Industrial Strength Garage Flooring for Your Garage

Have you ever wondered why anyone would buy a product that was less than industrial strength if one was available? Do they really want to spend more time scrubbing, or have a purchase wear out sooner if it’s not “industrial strength?”

The term implies that something goes beyond the norm; that it’s better than what is generally available. The following claims from industrial strength cleaners support the rationale to go with industrial strength whenever possible.

  • Provides the extra strength for quick penetrating and dissolving
  • 40% more cleaning ingredients produce improved and superior performance
  • 30% more solvent and 20% more surfactants lift the strongest stains off all surfaces

Cleaning these floors can still be difficult though, as explained by a leading connecticut tile cleaning firm. "These floors are industrial strength and last longer than ever before - but they still need cleaning regularly." It is also important to consider the strength of the garage door. Often people leave garage doors damaged because they are concerned with the costs. It can help to look online at the garage door replacement cost.

The “more” factor is definitely part of the equation. The PremierOne® garage floor coatings and PremierTrax interlocking tiles from Tailored Living® are all industrial strength and the strongest garage floors you can buy. We don’t offer varying degrees of floor coatings; every style is the toughest floor there is, giving you more benefit and the best value for your investment.

Exclusive floor coatings from an industry leader

The PremierOne decorative chip garage floor coating was developed exclusively for Tailored Living by Sika®, an international leader in industrial grade structural coatings for over 85 years. It’s the toughest hybrid polymer garage floor coating available, creating a permanent, chemical bond with the concrete floor. It dries to twice as hard as other epoxy finishes, and presents a smooth, non-porous surface that resists dirt, bacteria and liquids.

Tailored Living offers five different styles of PremierOne floor coatings, sure to please the most discriminating garage enthusiast!

  • PremierOne Decorative Chip® has 18 standard decorative chip patterns, in large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips or you can custom blend colors for a totally unique floor. The decorative chips give a slightly textured surface to the floor, enhancing the shine. For color options, click here.
  • PremierOne Solids® gives a seamless, solid-color floor coating in six standard neutral colors that can coordinate with any home color scheme or our custom garage storage cabinets. For color options, click here.
  • PremierOne Stone® creates the illusion of a high-end granite floor to add true elegance to your garage. The 1/4” chips imitate real stone in six natural colors. For color options, click here.
  • PremierOne Elements® “ups the elegance” with the bling factor of genuine shaved rock fragments containing mica, giving an organic metallic luster to the floor. Available in six standard metallic colors, this floor gives the illusion of depth, sheen and natural stone texture. For color options, click here.
  • PremierOne Stratus® is unique in that this floor’s design is created as it’s applied, the marbleized effect created by swirling together a blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments. No two floors are ever alike. Available in six standard colors, the look of molten metal gives three-dimensional depth to the abstract patterns. For color options, click here.

Industrial strength protection for your garage

Installation of your new floor coating is done by trained professionals who know how to create the ideal surface condition to ensure long-lasting performance. Your garage floor is machine-prepped to remove contaminants in the existing floor by grinding the concrete and filling cracks before applying the proprietary decorative coating that can be up to twice as thick as other floor coatings.

Depending on size, a garage floor can take as little as a single day to prep and coat or, for certain styles, install time can be two to three days. Cure time is typically 24-36 hours, dependent on humidity and temperature in your area. Your Tailored Living representative can quote the installation time for your custom floor and let you know when it’s safe for use.

All the PremierOne garage floor coatings offer these “industrial strength” benefits:

  • Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Cleanup is a breeze; nothing sticks to the surface so spills can be easily wiped up
  • Finish is resistant to chemicals commonly found in garages, including gasoline, auto fluids,d paint thinner and more
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it safe for you and the environment
  • Warrantied against chips, cracks, stains or fading

PremierTrax garage floor tiles

An alternative to a garage floor coating is Tailored Living’s PremierTrax flexible, interlocking floor tiles. Industrial tough, these tiles are at home in an airplane hangar as well as a residential garage, providing a floor that is practically indestructible. Its unique open-weave design makes it easy to keep clean since spills pass right through and can be hosed away. With installation, there are no adhesives or curing time, so a PremierTrax floor can usually have your garage back in service the same day.

With 15 colors to choose from, you can custom design your garage floor to reflect your favorite sports team’s colors, create a giant checkerboard, map out stalls for parking or other activities, or create a totally unique design. As part of the total garage concept, you can coordinate tile colors with our custom garage cabinet finishes.

The total garage concept

The total garage involves storage options, colors, style and individuality, making your garage truly your own. So whether you choose PremierOne floor coatings or PremierTrax interlocking tiles, you’ll be able to achieve a highly-stylized, total garage that ties it all together and perfectly meets your needs. Remember to choose a garage door that fits with your style all of your needs. You can always get a business like Spark Garage Doors to fit or repair garage doors for you.

  • Garage storage cabinets available in traditional laminate finishes, powder-coated or Thermofoil cabinet doors
  • Custom counter tops, including stainless steel, Butcher Block or Black laminate
  • Integrated LED lighting over work stations or inside storage cabinets
  • Standard and custom choices in cabinetry hardware styles and finishes
  • Optional locking drawers and cabinets as well as soft-close hinges
  • Steel wall grid (Gridwall) or PVC panel (Slatwall) wall storage systems, each with attachable accessories and hooks
  • Overhead storage racks and open shelves for additional storage

If you’re ready to become the proud owner of a total garage, your local Tailored Living designer can help. A free in-home consultation with samples, design guides and a 3D rendering of your space with our exclusive D’Vinci design software will ensure you get the garage you’ve always wanted. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.

Also ask about total home storage and organization solutions for custom closets, home office design, laundry rooms, entry ways, pantries and more.