Maximize Your Home’s Storage with Custom Storage Systems

’I have too much closet space,’ no one said, ever.”

Not sure who first said this, but it’s so true. We never seem to have enough closet and storage space in our homes and garages. This phenomenon of “more than I can store” fuels the $38 billion self-storage industry in the U.S. that approximately 10 percent of households support. ( It's not limited to the U.S. either, with companies like finding innovative storage techniques for their own unique market.

If you’re feeling the pull to rent storage space to get control of your possessions, a call to your local Tailored Living® designer may be what you need instead. You might also find something like a storage container rental could also be beneficial for you if you don't have the storage. Our whole home storage and organization specialists can evaluate your storage needs and your space, and help you live more comfortably. So, before you drag boxes of memorabilia, decorations, sports equipment, books and clothes to a distant location, see if you and Tailored Living can eliminate the chaos with custom storage designs right in your home.

The underused garage

If your garage is not providing valuable storage space, you’re missing out. Generally, a garage is the biggest room in a home, but also the most underused. Unfinished walls, a concrete floor, water heater, fuse boxes, dim lighting and lack of insulation all contribute to its lack of use. But step back and look at all that space. Imagine what you could store out there with some custom garage storage solutions!

This garage has become storage central. Floor-to-ceiling custom garage cabinets capture vertical space and eliminate clutter, transforming the garage into a highly-functional place.

  • Behind the doors is organized storage so you can easily find what you need when you need it.
  • The PremierOne® epoxy floor coating beautifies the garage and protects the floor with an easy-care surface.
  • Cabinets can be customized to fit around or enclose things like water heaters, electrical boxes and water softeners.
  • The addition of a work bench and additional lighting make this a full-service space for a busy family. It’s clean, safe and organized.

Wall hanging systems and overhead storage racks are additional ways to expand storage space even if you have limited space for cabinets.

  • Wall hanging organizer systems are fully customizable with attachable accessories like shelves, baskets and specialty hooks for large and small items, including tools and sports equipment.
  • Overhead storage is ideal for bulky items, seldom-used holiday decorations or for buying non-perishables in bulk to save money.
  • Moving seasonal clothing, blankets, and paper and cleaning products to the garage frees up day-to-day storage space in the house.

The overstuffed closet

How often have you gone into a closet and found yourself saying, “Oh, I forgot about this.” This can apply to clothes closets, hallway closets, utility closets, and linen closets. Without organized storage, closets can quickly get out of control as items pile up and get lost by sheer volume of the contents. “Out of sight/out of mind” takes over and items not regularly used push farther and farther back until they are completely forgotten. And chaos ensues.

  • Clothes go out of style
  • Kids outgrow clothes before they wear them
  • Linens yellow from non-use or you buy duplicates and end up with an extraordinary number of kitchen towels or pillowcases
  • You constantly hear the complaint, “Mom, I can’t find my ….!”

A custom closet system from Tailored Living is the perfect solution for any closet. Kids’ closets will provide solutions they can reach themselves, and a shared closet will give clearly defined space to each person, eliminating clothes hanger wars.

  • Maximize vertical storage with enclosed cabinets, tiered hanging rods, open shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers, bins and specialty shoe racks for an abundance of organized storage.
  • Wardrobe items are displayed so you can find everything quickly and easily.
  • Accessories are right there with your clothes when it’s time to put together an outfit.

Create storage where there was none

Enhancing existing storage space is just one element of maximizing your home’s storage capabilities. Creating storage space where there was none can keep you from running to Public Storage. Convert hallways, corners, niches and bare walls into innovative storage with custom, built-in cabinetry to increase your home’s storage and … do it beautifully! Tailored Living’s wide range of styles, finishes and colors ensures that you can match your home’s décor so the new cabinetry looks like it truly belongs.

Laundry rooms are often a catch-all space that can be both messy and inefficient. Laundry room storage solutions, including cabinets above and around your washer and dryer will create valuable storage space so you can get organized. If you're interested in tips beyond what you see here, check out mahwah movers.

  • Laundry products can be stored within easy reach; integrated pull-out hampers keep dirty laundry out of sight and sorted.
  • Countertops provide work space to make doing the laundry a quicker task.
  • Collapsible hanging racks can store in the cabinet until needed for hang dry items, or to hold clean laundry for family members to collect.
  • Additional cabinet space can serve as a linen closet or for general home storage.
  • In a dual-purpose mudroom/laundry room, custom cabinet designs will make both uses more efficient.

Customization allows for capitalizing on any unused space with storage solutions built to fit perfectly.

  • A hallway or family room wall can become mega-storage with a narrow cabinet unit.
  • A custom entryway design provides options for your family to manage their comings and goings with ease and eliminate clutter throughout the house.
  • A small pantry can provide big organization with adjustable shelves all the way to the ceiling to accommodate serving dishes, large platters, kitchen appliances and lots of food.
  • A kitchen or breakfast nook can become valuable storage space or serve as a cabinet pantry, complete with a built-in wine rack.

If sorting and purging still leaves you with too much stuff, your local Tailored Living organization specialist can help you maximize in-home storage space to bring peace and order to your home. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. It’s the first step to gaining control through innovative storage solutions for closets, garages, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, family rooms and more.