Make All Your Closets Work Better For You

Do the closets in your house make you cringe? Everything from the hall closet to individual bedroom closets can be some of the messiest places in the home. The ability to close the door on the mess makes it easier to ignore until, of course, you have to go back into the closet. Imagine how much sweeter life could be if all your closets had welcoming contents instead of making you want to run and hide?

Closet organization systems from Tailored Living® can help reorganize all your closets so that they work better for you and your family, eliminating clutter and mess for more stress-free living. Tame bedroom closets, hallway/coat closets, linen closets, and utility closets with custom solutions to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Customize bedroom closets to the user

Custom closet storage systems are designed for the specific needs of the unique user. The combination of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves, hanging rods, drawers and specialty racks can maximize any closet space for high functionality for the user. In the child’s closet above, the low-level pullout baskets and hanging rods let them manage on their own when getting dressed and putting away clothes, pajamas and socks. Bedrooms stay cleaner and kids develop the wonderful habit of neatness.

Closet accessories can turn a small closet into big storage. Starting with cabinets and shelves to maximize storage space, customizing with specialty closet accessories will keep the entire wardrobe well-maintained and accessible.

  • Tiered rods can double up on hanging space for shirts, jackets, blouses and skirts
  • Pant racks keep slacks wrinkle-free and grouped together
  • Pullout shelves handle folded clothes and other accessories
  • Stationary or pullout shoe racks keep the floor clear of clutter and shoes easy to find
  • A custom jewelry shelf can organize lots of bling

A walk-in closet can incorporate lots of custom features for an elegant experience. In a shared-closet especially, maximizing the space means plenty of room for everyone. Customize to exactly what you need to store, and your closet will work beautifully, day after day.

  • Floor-to-ceiling shoe racks hold dozens of pairs of shoes
  • Glass-inset doors display the contents and add some glamour
  • Tiered hanging rods keep his-and-hers clothing separated
  • Retractable valet rods add extra hanging space when needed
  • Open shelves accommodate folded items like sweaters, hats, bags, and purses
  • Drawers with dividers organize lingerie, socks, scarves, gloves, and underwear
  • Custom velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect and prevent tarnish

Your hall closet or coat closet can be a welcoming experience

Hall closets are notorious for being an empty space with one hanging rod and a shelf, which is perfectly suited to chaos and piles on the floor. To organize the space for maximum functionality, install the same storage solutions that keep entryways neat and tidy, with easy-to-reach storage and designated space for everything in the closet.

  • Sturdy hooks to hold coats, jackets, and bags at adult and child levels
  • For a hanging rod, use heavy-duty clothes hangers that can handle the weight of coats
  • An over-the-door shoe bag can organize gloves, hats, mittens and small items
  • Place a shoe rack or cubbies at the base of the closet to keep shoes sorted and neat
  • Overhead cubbies can hold backpacks and other larger items
  • Baskets on the top shelf will eliminate random piles; label for gloves, hats, scarves, etc.
  • A water-proof container to hold umbrellas can be tucked into a corner
  • Power up lighting with a new light fixture, stick-on battery-operated touch lights, or a motion-sensor light that automatically illuminates the space

An organized linen closet is a wonder to behold

A linen closet filled with fresh-smelling, neatly folded sheets, towels and bedding is almost the eighth wonder of the world. Since everyone goes into that closet, it can be challenging to keep it neat as towels are pulled out, upsetting the stacks, washcloths get ravaged, and those fitted sheets refuse to beautifully fold. Here are some practical steps to organize your linen closet or cabinet so your household linens display as pretty as they are.

  • Shelf dividers will keep folded stacks of sheets and towels from toppling over
  • Baskets, bins and drawers can corral smaller items (like wash cloths and hand towels) and convert the floor into valuable storage space
  • Vacuum-sealed bags can minimize the space required to store bulky blankets, pillows and off-season flannel sheets for winter
  • Fold or roll towels and sheets—whichever you prefer, be consistent for a neater look (if fitted sheets drive you crazy, check out How to Fold A Fitted Sheet)
  • Store sheet sets inside the pillowcases, keeping each set together and easy to find
  • Use different color sheets for each bedroom so they’re quick to match up
  • Have only two or three sheet sets for each bed and rotate use so they are washed regularly
  • Don’t have more towels than your family can use, they’ll clog your linen closet and get musty from non-use

The utility closet isn’t a “junk drawer”

By organizing and maximizing your utility closet, you’ll find that much more than the broom and vacuum cleaner can live happily in the space, even if it’s small. If you limit this closet to cleaning and household supplies, you’ll always be able to find what you need, like light bulbs, extension cords, batteries and hand tools.

  • Claim space for large items, like canister vacuum cleaner or floor polisher, with a bin for nozzles and attachments
  • Add floor-to-ceiling adjustable shelves around the large items, as space permits, for cleaning supplies and household items
  • Labeled drawers, clear shoe boxes or bins will organize small items like tools, light bulbs, batteries, and flashlights
  • Designate space for items like paper towels, First Aid Kit, cleaning cloths and trash bags
  • Customized to fit your space, Slatwall panels with adjustable hooks can hang brooms, mops, and dusters as well as accessory shelves and baskets to hold household cleaners
  • A quick DIY fix for a small utility closet is a canvas or plastic shoe bag to hold cleaning supplies on the inside of a door

Take control of your closets and make them do your bidding with custom organization solutions from Tailored Living! Maximizing all the closets in your home will uncover storage space you never knew you had, and orderly closets will bring serenity and calm by clearing away some of the messiest clutter spots in the house.

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