How to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions to Get Organized

Sometimes just one small thing can be the catalyst for great change. For instance, if wrapping holiday gifts brought you to the point of making a New Year’s Resolution to get organized, that’s perfectly understandable. Consider the job of wrapping presents:

  • To the desk for tape
  • To the kid’s room to hunt for the scissors
  • To the top shelf in the closet for boxes and wrapping paper
  • To underbed storage for ribbons and gift tags

You finally ended up with a stack of gorgeously wrapped presents and, also, with the dream of a gift-wrapping center. Score one for inspiration!

Embrace organization with Tailored Living®

If you’re not quite sure how to go about getting organized and creating a gift-wrapping center or sewing and crafts room, Tailored Living’s whole home organization specialists are experts with innovative storage and organization solutions for every area of your home. From custom closet organization systems to laundry rooms to garages, they can help you get organized by capturing unused space and customizing storage solutions for the way you live today.

  • Working from home or starting a home-based business requires a functional home office.
  • A new baby means two older siblings must share a bedroom; how to make the transition easy.
  • As the family has grown, the family room can’t keep up and is out of control.
  • Mealtimes need a better work flow between kitchen, pantry and dining room.
  • A gift-wrapping center can share space in a home office, laundry room or the garage.
  • It’s time to clear out the garage and turn it into usable space.

A fresh new year is a good time to evaluate the last twelve months’ changes and challenges and consider new ways to maximize your home’s efficiency and comfort. What worked before may not work now. Your New Year’s Resolution to get organized is the first step to a refreshed and revived home in 2019.

Four steps to getting organized and keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

  • Step One: Determine what rooms/spaces aren’t working

Maybe it’s your entire house that frustrates you, or just specific areas like the garage, messy closets or the kitchen pantry. Write down what you would like to see in each space, such as more storage, easier access to contents, enclosed cabinets to hide clutter or more open space. Don’t be afraid to dream; if you can envision it, we can most likely build it!

  • Step Two: Call Tailored Living for a free, in-home consultation

Your local Tailored Living designer will come to your home and work with you right where you need help. You’ll discuss your specific needs and they can show you solutions you many never have considered. Our exclusive 3D design software program will let you see room designs in real time and color to ease the decision-making process. You’ll be able to examine finish and color samples to find exactly what will work best with your home’s décor. Accurate measurements will be taken to ensure that everything will fit and install perfectly. Once you’ve finalized your designs, you’ll receive a written estimate so there are no surprises regarding style, cost, colors, hardware selection, and a confirmed installation date will be set.

Our proprietary 3D design software lets you see your design exactly as it will look so you can relax about your new home office tucked under the stairs

  • Step Three: Prepare for installation day

You’ll need to clear out those areas where installations will take place. This is an ideal time for sorting and purging, discarding those things you don’t want to keep and store. Especially with closets and garages, downsizing contents before the new system goes in is a win/win. You also may want to paint a room, closet or pantry a new, fresh color before units are installed. That way, as soon as the installations are complete, your space is ready for immediate use.

  • Step Four:  Let the installers work; then move back into your new, organized space

On installation day, our installers will be on time with everything they need for the install. Most installations take one day or less, unless it’s especially complex or a very large project. Your home will be respected to prevent damage of any kind and the spaces will be left clean and free of debris, so you can move right in! You’ll have the opportunity to do an inspection of the completed units with the installer to be sure you are completely satisfied.

Let Tailored Living help to keep those New Year’s Resolutions about getting your family organized! With custom storage and organization solutions you can turn chaos into calm for any room in your home and convert underused areas into highly-functional living spaces, making your home more comfortable for everyone. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation to find a designer near you.

Your local Tailored Living designer can transform closets, family rooms, pantries, laundry rooms, home offices, entryways, mudrooms, and garages with custom cabinetry for every need. Check out our new online Design Solutions Guide for 2019 with ideas to refresh and revive your home and follow the four easy steps outlined above to getting organized!

Happy New Year from Tailored Living!