Make Room For You! Five Craft Room Storage Solutions

If you’re an avid crafter, you’ve undoubtedly had at least one conversation with family members about your supplies taking over a room or the house. You may agree in principle that things could be getting out of control, but in your crafter’s heart you’re more inclined to agree with these online fellow crafters’ quotes:

  • “I am creative. You can’t expect me to be neat too.”
  • “Love looks like a well-stocked craft room.”
  • “Crafting each day keeps the crazy away.”

Studies have shown that crafting can alleviate anxiety, reduce depression, and bolster self-esteem, but not if it’s creating tension at home. Tailored Living® can help you find personal space for your crafts, as well as offer craft room organization solutions that create a welcoming space. Here are five craft room storage solutions for uncluttered work areas and neatly stored craft supplies so everyone can appreciate your talent, stress-free!

ultimate-crafter-getaway.jpgThe ultimate crafter’s getaway: a beautiful, uncluttered room dedicated to calm, creativity, and imagination

One: Built-in cabinetry with countertops

Where space permits, cabinets with integrated work areas will let you store your art and craft supplies right where you’ll be working with them. You can even have several projects underway at the same time without supplies getting mixed up or misplaced. Relegate zones such as for paint supplies, yarn and sewing, woodcraft essentials, jewelry making, and more. If the room is not used for other activities, in-progress projects can be left out until you have time to work on them again.

maximize-storage-with-custom-cabinets-and-shelves.jpgMaximize storage with custom cabinets and shelves that take advantage of available wall space, turning it into functional storage

  • A combination of open shelves and enclosed cabinets lets you control how much you want to display or hide with easy accessibility to all supplies.
  • Adjustable shelving and drawer dividers can accommodate shifts in storage needs as your projects and requirements change over time.
  • Match the cabinetry finish and hardware to the style of your home’s décor or create a unique space to fire up your imagination.

Two: Repurpose other furniture

If you don’t have a separate room for your crafting activities, you can still have dedicated storage space for all your crafting supplies. Repurpose another piece of furniture and turn it into a beautiful cabinet that hides or organizes tools and supplies. Paint or stain the cabinet to match the décor of the room where it will live, such as a bedroom or hallway. Baskets and other storage containers will keep items neat and organized within the cabinet, finally having everything in one place.

new-life-to-old-furniture-pieces.jpgGive new life to old furniture pieces by converting them into craft supplies storage

  • A vintage hutch, painted and doors removed, becomes modern and gorgeous storage for crafting materials.
  • A small TV cabinet provides big storage capabilities to corral and keep myriad supplies out of sight until you have time to play.
  • A free-standing closet armoire with added pegboard for hanging tools is a perfect small space solution to craft room storage.

Three: Implement storage for unique needs

Depending on your chosen crafts, you may need storage for fabric, thread, ribbons, and buttons, or scrapbooking supplies, jewelry beads, gems, and findings, or paints in every color of the rainbow. Some supplies require stacking like fabric and paper, protected in files like stencils and patterns, hanging for tools, and individual containers for small items. Drawers with dividers can organize many items and keep them handy. Labeled baskets and bins keep open shelves neat, and see-through containers like mason jars let you sort and display endless collections of supplies. Coffee mugs are ideal for pens, pencils, and paintbrushes since they are weighted enough to not tip over, plus you can surround yourself with your favorites and put all those extras to good use.

sorting-and-storing.jpgSorting and storing like items together will make it easier to find exactly what you need when you need it

  • Wall racks and floating shelves can provide storage in corners and small spaces.
  • Drawer dividers let you squeeze more into each drawer, organizing the contents.
  • If kids share your love of crafting, clear plastic containers instead of breakable glass may be a safety consideration.

Four: Set up shared space in a dual-purpose room

Another option is converting a portion of a room to a craft area. Great rooms are popular for integrated family life, and they lend themselves to multiple activities within the same space. Configuring a great room with specific activity zones would allow the incorporation of a dedicated craft room or work area alongside the other uses of the room. Custom cabinetry or bookshelves could add some seclusion apart from the rest of the room if desired.

custom-cabinetry-with-an-integrated-sink.jpgCustom cabinetry with an integrated sink keeps all the clutter of crafting in its own space, non-intrusive to other activities in the room

  • Define specific areas, such as one end of the room for crafting, the other end for a playroom or a TV area for separate but-together shared space.
  • Each function would have its own storage, organization, or furniture to accommodate its purpose.
  • In a divided space, the room serves more than one use at a time, with Mom crafting and the kids watching TV.


Five: Mobile storage for your craft supplies

If your crafts storage is hidden away in a closet or out in the garage until you have time to indulge, using portable storage options will make it easy to quickly grab your gear and get set up at the dining room table or desk.  Portable storage ranges from carry totes and suitcase styles to wheeled towers of drawers, letting you accommodate a small stash or a lot. Make each storage component its own zone, i.e., paint for one, jewelry making for another, so you only have to retrieve what you’ll be working with and not drag out all the crafts supplies every time.

give-each-craft-its-own-storage.jpgGive each craft its own storage so you don’t have to spend time searching and sorting

  • Traveling storage can follow wherever you choose to craft and easily return to its permanent storage place.
  • Wheeled cases and carts take the pain out of portable storage.
  • By-project storage lets you see when you need to replenish supplies before you need them.

Find your passion’s best organizational solution

Whether you craft for personal enjoyment, make gifts for friends and family, create décor items for your home, or sell your creations, you deserve a space that lets you excel. And, since one crafter’s clutter is another crafter’s joy, find the storage options that work for you to calm the clutter and ignite inspiration. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and discuss ways to integrate your passion for crafting with more stress-free living.

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