Love Your Home More With Space-Enhancing Custom Storage Solutions

Finish this sentence with the first thing that pops into your head: I would love more storage in the _________. What came to mind first?

  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Family room
  • Home Office
  • Kitchen/pantry
  • Garage

Closet Garage and Family Room ClutterStart getting organized in the spaces that bug you the most

If you’re like most people, some areas of your home are organized enough for comfort, while other areas seem to be perpetual stress generators. It’s possible that there’s an impossible amount of stuff in the offending room, or it could be that the clutter results from inadequate storage. This Valentine’s Day, Tailored Living® wants to help you love your entire home with custom storage solutions to eliminate clutter and restore calm using these three steps.

  • Enhance existing storage
  • Implement new storage options
  • Declutter

One: Enhance existing storage

Clothes closets, hall closets, pantries, cabinets, and linen closets are all there for a reason – to store stuff. Unfortunately, often the space is configured in a way that makes it only marginally effective. Tailored Living’s custom storage solutions and accessories will maximize all available space, so you get the most out of existing storage.

Efficient closets

Our custom closet storage systems can transform any clothes closet into fully functional space with cabinets, shelves, drawers, shoe racks, and closet accessories like valet rods, integrated laundry hampers and tie and belt racks to handle everything that goes into the closet. Other types of closets, like hall closets and linen closets, can become truly efficient with customizations for exactly what you need to store so there is no wasted or unused space.

Organized Custom ClosetYou’ll love an organized closet with a place for everything, eliminating closet clutter

Organized pantry

A pantry of just rows of shelves can become a jumbled mess of cans, boxes, bottles, and bags. Instituting organization with a combination of enclosed cabinets, drawers, adjustable shelves, custom wine and spice racks, and pull-out bins will turn a challenging pantry into highly efficient storage for food, supplies, and small appliances.

Organized Pantry  Make your existing pantry more functional with adjustable shelves, pullout baskets, and specialty racks for exactly what you need to store

Accessible cabinets

Undercounter, floor-level cabinets are hard-to-reach storage. The same with deep cabinets, most of the stored contents are out of sight past the first few inches. Custom pullout shelves and drawers installed within existing cabinets provide easy access to all that inaccessible storage space. You can see what’s stored so you can quickly find what you need.

Pull Out DrawersCapture hard-to-reach and inconvenient space with heavy-duty custom drawers to facilitate storage and accessibility

Two: Implement new storage options

Once you’ve maximized the storage you have, it’s time to decide where additional storage is needed. Built-in cabinetry is becoming more popular to provide storage where there was none and for a clean and modern aesthetic. Cavernous garages, empty hallways, under-stair alcoves, entryways, laundry rooms, and great rooms can all have unstructured space when it comes to functional storage. Custom cabinets and floating shelves will perfectly fit the space you have and provide more storage in less space than bulky furniture.

Accommodating window seats

Versatile window seats can be a one-window affair or wrap-around a bay window or breakfast nook. With cabinets and drawers or a lift-up benchtop for hidden storage, window seats provide valuable seating and storage but only take up minimal floor space. Easily turn an alcove or bump-out into an intimate setting perfect for casual dining or a peaceful reading spot. Transform a bedroom with one wall of storage and a window seat, eliminating the need for multiple furniture pieces, especially helpful in a small bedroom.

Custom Window Seats and Vertical StorageThe perfect pairing – custom window seats and vertical storage to eliminate clutter in small spaces

Surprising hallways and corners

Hallways are often overlooked as viable storage space. They can be narrow, and many have an inexplicable, recessed space at the end that doesn’t seem to have any real purpose. Corners are another space challenge, but Tailored Living’s design specialists can turn undefined space into a linen closet, pantry, or decorative display, with custom cabinetry or floating shelves where cabinets won’t fit. Choose styles, colors, and finishes to match your décor, with decorative hardware, glass-inset doors, crown molding, and integrated lighting to create exquisite storage.

Floating Shelves and Custom CabinetsFloating shelves and custom cabinets can capture space you’d never imagine for functional, beautiful storage

Comfortable family rooms, playrooms, and TV rooms

Rooms designated for family activities are understandably going to be busy with people and things. To maintain order and increase enjoyment, custom storage and organization solutions will save the day. A custom entertainment center can hold all the electronics, games, accessories, toys, and movies your family loves, keeping the clutter behind closed doors. In a dual-purpose room, cabinets and drawers can conceal the clutter from crafting or home office activities that also take place in the room.

Craft Hobby Room StorageControl excess in big rooms with custom cabinets to organize everything that happens in the space

Very convenient garage

If you’ve discounted the messy garage as viable storage, it’s time to take another look. Custom garage storage captures vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets that get everything up off the floor and stored so you can find what you need when you need it. Tools, sports equipment, car care, gardening implements, craft and hobby supplies, and general storage can all live nicely in organized space, even creating room to spare! Transform the laundry area with convenient cabinets and work countertops or set up a home gym in freed-up floor space. Custom storage solutions work around windows, doors, water heaters, water softeners, or a washer and dryer to maximize all available space for storage in large or small garages.

Custom Garage Cabinets No garage is beyond help with custom garage cabinets to provide storage and organization, so your garage contributes to everyday peace of mind

Three: Declutter

You may find this step unnecessary if the first two have solved your cluttered home problem. But once you’ve maximized space and implemented additional storage options, if you’re still plagued with unwanted clutter and excess, it’s time to declutter. There are myriad views on clutter and decluttering, but for an easy solution, label boxes “To Sell,” “To Donate,” and “To Trash,” and go room by room, sorting out any items you don’t want to keep. If a garage sale or eBay listing isn’t your thing, just focus on donate or trash and you’ll make a clean sweep of clutter and your favorite charity very happy.

Live in the home you want

Tailored Living can help you get all your spaces under control and functioning the way you want. Whether your comfort zone is quiet minimalism or joyous abundance, we can help you organize your home for stress-free living on your terms. Call 866-712-3404  today or go online to to find a designer near you. Scroll through our online Design Guide for inspiration to transform your whole home into a place you love, and call our design specialists for a free, in-home consultation to make it happen.