Ideas on How to Organize Your Small Laundry Room

Having a room dedicated to your laundry is great, but if the space looks small after you factor in the size of your washing and drying machines, it may be time to look into new laundry room ideas for small spaces. That’s where your local Tailored Living organizational specialist comes in! Tailored Living home organization specialists are trained to make the most out of any space and they will help you turn your small laundry room area into the ideal space that meets all of your needs. To get you thinking about what you could be doing to improve the space in your laundry room, the organization specialists at Tailored Living offer four quick laundry room ideas.

Use all the space from the floor to the ceiling
To get the most out of your small space, use the full height of the room to your advantage. Build your cabinetry from the floor to the ceiling and you will be able to store all of the items that were previously too numerous to fit into tall cabinets.

Take full advantage of any available space
Having a table in your laundry room to use as an area for folding clothes is a great idea, but an even better one is to cover this table with a long table cloth that serves to conceal storage items underneath the table. You can store irons, fabric softener, stain remover, and any other items that don’t fit in your cabinetry.

Get creative
Tailored Living home organization specialists have a wide selection of accessories that can help to streamline your organization process. Ask them about fold-away ironing boards or pull-out hampers that can help categorize your clothing articles.

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