How To Store And Organize All Your Holiday Decorations

There’s no denying that decorations and lights add life and sparkle to any holiday celebration, but when it‘s time to tidy up after the holidays, it’s not such an easy task. If you’re like most people, favorite decorations come out each year and new favorites get added: a box of sparkling ornaments, more pumpkins, another six-foot winter garland, one more Nativity, and a light-up 10-foot Grinch for the front yard. Every year the problem of storing holiday decorations becomes a bigger problem.

holiday-decorations.jpgOrganizing all your holiday decorations will eliminate stress and save valuable time during the busy holiday season

If you’ve not yet mastered the art of storing all your holiday decorations so you can find them when you need them as well as easily return them to storage, here are some helpful tips from Tailored Living®. You’ll be able to safely preserve your holiday treasures so that they, and you, will survive year after year, making the holidays more fun for everyone.

Separate the breakable and unbreakable ornaments

By storing unbreakable and fragile ornaments separately, it’s less likely that anything will get damaged. Unbreakable items of plastic, wood, and fabric won’t require as much padding as fragile ornaments and you’ll be able to store more in a box or bin. Give a little extra attention to packaging breakable ornaments and you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you open them up next year.

custom-ornament-storage-boxes.jpgCustom ornament storage boxes or DIY solutions will keep all your ornaments organized and safely stored

  • Fragile ornaments and decorative items need extra padding to ensure safe storage. Keeping ornaments in their original boxes provides protection or use bubble wrap.
  • Use anti-tarnish bags for gold- or silver-plated decorations and serving pieces.
  • Be weight-conscious of fragile items; place the heaviest pieces in the bottom with lighter ornaments on top.
  • Don’t just pile unbreakable ornaments in a box. Although they won’t break, they can get scratched, so separate layers with tissue paper or bubble wrap or lightly wrap each item.
  • Egg cartons are perfect for small ornaments and you can make a DIY storage system for larger ornaments with drink cups glued to cardboard, fitted to a box or bin.

Artificial Tree and wreath storage

Whether you choose a real tree or an artificial tree for Christmas is a personal decision but, after Christmas, each needs to be dealt with. If you chose a real tree, it ends up on the curb, whereas an artificial tree requires storage, which can be no small feat with a big tree. The same is true for artificial wreaths, which can also require space. Luckily, handy-dandy storage containers are designed for exactly that purpose or there’s always a DIY option or two for the very industrious.

holiday-greenery-storage.jpgReady-made solutions will protect your favorite artificial holiday greenery

  • Sturdy tree storage bags are available with or without wheels for either standing or disassembled trees, with handles for easy transportation.
  • Round, crush-proof containers can accommodate various sizes of fully decorated wreaths, and who has only one wreath? (Specialty containers are often on sale after Christmas.)
  • Make your own wreath storage with a zippered plastic bag, garment bag, or padded fabric bag and hang it from a hook inside a cabinet, in the garage or a storage shed so it won’t be crushed.

Prevent hopelessly tangled strings of lights and garlands

Tangled strings of lights are practically a given over the holidays, and perhaps the most well-known instance is Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) in the movie Christmas Vacation (1989). He hands his son a huge ball of tangled lights which, miraculously, get untangled. In real life, that tangled mess would never get unraveled and it would be back to the store to buy more! Storing lights and garlands so they won’t get tangled will make decorating easier every year and will save money and trips to buy more.

light-garland-organizer.jpgSpend a little time to organize strands of lights and garlands so they are usable year after year

  • Wrap strings of lights or garlands around commercial reels and store in zippered cases.
  • Make your own DIY storage with cardboard forms or use clothes hangers to wrap strings of lights. Be sure to secure each end of the strand.
  • Once wrapped, place the individual strands into bags, boxes or bins, marked for indoor or outdoor use.

Store holiday displays together

Every holiday has themed decorations that create specific scenes or displays to enjoy. By keeping all the elements of a display stored together, you won’t lose pieces and it’s easier to set up when the holiday rolls around again.

storing-like-items-together.jpgStoring like items together ensures you’ll be able to find what you need when it’s time to celebrate and decorate

  • Winter villages, Nativities, trains, and holiday games should be packed with all the pieces together in marked containers.
  • Specialty storage cases are available to accommodate larger displays, with rear wheels and padded handles for ease of use.
  • DIY storage bags from felt or quilted fabric or use bubble wrap so each item can be individually wrapped and safely stored in any bin.

Preserve holiday linens, tree skirts, and tablecloths

Although not breakable like ornaments, linens can be fragile and require sensitive handling to keep them looking good year after year. If you like to outfit the family’s beds with holiday sheets and comforters, that can become a storage challenge for the rest of the year. And, if you don’t take care, improper storage can quickly ruin holiday linens.

storing-holiday-linens.jpgStoring holiday linens separate from everyday items will keep them clean and ready to use

  • Group linens by holiday so they are quick to find and only store items that are clean and dry.
  • Delicate and vintage fabrics should be wrapped in acid-free paper and placed in sealed bins.
  • Vacuum storage bags can reduce the space needed to store fluffy blankets, comforters, holiday sheets, and decorative pillows.
  • Hanging garment bags can accommodate multiple pieces on hangers and be safely stored in a closet. Place Bounce dryer sheets or herbal sachets in the bag to ensure freshness.

General tips and suggestions:

  • Custom garage storage cabinets can organize and safely store all your holiday bins and boxes our of sight until you need them.
  • Under-bed storage plastic bins or soft-sided zippered bags can safely store ornaments, gift wrap, ribbons or holiday linens.
  • Store all decorations where they are safe from moisture and where they won’t be continually moved around during the year, such as designated closet or garage space, weather-tight storage shed, attic or basement.
  • Garage overhead storage racks can store large items like Christmas trees, yard decorations, and storage boxes and bins.

Don’t let fighting with decorations put a damper on your holidays! By following these storage and organization tips, you’ll go effortlessly from one holiday to the next. Tailored Living designers are whole home experts with innovative storage and organization solutions for closets, garages, home offices, pantries, and more, to help with any storage issues you may have. If you would like to maximize your home’s potential, call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation and start getting your home organized for the New Year.

Tailored Living wishes you a blessed holiday and a happy New Year!

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