Maximize Your Walk-In Closet With A Custom Storage Island

Just as a kitchen island adds valuable storage and workspace, a storage island in the closet can be very functional. It multiplies storage space and adds a touch of glamour to your closet. Space will be the major determining factor, of course, but if you have room (36-inch walkway on each side of the island is optimal), including a specialty island in your custom closet organization system can be fun and give your dream closet that final, feel-good touch!

Walk-in Closet in BedroomA storage island adds a touch of glamour and brings all the elements of your wardrobe into the closet for extra convenience

Your Tailored Living® design specialist can help you determine the overall closet design, considering your entire wardrobe needs, including clothes and accessories. Clarifying what needs to be stored in the closet will result in the perfect storage island design.

  • If you need lots of hanging space for jackets, pants, blouses, shirts, and dresses, the island can incorporate drawers or shelves for folded items, freeing up the wall space.
  • Replace a bedroom dresser and pull all your lingerie, pajamas, bathing suits, socks, tights, and nylons into the closet.
  • A big shoe collection may require the extra display space an island would provide.

Plan for ultimate functionality

Your closet storage island can be whatever you need it to be. One spot for all your accessories may be your dream, instead of pulling jewelry, scarf, belt, gloves, and a hat from several locations. A lingerie chest may be the height of luxury for you, or finally getting all your jewelry safely stored and organized in one place. With the design options of cabinet doors, drawers, shelves, shoe racks, and even decorative hooks, your island can become your storage secret weapon.

Custom Storage Island A storage island can be customized to incorporate exactly the storage you want, including shelves, drawers, and a fold-away ironing board

  • Convert as many drawers as necessary to velvet-lined jewelry drawers to keep all your baubles in one place and tarnish-free.
  • Drawers with custom dividers can organize lingerie and scarves, eliminating snagged fabrics, tangled straps, and crumpled scarves.
  • Add locks on drawers that hold valuables or incorporate a personal safe; keep a handy mad-money stash to avoid trips to the ATM when your cash runs out.
  • Create a shoe island with slanted shoe racks on both sides to hold all your shoes.
  • Open shelves could centralize a purse or hat collection or be additional space for folded items.
  • A hidden ironing board is close at hand for quick touchups of wrinkled hems or collars, with a pull-out laundry hamper underneath.

Customize your private island

Once you’ve determined what you need your closet island to do, you can focus on its look. With Tailored Living, you can match the island to the other style elements of the closet system or think outside the box. A different color or finish would add some drama, or a countertop in a contrasting color, or go with high-end marble or granite for extra glam. A unique shape or specialty decorative hardware like crystal knobs could make your island a real attention-grabber, the central jewel of your closet.

Closet Storage Island  Stylize your closet storage island with integrated seating or opt for an elegant oval shape

  • Create a softening effect with an oval storage island and replicate the curves with a rounded, upholstered chair.
  • The island top can showcase jewelry trees, vanity mirrors, perfume, or nail polish on decorative trays for a boutique look.
  • Islands can be large or small, depending on the space constraints, as well as adjustable in height, with 36” and 42” the most common countertop heights.
  • Incorporating a bench adds convenient seating for changing shoes or contemplating tomorrow’s outfit; add a cushion for a splash of color and a cushy tushy.
  • An enclosed bench can have cabinet doors, drawers, shelves or cubbies for extra storage.

Your closet your way

If you’ve been inspired to include a storage island in your custom closet storage system, rest assured that you’ll get exactly the island you want to complement the overall closet design. Your Tailored Living designer will walk you through everything you want your closet to do to help you create the perfect oasis for your wardrobe and accessories, making getting dressed every day one of life’s simple pleasures. No more “nothing to wear!” meltdowns or being late to work because you can’t find a specific item.

Custom closet designCustom closet design takes all the worry out of managing your wardrobe with storage solutions for the way you live

  • Choose the style, color, and finish that matches your existing home décor or create a unique space with its own signature style.
  • Maximize hanging space with tiered rods along one entire wall so long and short items have breathing room without being crushed and wrinkled.
  • Glass-inset cabinet doors create a lovely display for what’s inside and you can easily find what you need.
  • Drawer space can be incorporated into closet storage cabinets or be the central focus of the closet island.

Don’t waste any more time and frustration with a cluttered closet, call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. You’ll be delighted with the ease of transforming your closet and you can be assured of complete satisfaction since we do it all … accurate measurements, professional design, and expert installation. We can rescue all your family’s closets with customized storage for each user, as well as design innovative storage and organization solutions for any area of your home where chaos reigns, the pantry, entryway, laundry room, home office, or garage. We’re here for you!