How to Organize a Small Child’s Closet

Messy seems to be the default state for most kids' rooms. Children will typically leave their toys and clothes strewn about and only clean up after themselves when you insist. At best, they will pile their stuff on the closet floor or under the bed where they are out of sight.

The lack of organization makes it difficult to find items when needed, especially on busy school mornings. Many parents also procrastinate in organizing their kids' closets because it seems challenging. However, an organized closet is the best way to ensure your kid's room remains clean and tidy. It also helps to avoid the last-minute rush to get your kid's closet ready for back-to-school.

How to Organize Your Child's Closet


Young kids are beginning to learn what being responsible means, and many don't yet know how to organize their belongings. On the other hand, older kids ought to know better, yet they still struggle to keep organized. Hence, organizing your kids' closet falls on you, and you need a system to keep up with your growing kids and their numerous interests. So how do you do it?

1. Start with a Blank Slate

Your first step is to take everything out of your kid's closet to see what is in there and enable you to sort out everything. Set aside items that don't belong in your child's room, such as an extra sleeping bag or the overflow clothes from your closet that you conveniently forgot in there. After emptying everything, analyze the space and assign areas for different items such as clothes, toys, shoes and hampers.

2. Divide Items into Categories

Next, divide the items from the closet into separate piles and ensure you have some baskets and large trash bags. Label the bins as follows:

  • Wear Now: Put seasonably appropriate items in your kid's current size here.
  • Too Big: Put clothes and items that are a size or two too big for your child in here and label everything accordingly.
  • For Storage: Put any hand-me-down clothes and items in here that your child has outgrown but are still in good condition, and your younger children can use later.
  • Give Away: Put items that your child no longer needs or uses but are still in mint condition for donation or a garage sale.
  • Trash: Put in items that are no longer in use and are broken or too worn to donate, give away, or store.

Be ruthless with the "trash" and "give away" bins.

3. Use Adjustable Shelving Units and Hanging Rods


 You can opt for custom closet organizers to bring a sense of functionality to your kid's closet space with child-height shelving units, adjustable hanging rods and closed drawers. Create a tailored closet organization system that you can easily move around as your child grows.

4. Group Similar Items

Grouping like items is among the best clothes organization ideas you could try. For example, put all shirts in one area, skirts in another, and so forth.

Useful kids' closet ideas include using printable free closet dividers or have a selection of pre-matched outfits within reach of your children to help them learn to dress.

5. Organize Items that You Cannot Hang

There are several ways of organizing items that you cannot hang, such as pajamas, belts, hats, toys, or games. These include the use of:

  • Shelves for things like games and toys
  • Hanging canvas shelves or a closet dresser for storing underwear or pajamas. You can also use closed drawers if they don't take up a lot of space or do not interfere with your adjustable small child's closet.
  • Door organizers or plastic bins for items like belts or accessories.
  • Plastic totes for storing small items that your little ones can easily pull out for the closet and hopefully return later.

6. Use Storage Bins and Containers

You can also use storage bins to keep things that you cannot hang. For younger children, start with clear containers so that they can see what is inside. Label all bins properly using preprinted labels, pictures of the contents, or erasable labels. Additionally, organize similar items together, such as board games, art supplies, or beach gear. Put the last used, out of season or for storage bins on the higher shelves.

7. Organize Kids Shoes in the Closet

Children's shoes often end up on the closet floor, and pairs rarely stay together. To eliminate this problem, create a designated area for keeping shoes. You can use open shelving, stackable plastic baskets or door hangers as alternatives to a traditional shoe rack. Use storage bins to keep out of season shoes.

8. Sort through the Toys

Toys take up a lot of space in a child's closet because of their different shapes and sizes. They are also quite challenging to sort and store. However, the following guide can help you:

  • Invest in a variety of plastic bins and containers of different sizes. It's best to use clear containers with easily removable lids.
  • Sort toys according to types and size and store them appropriately.
  • Mark each bin clearly and correctly or use pictures.
  • Place the bins strategically and horizontally. Avoid stacking them.

9. Maintain Closet Order

Once you have set up your small child's closet, you need to ensure that they maintain the organization by showing them where everything goes. Make sure that they have a laundry basket or hamper nearby for dirty clothes. Sort through the closet occasionally to determine items your kids have outgrown and remove them.


Over to You

Organizing your small child's closet and keeping their room clutter-free does not have to be overwhelming. The key is to create a place for everything using a simplified system. You can even turn it into a fun DIY project with your kid and work together to pick bins, baskets, and colors. You can also engage their creativity by letting them decorate containers with labels and pictures.

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