Invest Your Tax Refund in Home Improvements to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Are you among the 60+ percent of individual taxpayers getting a tax refund from Uncle Sam this year? Do you consider the refund a surprise gift, a (forced) savings plan, or just finally getting your own money back from the government? However tax refunds are viewed, the projected $330 billion in tax refunds for 2017 will most likely be spent much the same as people spent tax refunds in 2016:

  • 41% will pay down debt
  • 42% will put the money into savings accounts
  • 7% will make a major purchase
  • 4% will go on a shopping spree
  • 4% will take an impromptu vacation
  • 2% are undecided (code for shopping spree, but they don’t want to own up)

Make an investment in your home

A “major purchase” could easily include putting money into home improvements or renovations that you’ve dreamed of making but keep putting off., for example researching carport installation services in the hope that one day you'll be able to get that useful additional shelter. Why not use this tax refund to enhance your day-to-day living as well as add real value to your home? Tailored Living’s® designers can help you get the most out of your tax refund by updating areas in your home that are not contributing to your family’s overall comfort and wellbeing.

  • Closets that are jumbled and ineffective
  • A visible lack of general home storage
  • Build out that awkward space under the stairs
  • The family room has become a junk room
  • The car has never actually been in the garage

While it may be fun to blow the refund on a shopping spree or a trip to Disneyworld, you’ll get greater satisfaction with innovative home improvements that improve your quality of life. Repairing that air conditioning unit could as well. Talking to air conditioning repair hackensack nj could give you an idea of how much it might cost. Here are a few ideas for spending your tax return on renovations that will make life sweeter.

Maximize space in a small bedroom

Custom floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a window seat with drawers surround the

existing window and provide storage and seating where there was none. The tall cabinets can hold lots of folded clothes, shoes, books or trinkets, helping to eliminate clutter in the room. The whole bedroom dynamic is changed by turning this window into a focal point of the room. This is also a perfect solution for a home office, guest room or sewing/crafts room. Utilizing the narrow wall space on either side of a window for maximized storage frees up floor space for other furnishings, depending on the use of the room.

Entertainment centers create calm out of chaos

Most family rooms or media centers can be very chaotic. They get a lot of use and accumulate a lot of stuff…electronics, games, TVs, books, DVDs, CDs, discarded jackets, shoes, blankets, coffee cups and crumpled snack bags. The list goes on and on. Without sufficient storage, any room can become quite “lived-in.” A custom entertainment center will accommodate your optimal-sized TV, speakers, DVD players and gaming equipment behind cabinet doors or in combination with open shelves. Drawers can hold DVDs and smaller items, leaving the room free of clutter. Entertainment centers can be custom-built around fireplaces, windows and big screen TVs, turning a portion or an entire wall into functional, beautiful storage that creates calm out of chaos.

A custom walk-in closet can change your life

Convert a small bedroom or seldom-used guest room into a big walk-in closet. Custom shoe racks support dozens of pairs of shoes, fully visible and not a single one on the floor. Tiered hanging rods double the space for clothes. Custom drawers with dividers, including velvet-lined jewelry drawers, will safely store your fine lingerie, accessories of all kinds, and provide a secret stash for your favorite chocolates or other guilty pleasure. Optional closet accessories include valet rods, tie and belt racks, tilt-out laundry bins, mirrors and pull-out ironing boards so you can customize your dream closet to your specific wardrobe needs. Getting dressed has never been so much fun!

Revolutionize your garage with a long-overdue update

Tech Red powder-coated cabinet doors take center stage in this garage renovation that includes custom garage cabinets with specialty aluminum extruded handles and Slatwall panels on the wall and over the workbench to keep tools organized and close at hand. An industry-tough PremierOne® decorative texture epoxy floor coating makes the garage floor practically indestructible, impervious to moisture, spills, chipping and peeling. Fade resistant, the beautiful color will stay true for years, enhancing your garage experience however you choose to use your garage:

  • Man cave with TV and pool table
  • Home gym or workout area
  • Sports central for kids and adults
  • Gardening center with potting bench
  • Highly functional laundry room
  • Parking the car, truck or motorcycle

Custom storage solutions will keep seasonal items safely stowed, sports equipment readily available, toxic or dangerous substances out of the reach of children or pets. The easy-care floor will reduce allergens, keep your garage cleaner, and make your garage a very nice place to be.

You could even decide to renovate the outside of your home to give it a newer welcoming look to yourself and guests alike! So people have enjoyed adding siding okc to the outside of their homes to give a fresh wooden look without all of the hassles of real wood.

Use that tax refund to take a step toward creating a calm and orderly home and garage by discussing your whole home storage and organization needs with your local Tailored Living designer. They can help you maximize all the space in your home, creating storage where you would never think possible with innovative design ideas customized to your space. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We are the experts with custom closet systems, home office designs, laundry room storage solutions, pantry organization, entryways, the total garage and more.