If Your New House Isn't Perfect, Stay Calm and Call Tailored Living

Buying a new house can be an exciting adventure. Undoubtedly you’ve done your homework to make sure the new house has everything you want. But a new house is sort of like getting married; once you’re living together, you suddenly discover that the honeymoon is over and real life has set in. And it’s not perfect. But if you have looked into using the assistance of raleigh home builders (if you live in this area of North Carolina), then you may have the house of your dreams sooner than you think. Nothing is perfect, but maybe your house could be, especially if you have a vision in mind.

Realistically, no house is perfect even though it might have appeared to be at one time. Unlike a spouse you cannot change, you can definitely make changes to a house so it’s better suited to your needs. And since two of the most common complaints about new houses are insufficient closets and not enough storage space, Tailored Living® can certainly help! We are the experts at whole home organization, creating calm out of chaos for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, garages and more. Our designers can revolutionize every area of your home with customized, innovative storage solutions.

Maximizing small spaces

Oftentimes the little alcoves, nooks and unique architecture of a house make it appealing. However, it may end up being difficult to turn such areas into functional living space and you find yourself questioning why it was even put there! Hallways, angled ceilings and under-stairs areas can be challenging to use efficiently. What to do with a cute little bump out or a long hallway where furniture just won’t fit?

  • Capture unused space in a hallway through custom built-ins with narrow shelves
  • A mudroom or entryway can become innovative storage for your family’s comings and goings with decorative hooks, cabinets, shelves and individual cubbies
  • Pantries and linen closets can be strategically placed in small corners or designed to maximize tiny closets

Keep your great rooms uncluttered

The opposite of small spaces, great rooms can have kitchens flowing into living rooms or dining rooms flowing into family rooms. The wide open spaces facilitate togetherness and communication, but can also lead to a cluttered atmosphere. Without planning, you might not be getting the best use out of your space. Together-but-separate is the key to having multiple activity areas within a great room, and innovative storage solutions such as bookcases, cabinets and armoires will eliminate the feeling of being cluttered and disorganized.

Furniture groupings can set apart a conversation area, designate a reading corner, or create a games or TV area. Rugs can help to further define space use and absorb the noise of multiple activities going on. Custom entertainment centers in colors and finishes to match your décor are a great way to consolidate media paraphernalia in an organized, convenient manner. Equipment, wires and controls can be out of sight in enclosed cabinets, and movies, books and games can be organized in drawers or on shelves for ease of use.

Custom closet storage systems for every room

Homes contain various types of closets to facilitate storage: bedroom closets, linen closets, utility closets and hall closets. A major selling point in homes today is an efficient custom closet organization system, especially in the master bedroom. If you find that your dream home is lacking in closet efficiency, Tailored Living designers can help with all types of closets to maximize your storage space to accommodate the specific needs of your family.

Regardless the size or type of closet--reach-in or walk-in, narrow or deep, wardrobe or other storage--our customizations and closet accessories can make any closet super-efficient.

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves capture all available space
  • Tiered hanging rods expand space for clothes
  • Shoe racks organize and protect all your shoes
  • Specialty drawers for jewelry, lingerie and accessories make coordinating an outfit easy, keeping everything close at hand
  • Tie racks, belt racks and decorative hooks turn small spaces into effective storage
  • Pull-out hampers and bins help to keep folded items neat and dirty clothes off the floor

Custom garage storage cabinets

The garage is often the most over-looked area of the home for planned storage, so if your new garage is not necessarily user-friendly, don’t be surprised. Stacking and piling is a common mode of garage storage, creating a chaotic and inefficient space. Since the garage is probably the largest room in your home, it deserves some proper attention. Capturing floor-to-ceiling space with custom garage cabinets will organize all the piles and free up floor space so you can park the cars, install a home gym, trick out the laundry area, create a gardening center or build out a man cave. You’ll be amazed at all the usable space a custom garage storage system will reveal. Add a custom garage floor, either a PremierOne® epoxy floor coating or a PremierTrax flexible tiles floor, and your garage is ready for anything.

  • Custom cabinets can be designed to fit one wall, a tight corner or to surround the entire garage
  • Upper and lower cabinets around the washer and dryer make laundry day a pleasure
  • Overhead storage provides space for seldom-used or over-sized items
  • Install countertops for work or hobby areas with cabinets to store all the necessities and Slatwall panels to organize tools
  • Slatwall and Gridwall Racks turn whole walls into storage for sports equipment, gardening tools, and more, with attachable baskets and specialty hooks for bicycles, skis, golf bags and skateboards, keeping large and small items within easy reach

If you discover your new home isn’t perfect, our professional designers can help you make the house you have into the house you want with customized organization solutions for the way you live. Making your space work for your family with innovative designs is what Tailored Living designers do best, including custom solutions for closets, garages, home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, entryways and more.

Our proprietary 3D design software, D’VinciTM, lets you see your designs in real time so there are no surprises as you work with your designer to get the right style, color and finish for every room in the house. To have your perfect “Home, Sweet Home,’ call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.