Maximize Summer Comfort with a Murphy Bed

Have you ever visited family or friends who just insisted that you stay with them only to find out that that would mean sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, or crashing on the couch in the much-trafficked living room? That might work for a night or two, but for an extended stay it’s only going to become more and more uncomfortable.

An important part of being a good hostess is ensuring that your guests are comfortable, day and night. Togetherness is great, but over-crowdedness tends to create stressful situations and everyone needs a little private time now and then. If summer brings overnight guests to your home or you’re entertaining vacationing relatives, you’ll want to be prepared with sleeping arrangements that guarantee everyone will get a good night’s sleep!

Murphy beds are the ideal solution for maximizing space and ensuring comfort. If space is an issue, installing a Murphy Bed in a guest room, home office or family room can provide supreme sleeping comfort when needed, and fold away, out of sight, freeing up living space for other activities when not in use.

Tailored Living Murphy Beds are custom comfort

This vertical orientation, single cabinet design creates a charming and cozy place to retire. The LED integrated lighting banishes shadows and the adjustable task lights on either side make for a comfortable reading environment. This design is courtesy of Lisa and Vince Hunter, franchise owners of Tailored Living serving Kelowna, British Columbia (BC).[/caption]

With Tailored Living®, your Murphy Bed is custom designed to perfectly fit your space and your needs. With six standard design styles from the sleek, clean lines of Modern and Contemporary to Traditional and Victorian raised-panel designs, you’ll be able to find a style to beautifully match your home’s décor.

Murphy Beds come in normal bed sizes, and you can use any type of coil spring mattress up to 10” thick with the Regular Height Legs and up to 12” thick with the Extended Legs. No need for skimpy, under-sized mattresses whether you choose a twin/single, full/double, queen or king size Murphy Bed. Your family and guests can sleep in the same comfort as on a traditional bed in the best hotel in town!

The patented steel or aluminum bed frames with spring-loaded mechanism give years of worry-free operation, and ensure smooth and easy opening and closing of your Murphy Bed. Whether it’s for daily use in a family bedroom or only used occasionally for guests, you’ll be delighted with its function.

Finely-crafted cabinetry beautifies your home

One convenience of a Murphy Bed is that you don’t see it until you need it. Enclosed in a custom cabinet approximately 16” deep, a Murphy Bed can be a stand-alone cabinet or built into any cabinet configuration, from a single unit to a full entertainment center, home office design or wall of library shelves. With customizable features your Murphy Bed becomes a beautiful piece of furniture, complementing your home’s style and reflecting your good taste.

  • Decorative moldings—base, crown, face mount and vertical trim moldings
  • Stylish hardware—three standard finishes, Polished Chrome, Matte Nickel and Oil Brushed Bronze
  • Glass-inset doors—clear, frosted or textured glass options
  • Integrated lighting—LED track, LED Puck or Ribbon LED style lights
  • Orientation—vertical, side-tilt (not in king size) and Desk Bed styles
  • Adjustable shelves

This Murphy Bed/entertainment center only needs installation of the big screen TV! Note the glass-inset doors and plenty of storage for DVDs, games, books and gaming accessories, making this a fully-functional media room by day and total sleeping comfort at night. A Murphy Bed truly can revolutionize how you use your space, making dual-purpose rooms a way to maximize your entire home. Design by Terry Yakiwchuk, franchise owner of Tailored Living serving North Vancouver, BC.

Versatile and convenient Murphy Beds

Doug and Amy Martz, franchise owners of Tailored Living serving Fredericksburg, VA, created a reader’s dream with a wall of library shelves around this Murphy Bed. Lots of storage space for favorite books and collectibles, and an ideal sleeping space when needed.[/caption]

Small space living is gaining popularity as people strive to simplify and reduce living costs. A Murphy Bed can help with living large in a small space, or with reinventing your space to accommodate life changes such as parents moving in or kids moving out.

  • A one-room loft can be a living/dining room by day and bedroom at night with a pull-down Murphy Bed.
  • A shared bedroom with room for only one traditional bed can have double the sleeping space at night with a Murphy Bed.
  • When company comes, an office, sewing, crafts or play room can easily convert to a guest room with a built-in Murphy Bed.
  • If you’ve turned a bedroom or two into other use rooms when the kids went away to college, incorporating a Murphy Bed for their trips home will let them sleep in their old rooms and ease the pain of change.

Your Tailored Living designer is ready to help with the perfect Murphy Bed solution if you need extra sleeping space for any reason. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, and view our gallery of Murphy Beds.  You can also check out storage and organization solutions for custom closets, garage storage, garage flooring, home office design, laundry rooms and more. Tailored Living is your whole home organization and storage specialist and just a phone call away!