Make Mother’s Day Memorable With A Custom Closet Design Just For Her

May 9 is Mother’s Day when thoughts and hearts turn to honor moms. Thoughtful gifts are the order of the day to show just how appreciated all the love and hard work she continually bestows on the family really is. Along with the flowers and candy, you can make this year especially memorable with a gift that keeps on giving: a custom closet design from Tailored Living®. Not only will she be delighted to finally have her dream closet, but she’ll also feel like it’s Mother’s Day every time she goes into her beautiful closet.

Glamorand.jpgGlamor and functionality go hand in hand in this custom closet for blogger Jen Adams of Interior Designerella

Every woman has a vision for her perfect closet with hanging space, drawers, shelves, and clutter-free storage for jewelry, shoes, hats, and purses. The ultimate closet makes wardrobe management effortless, with clothes, shoes, and accessories beautifully displayed. Tailored Living of North San Diego recently created a custom master closet for Jen Adams, lifestyle blogger at Interior Designerella, so we want to show how this was done for her and how you can give the same amazing experience to your mom!

Closet design with function in mind

Jen’s closet space was also her work space so both uses were factored into the design of her ”cloffice” (shared closet/office). As a fashion blogger, she had the need to accommodate an extraordinary amount of clothes with precision organization, in a setting appropriate for photoshoots. This meant function, beauty, lighting, and convenience all at the same time. Talking through everything she needed her closet to do and be drove the design, and Tailored Living came through with storage and organization solutions that did the trick for Jen. She shares, “Prior to the closet makeover, I had a lot of space, but it wasn’t functional for my needs and I didn’t have a designated ‘home’ for things, so they just ended up wherever I left them! I am SO GLAD those days are over! Having systems in place makes my life so much better!

Everyelement.jpgEvery element of her wardrobe has its own space so getting ready for a photoshoot or everyday life is quick and easy

  • Slanted shoe racks with Matte Gold rails and LED spotlights to keep shoes organized and easy to find.
  • Tiered hanging rods double available hanging space, including tall boots hung by gold boot clips to prevent crushing or folding.
  • Overhead shelves are ideal for off-season storage or hats, bags, and additional shoes.

Personalize your closet with closet accessories

Classic elements of a closet storage system are built-in cabinetry, shelving, hanging sections, drawers, and open cubbies. How these are incorporated depends on what you have in your wardrobe and how you like to manage it. Some people like to hang everything, and some are folders, so a custom closet design will reflect those preferences. Additionally, Tailored Living offers closet accessories that let you personalize your space even more. Jen’s closet design incorporated many accessories to make her closet truly her own. The pull-down laundry hampers with removable liners are a favorite, as are the clear shelf dividers to organize purses and keep folded items neat. Floating shelves gave a boutique feel to space along with velvet-lined jewelry drawers that display and protect all her bling.

Closetaccessories.jpgCloset accessories help to eliminate clutter by storing and organizing the often-messy components of a wardrobe

  • Dirty laundry stays off the floor and hidden from sight until it’s time to do the laundry.
  • The “extra hand” experience of the valet rod was new to Jen and she loves the convenience.
  • Shelf dividers keep whatever you store perfectly aligned and they can be reconfigured as needed.

Customjewslrey.jpgCustom jewelry drawers protect you from tarnish, damage, and loss so you’ll be perfectly accessorized every time you get dressed


The unlimited design potential for the look you want

Tailored Living has cabinetry styles, finishes, and colors that let you coordinate with your home’s décor or create a space that is uniquely you. Cabinet finishes range from basic white to woodgrain options, in styles from smooth modern to raised traditional or Shaker designs. Decorative hardware with distinctive angles or rounded curves comes in six standard colors, Matte Gold, Black, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickle, Polished Chrome or Graphite. For her space, Jen chose Matte Gold for added elegance in her all-white closet, for the hardware and the extra accessories, the hanging bars, shoe rails, valet rod, belt rack, boot clips, gold and velvet hangers, and a Symphony Wall Organizer in white and gold.

Bountifulstorage.jpgBountiful storage in a small space with our Symphony Wall Organizer and removable hooks for everything you need to store

  • Specialty hooks for shoes and other accessories like jewelry, scarves, and purses.
  • Horizontal bars can shift into different designs to fit any space.
  • Creates functional storage where shelves or cabinets won’t fit.

A Mother’s Day gift she’ll never forget

Can you picture your mom’s joy in her own custom closet? You don’t have to worry about design or what she would like, a Tailored Living Gift Certificate is the perfect solution. She’ll receive a free, in-home, or virtual* consultation with her local design consultant who will work through the elements of design with her directly, so the final result will be exactly right for a walk-in, reach-in, or shared closet. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you for the most memorable Mother’s Day gift ever. If your mom is distant, do a ZIP code search and contact the local Tailored Living where she lives, and they’ll do the rest!

Giftthatkeeps.jpgThe gift that keeps on giving, every day and every time you enter the closet

Maybe you want to treat yourself to a new custom closet this Mother’s Day.  Check out our design process and see how our commitment to quality, value, and customer service will make this your best Mother’s Day too! Our whole home design specialists are ready and willing to help with any home storage and organization need, from the closet to the garage and everything in between.

You can read more of Jen’s experience here: Master Closet Reveal With Tailored Living.

*Virtual consultations may not be available at all locations.

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