Make Mom A Star On Mother’s Day With A Luxury Laundry Room

Every Mother’s Day, moms across the country will be basking in the glow of appreciation as sweet words flow like milk and honey on their special day of the year. Gifts and cards demonstrate feelings of love that not everyone is comfortable saying, which makes finding the perfect gift to express how you feel about your mom very important.

Flowers, a fancy dinner, and jewelry are some of the classic, top choices for Mother’s Day gifts. This year, why not give a gift that can change her life and ensure that the warm, fuzzy feeling of being appreciated can be experienced every day? A custom, luxury laundry room from Tailored Living® will bring order to her world, place a smile on her face and elevate you to favorite child status.

Say “Happy Mother’s Day” all year long

Making laundry less of a chore is a gift any mother would love. An efficiently-designed laundry room will help with getting laundry done in record time, with minimum effort. Imagine the time savings by having everything close at hand, space for sorting and folding, and plenty of hanging space. She’ll finally have some “me” time to relax, read, or do a favorite craft or hobby once the laundry is finished.

Rather than hide the laundry area because it’s messy, make the laundry space very presentable with laundry storage cabinets to hide clutter and consolidate all the necessities together:

  • Laundry products like soap, fabric softener, stain removers, and bleach stay close but out of sight behind cabinet doors where small children and pets can’t reach.
  • Valet rods pull out for hanging space on laundry day and retract when not in use.
  • A pull-down ironing board makes touch-up for hems, cuffs, and collars quick and easy before clothes are put away.

Make a style statement in the laundry room

Time spent in the laundry room is directly tied to family size. The more people, the more dirty clothes. And the more time it takes to keep everyone looking (and smelling) their best. Efficiency can and should be beautiful in a space where so many hours are invested every week. The range of styles, colors, and finishes available with Tailored Living lets you create a luxurious space your mom will love to spend time in.

Think beyond just utility and incorporate colors, designs, and finishes that match your home’s décor or let mom create a unique space all her own, infused with her favorite colors and custom, crystal hardware for an elegant look:

  • Stainless steel washer and dryer, faucet and hanging rod coordinate beautifully.
  • A contrasting blue tile backsplash will make the area easy to keep clean.
  • A bright rug adds a pop of color and prevents a slippery floor from spills.
  • Generous countertops provide loads of workspace and under-cabinet lighting makes it easy to spot stains or hems and seams that need repair.
  • An integrated sink makes hand-washing, soaking, and stain removal effortless.

Configure the space for her unique needs

Not every household had the same laundry day routines. In some, mom does all the sorting and washing but family members are responsible to drop off their dirty laundry and then come back later to claim their clean laundry. Other moms do it all, collecting, laundering and returning. Or, each person does their own laundry, start to finish. In any case, organization will make laundry day less stressful for everyone.

Customized storage solutions can take many forms to facilitate the system your mom prefers for a highly-functional laundry room to keep things running smoothly:

  • Hide appliances from sight when not in use with sliding doors in tight spaces.
  • Floating shelves provide increased storage space for any wall where cabinets won’t work.
  • Pullout shelves can make deep cabinets completely accessible all the way to the back.
  • Incorporate hampers in lower cabinets to hide and separate dirty clothes, whether one per family member or for general pre-sorting: whites, colors, delicates, extra-dirty (like work clothes or sports uniforms), pet blankets, and dry cleaning.
  • Post a “how-to” chart showing settings and temperatures for different fabrics as well as how to properly use the machines to save nagging and tearful mistakes.

Revolutionize the garage laundry room

If laundry is done in the garage, it could probably use a little TLC to make it more convenient and efficient. Incorporating the same design ideas as for an inside laundry room will make the prospect of laundry day in the garage a pleasant experience.

Create efficiency for getting the job done with custom storage solutions that make the most of every inch of available space.

  • Upper and lower cabinets keep laundry products right where they need to be.
  • Custom countertops protect the washer and dryer and provide sorting, folding and stacking space.
  • Add lighting to brighten up the area in a dark or windowless garage.
  • Keep laundry contained in hampers or baskets, not piled on the floor to become a tripping hazard.

Laundry doesn’t have to be a dirty word

This Mother’s Day surprise your mom with a luxury laundry room and the gifts of time and organization. Talk with your local Tailored Living designer or purchase a gift certificate for a free, in-home consultation for your mom to meet with the design consultant and choose the style, color and finish she prefers. Call 866-712-3404 today to find a designer near you. You can do a ZIP code search if your mom is not local and you want to purchase a gift certificate for her area.

If you decide that you want to treat yourself this Mother’s Day, we’ll be happy to oblige and schedule a free, in-home consultation for you! Check out our design process and see how our commitment to quality, value and customer services makes Tailored Living the very best choice for all your home storage and organization needs, including closet storage systems, garage storage, and custom garage flooring, home office design, pantry organization, and more.