to the walls and getting a new stained concrete floor (see for more info on this). This will help stop the garage from feeling musty and get rid of the oily smells that have been there for so long.

  • Setting up a game or media room in the garage can provide extra entertainment space so everyone isn't clamoring for the family room.
  • A Man Cave could be the ideal solution for dad to have his own downtime space to relax or entertain his friends.
  • A gardening center with all the essentials in one place is any hobbyists dream.
  • The garage laundry area becomes more user-friendly with a countertop for sorting and folding, and shelves and cabinets will help maintain supplies and keep it organized.
  • Sports equipment can be wall hung or stored in cabinets for ease of use and safety (no more stumbling over basketballs, golf clubs, or size 13 cleats).
  • You may just want to free up garage space so you can park the cars to protect them from sun and weather.

Whatever you need from your garage, your Tailored Living designer can help you achieve it. We're the experts with garage storage solutions and premium garage flooring to take your garage to a whole new level!

We are experts with more than closets and garages; we're whole home organization specialists for home offices, laundry rooms, entertainment centers, entryways and more.