Make Laundry Day Easier With Storage Solutions and Expert Laundry Tips

For most of us, laundry is that necessary part of life that keeps the world turning in clean and fresh-smelling circles. But even when it’s adorable baby clothes or sweaty uniforms for trophy-winning teens who make you proud, this “labor of love” is still work! A custom laundry room from Tailored Living® designed around your lifestyle needs, can reduce time spent doing the laundry. Laundry room storage solutions and organizational helps that increase efficiency let you get done in record time so you can move on to more enjoyable activities … like playing with the baby.

storagecabinetshide.jpgStorage cabinets hide clutter and create efficient workspace in the laundry room

Laundry storage cabinets and countertops can bring order and flow to the task of laundry, eliminating clutter and messy piles that are so common to laundry rooms. No matter the size of your laundry area or room, Tailored Living has storage and organization solutions from cabinets to retractable valet rods that will maximize your space and save time and energy every time you do the laundry.

Efficient laundry room storage

Cabinets and shelves can capture the space around the washer and dryer and convert it to workspace. Even wall space can become part of your “plan of attack” to master laundry day with space-saving solutions that add efficiency to the process. Here are some storage and organization solutions that can eliminate laundry hassles by creating a laundry room in home or in the garage that’s designed for the way you live.

afullservice.jpgA full-service laundry room with essential storage and work-saving features makes laundry less of a chore

  • Store necessary laundry supplies such as detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, and stain removers in laundry room enclosed cabinets so they are handy for use, but out of sight.
  • Drawers can organize laundry aids like clothes hangers, socks clips, mesh bags for lingerie or any other tools or accessories you may need, such as a sewing kit to replace buttons or fix a hem.
  • Shelves can hold baskets for lost socks, pocket contents, hair clips, keys or anything else left behind.
  • Floating shelves can provide increased storage space for any wall where cabinets won’t fit.
  • Make deep cabinets practical with pullout shelves that provide easy access to all available storage space.
  • Incorporate pullout hampers in lower cabinets to hide dirty clothes.
  • Free-standing hampers can hold and organize dirty clothes for pre-sorting of whites, colors, delicates, sports uniforms, work clothes, dry cleaning, and pet blankets or have one hamper per family member.
  • Countertop workspace is useful for sorting, folding, and stacking or have a folding table you can hide away when not in use.
  • Plan enough space for hang drying items with racks and hangers, including stationary rods, fold-away hangers, standing racks, and retractable valet rods.
  • An integrated laundry sink lets you deal with handwashing and stain removal right in the laundry room; no running and dripping room to room.
  • An iron in the laundry room allows for quick touch-ups before returning the clothes to the closet. Install a pull-down ironing board or use a folded towel on top of your washer or dryer.

makeallyourspace.jpgMake all your space work for you with innovative storage solutions tailored to your needs

Useful laundry day tips for sparkling clean clothes

There is probably nothing more discouraging than to look at completed laundry and realize it’s really not as clean as you wanted. Dinginess, shrinkage, persistent stains, and ugly wrinkles can make you feel like all your work was in vain. From the days of pounding clothes on rocks by the river, women the world over have shared tips for doing laundry the right way to get it sparkling clean. Here are some tips from homegrown laundry experts to make every laundry day a success.

eliminatewrinklesby.jpgEliminate wrinkles by immediately hanging clothes as you remove them from the dryer

  • Check for stains as you sort so you can pretreat any stains before washing and never place an unresolved stain in the dryer, the heat sets the stain. (Check out the Stain Removal Guide from the American Cleaning Institute®)
  • Refer to the care labels if you’re unsure how to clean specific items; when in doubt, handwash gently and hang dry. (Download Tide’s Guide To Decoding Laundry Symbols)
  • Check all pockets for forgotten items; one pen or marker can ruin an entire load of clothes.
  • Zip up zippers, they can tear during washer agitation or the exposed metal teeth can harm other garments.
  • Unroll socks, sleeves, turned up hems, etc., since wadded, tangled items don’t get clean.
  • Be sure washer drum is clear of lint, residue or pocket change before starting a new load.
  • Use appropriate water temperature, detergent, and fabric softener for each load.
  • Post a “how-to” chart showing settings and temperatures for different fabrics and colors as well as how to properly use the machines if everyone does laundry.
  • Wash clothes with embellishments like buttons, sequins, and printed graphics inside out to protect the design.
  • Don’t leave a finished load in the washer, remove immediately and hang dry or place in the dryer before wrinkles and creases are set.
  • Clean the lint filter on the dryer after every load for faster drying and to avoid buildup.
  • Have racks and hangers for hanging clothes right out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles, or to hang dry non-dryer items.
  • Silk, wool, rayon, cashmere, spandex and Lycra, (any elasticity) should be air-dried, including bathing suits, bras, and sweaters.
  • Don’t crowd or layer wet hanging items; they need space for air to circulate to dry.
  • A balled-up piece of aluminum foil in the dryer will help to prevent static cling.
  • Never return any laundry to drawers or closets if even slightly damp, it will mildew.
  • Never put damp items in a laundry hamper; let them hang dry before being tossed into the hamper.

Bonus Tip: Eliminate laundry problems before they appear by checking the fabric content and washing instructions on clothes when you shop so you don’t end up buying things that are too much trouble to maintain.

Beat those laundry day blues

If doing laundry at your house is more chaotic than it needs to be, help is just a phone call away. Tailored Living’s designers can work with you to create a space that supports your laundry routines and your family’s needs, tailored to your specifications for color, style and finishes, accessories and decorative hardware.

agaragelaundry.jpgA garage laundry can have all the conveniences of a formal laundry room with custom cabinets and accessories

Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. They’ll work with you to design the perfect combination of laundry room essentials and aesthetics for a laundry room you will truly love!

*Virtual consultations may not be available at all locations.

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