Leap Day is the Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning the Garage

How often have you said, “If I just had another day, I could get this done!” Well, 2016 is a Leap Year and you do get an extra day. February 29 is Leap Day, the every-four-years extra day we get in order to keep the earth spinning in perfect time (it synchronizes the calendar year with the solar year).

So, what will you do with this extra day?

  • Leap Year babies get to celebrate their REAL birthday, February 29
  • Amorous ladies can propose to their reticent boyfriends
  • Watch the movie, Leap Year, starring Amy Adams
  • Spring clean the garage (What?)

Spring cleaning your garage will make the rest of the year better. Instead of a messy pass-through into the house, your garage will be clean, neat and highly useful for you and your family. Tailored Living® is all about organization and efficient storage solutions giving you extra time. Custom closets, garage cabinets, Murphy Beds and fully functional mudrooms and entry ways are the stuff that beautifully organized days are made of.

With a Tailored Living custom garage, you’ll have ample storage space as well as space to park your vehicle of choice: car, motorcycle, truck. A combination of garage storage cabinets, wall storage systems, open shelves, work countertops, over-head storage racks and custom garage flooring will turn your garage into extended home space you can be proud of.

But before you design a garage storage system, spring cleaning is the order of the day!

Spring cleaning your garage in four easy steps

  • Step One: Discard.

Get rid of anything you no longer use or need. Oftentimes, discards make their way from the house to the garage, but go no further. Open wide the garage door and carry out everything you need to get rid of. If you're garage door doesn't work as it should or it's not opening fully, it may be time to look for garage door repair services like this - http://www.aplusgaragedoorco.com/. Pile all your junk in the driveway, put it directly into a dumpster or trash can and use donation boxes for items that can benefit someone else. Do not let anything work its way back into the garage. Turn your spring cleaning into a garage sale--you’ll make a little cash and have less to dispose of.

  • Step Two: Clean

Whether you have shelves and cabinets or “storage” is just stacked around the perimeter walls, pull everything out and wipe down walls and ceiling to get rid of cobwebs, dust and dirt, and then wipe out cabinets and shelves. Watch for any evidence of dampness (leaks), termites (yikes!) or other damage. Sweep the floor, getting into all the corners and underneath racks, tables, etc. Dust off any storage boxes, bins, washer and dryer, water heater, electrical box, ladders—wherever dust has settled. Oil and lubricate door hinges and wash any windows.

  • Step Three: Sort

Organize what you’ll store, keeping like items together. Gardening tools and supplies, auto care, household tools, laundry necessities, sports equipment, holiday decorations, hobby supplies, etc. You may want to pull together any toxic or harmful products that would be best stored behind locked cabinet doors or at least high on a shelf out of reach of children and pets. Sorting may reveal additional discards as you go item-by-item, so keep clearing out the clutter.

  • Step four: Restore order

Now that everything is sorted and clean, it’s time to put the garage back together. Store items in their sorted groups, keeping like items together. For example, put all laundry accessories with the washer and dryer, and keep sporting equipment in one area instead of scattered around the garage. Replace damaged storage boxes with plastic bins with secure lids. If your garage has a Man Cave, home gym or game room, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the area so it’s always ready to use.

A place for everything and everything in its place

If the “restore order” step is a problem, this is where calling your local Tailored Living designer will help to maximize your garage with custom storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. They can help you capture space you never thought of using, giving you a totally organized garage, top to bottom.

  • Vertical storage cabinets free up floor space so you can park in the garage
  • Upper and lower cabinets around a work bench, hobby table or laundry facilities provide lots of storage space, including locking doors and drawers for safety
  • Cabinets and shelves can hold bins for smaller items to clear away clutter and keep things easy to find
  • Overhead storage racks safely store large or seldom-used and seasonal items
  • Wall storage systems like Gridwall Racks and Slatwall have accessory hooks, baskets and shelves to accommodate everything from hand tools to specialty items like shovels, rakes, bikes and skis
  • Custom cabinets can serve as closets or create a mudroom area with individual cubbies, hooks and storage options for family members to stow their own gear

Whatever you need to store, Tailored Living can make it happen. And with our wide range of colors, finishes and styles in cabinets and hardware, you’ll be able to match your home’s décor and colors, transitioning your indoor fashion sense to the garage for a cohesive, stylish look.

Garage flooring for a cleaner, safer garage

A busy family needs an easy-care, durable garage floor that can withstand high traffic and heavy use. Tailored Living offers PremierOne® garage floor coatings in five distinct styles you have to see to believe, as well as PremierTrax, a flexible, interlocking tiles garage floor in a rainbow of colors. You truly can’t find tougher or more beautiful floors anywhere! All our custom garage floors:

  • Withstand heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Resist chipping, peeling, fading, stains, bacteria growth and mold
  • Are resistant to chemicals commonly found in garages, including auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Are easy to clean; nothing sticks to the PremierOne surface so spills can be easily wiped up, and PremierTrax “flow-through” design lets spills pass through to be hosed away

So what are you waiting for? With Leap Day, you’ll have the time to spring clean and organize your garage for a brighter New Year. For a FREE, in-home consultation, call 866-712-3404, or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. With samples and design guides for inspiration, together you’ll create a 3D rendering of your space with our exclusive D’Vinci design software so you can see exactly how your garage will look. We can do the same for closet organization systems, home office design, laundry room and pantry. Wherever you need storage and organizational assistance, we can help to clear away the clutter and restore blissful order.