How to Maximize your Garage Ceiling Storage

Whether you are looking to organize items in your garage or you need more space to maximize your wardrobe storage, your garage ceiling should not be underestimated as a location to store a wide variety of household goods. You should use every space of your garage, and our motorized garage lifts can help you do that. We have customizable solutions available to help you organize kids' sports equipment, add space to store holiday decor, and hang other equipment from the ceiling, freeing up additional room in your garage.

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Automating your home organization is a great way to reduce clutter and provide you with easy access to tools, recreation equipment, and sports gear while maximizing floor space. There are many ways you can get your garage organized and never have a messy garage again!

How do I maximize my wardrobe storage?

If you have a small wardrobe or closet at home, you can use your garage ceiling to store clothes out of season. The easiest way to do this is to store your out of season clothes in big Rubbermaid totes, which you can then hoist with a motorized garage lift and keep them in a storage rack hanging from your garage ceiling. This serves a few purposes:

  • Extra storage space for your clothes
  • Gets the bins off the floor, giving you more space on the floor and also keep the Rubbermaid bins away from any critters that might crawl in the garage
  • Frees up space in your closets and bedroom and also lets you still have an open space in your garage big enough to park your car inside

If you have a small closet or a small wardrobe, think about storage solutions that are available outside the bedroom. As your kids grow, they’ll acquire more clothes, toys, and equipment, and some of them can easily be stored from the ceiling of your garage. 

The Best Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions


There are a few different options for storing goods from your garage ceiling, consider:

  • Overhead ceiling racks — with a motorized garage lift, you can lift heavy bins of items and keep them on the ceiling
  • Ceiling-mounted bike lift — don't take up prime floor real estate with your bikes, especially in the off-season. If you only use your bicycles periodically, consider hoisting them and storing them on a lift attached to the ceiling.
  • Ceiling hooks — you can attach hooks to the underside of ceiling storage, and you can hang equipment like baby strollers, tents and camping gear, and other medium-sized items
  • Hang Kayaks, canoes, and other light boating equipment, which will get them out of your way on the floor of your garage

Other Possible Storage Solutions

In addition to maximizing the ceiling space in your garage, don't forget about these options to organize your garage:

Hang a wall rack on the wall for hanging shovels, rakes, and other long garden tools

  • Old-fashioned pegboards — pegboards have been around for generations, and there is a reason for that. They are arguably the best way to store your tools, as you can easily access them whenever you need them
  • Custom basket and hooks — if you have some unique space in your garage there are many customizable options for you so you can the most of the space you have available 
  • Customizable cabinets — put the right sized cabinets in your garage so you can get and stay organized

Organize Sports Equipment


With so many kids today involved in sports, it can be a challenge to keep their sports equipment in the garage and not in the home. You should have no problem finding a solution to organization sports equipment since there a lot of customizable options available for your garage. . Don't forget that you can use the garage ceiling space for equipment that is out of season.

Maybe you want one wall rack for the sports equipment that is in season. This can be organized and easily accessible, so your kids can put away their equipment where it belongs. When they switch sports for the season, take that as an opportunity to put the out of season equipment out of reach and out of the way. Just organizing sports equipment can go a long way towards making you feel like your garage is an organized room where you can store everything you need to and maybe still park your car inside during cold weather, making you much more comfortable. 

How do you maximize small spaces?

Get your family ready for summer and create an organized garage so you can easily access kids' toys and gear for the beach. Consider installing a versatile slatwall that will be key to all your garage organizational needs. This will be a great home for all your kids' equipment, and seeing it all cleaned up and organized will help motivate them to put their toys away when they are done using them.

You might think that you are running out of space in your home and garage, but it could just be that you are not maximizing the usage of all available space in your home and garage. Reach out and contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team of design experts. We are standing by, happy to assist you, and to make the most out of your available garage ceiling space! 

Our team has designed many custom garage spaces, so no matter what you need to store or how big or small your garage is, there is always a custom storage solution that meets your needs!