Make your Fall and Winter Wardrobe more Accessible with Closet Organizers

It’s that time of year again. Hot cocoa, fresh fallen snow, gingerbread cookies, family and friends, and you finally get to bring out your warm clothing! That perfect winter coat you bought during summer is finally ready to be worn. Only one problem, it’s stuck behind the mountains of other clothing and accessories in your closet. Rather than wrestling the mountain out of your way to get to your coat, try installing customized closet organizers to make your seasonal clothing items more accessible when the time comes.

What are custom closet organizers you ask? They are specific systems custom-built to streamline and simplify the design of your closet. They will help to provide a better way for you to access your entire wardrobe easily and effectively based on how you want your closet set up. Tailored Living offers different organizers based on your closet organization needs. Take a look below and find out which closet organizers would work best in your home!

Cabinets, shelving and racks

  • You may be saying to yourself, I can get any of these items at IKEA or Home Depot, and while this is true, these generic substitutions for the real thing will not provide you with the level of closet organization that can be achieved with customized solutions.


  •  What use do bins have in a closet? Well when they are customized pull-out bins from Tailored Living can be used as the perfect place to store dirty laundry – hidden and out of the way!

Valet rods

  • Hang your garments at any height or level with custom valet rods that can be built perfectly to the specifications that your closet design allows.

Jewelry holders, pull-out tie organizer, sectioned drawers

  • These smaller closet organizers are perfect for helping you keep track of your accessories and your secondary clothing items. Never lose a tie again with an organizer that keeps them all separate and easy to find, keep your jewelry sectioned off with its own specific set of drawers.

Never lose track of your clothing again with custom closet organizers from your local Tailored Living. They can help you customize the closet of your dreams while you sit back and watch the transformation take place!